Cassandra is the evening hostess at the Cosmopolitan Club. She has a winning personality and easy style that welcomes patrons to the mostly African-American jazz club in her town. She loves jazz—its sound, its history, its resonance deep in her bones—so this job is just perfect for her. The women visiting the club love Cassandra for her sweet but non-committal friendliness (she doesn’t flirt with their men); the men call her “Baby” with affection and tip her well, knowing she is the club’s “little intellectual,” or so her boss says.

Her momma raised her to go to college, and so Cassandra did, choosing a most unmarketable degree–Literature. Cassandra focused specifically on women’s literature, loving the books of Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and even Angela Davis. She would have liked to continue her schooling, filling her head with literature and history, writing herself, but she couldn’t afford it.

The job market, being what it was when she got out of college, led her from being a phone customer service rep for a multinational to filing and secretarial in an insurance office to this job. She works at “the Cosmo,” as they call it, to support her baby girl, Gwendolyn, during the hours when her boyfriend, Diante, is not working as a mechanic at Briggs’ Ford. (“We’ll get married when we can afford to have a reception with a live DJ and a sit-down dinner with everyone,” she tells her mother.) She also works to collect her favorite books. Her prized possession is a first edition of Ntozake Shange’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.”


That being said, Cassandra realizes the importance of dressing for success, but success in her line means treading the fine line between underdressed and outshining her patrons. Therefore she tends to wear something sedate (for club wear), not revealing too much but not looking prudish. This outfit from Sascha Frangilli was perfect for a night of jazz standards and blues. With the velvet top and bolero and imprinted velvet skinny pants, it is dressy but not ostentatious.


Her skin is a gift offered by Agony Helse at her new store, Akeruka. The skin is sensuous and the makeup glittering. I am not sure Agony intended this to look African-American, but it seemed to fit with its full and beautiful lips and blue shadow, which sets so nicely against brown eyes (these from Ikon Innovia). Cassandra’s hair is one of Elikapeka Tiramisu’s offerings at the Hair Fair this year, a lovely long bob with bangs pushed to the side. This is what I like about Elika’s hair: it’s never outrageous, always fashionable and wearable. Her textures are, of course, amazing.

Shoes are from Oct Oakleaf’s new line of PLATFORMAs. With their beautiful sheen and ingenious blending, they are an ideal end point to this glamorous club hostess outfit.


“I found God in myself
and I loved her
I loved her fiercely.”
~ Ntozake Shange

Hair: [e] Pretend – Brown 08 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for [elikatira], available at Hair Fair 2011

Skin: Akeruka Opening Group Gift Meg Skin by Agony Helse for Akeruka

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Outfit: SAS – Chocolate Blue by Sascha Frangillia for Sascha’s Designs *

Earrings: fulo silver stud earring by Dita Tran for fulo *

Bracelets: fri. – Loop Bangles (Silver) by Viva Monday for

Shoes: + ADDiCTIA + PLATFORMA Wedge Sandals – Platinum Silver by Oct Oakleaf for + ADDiCTIA + *

Blacklace at Fashion for Life

Mariska Simons hit on a vital part of SL life when she conceived of Blacklace—sex and love. In the business of seduction in SL, it’s not enough to just seduce with words (though those are important). We have the image of the avatar that plays into all this. When a woman wants to seduce a lover, prettying up and wearing lace or satin is a good plan.

Blacklace at Fashion for Life

Mariska’s lingerie is sometimes subtle but often pretty blunt. A Blacklace girl knows what she wants and how she’s going to get it. With laces and ties, leather and bindings, garters and thongs, she’s telling you pretty strongly what’s on her mind, and it isn’t a trip to the grocery store.

Blacklace at Fashion for Life

Mariska also knows that a girl wants to feel pretty. It’s the outward manifestation of her inner image—she is sexual and beautiful, strong and assertive. She wants to show off her beauty and revel in her femininity. And for many who are in SL, being able to do this fulfills our fantasies.

Blacklace at Fashion for Life

Mariska gladly offered to be a VIP Sponsor and Store Sponsor for Fashion for Life. She realized supporting this cause would be a great opportunity to give back some of what SL has given her. As well as offering money out of her own pocket to be a VIP Sponsor, Mariska will have a store at Fashion for Life where she will donate 4 items whose proceeds go to the American Cancer Society via the RFL program in SL. Grab some of these pretties and other beautiful things in her store and help her fight for the cure.

Blacklace at Fashion for Life

Make sure you attend the Fashion for Life, March 12-22, on 9 sims hosted by the American Cancer Society and SL’s Relay for Life!

Photo 1:

  • Hair: [e] Lasting – Blonde 07 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira, Sim Sponsor for the Bourke White sim at Fashion for Life
  • Skin: Style by Kira – Abigail Skin 01A by Kira Paderborn for Style by Kira, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Eyes: TBA FFL Store Sponsor
  • Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Angelic: Limited Edition White Satin Bra Set by Mariska Simons for Blacklace, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Necklace: Alienbear Design (Kielo Set white) by Alienbear Gupte for Alienbear Designs, VIP Sponsor and Store Sponsor for Fashion for Life
  • Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes –silver by Cerberus Noel for *G Field*, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life

Photo 2:

  • Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * HELENA * /black by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:., VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Skin: -Glam Affair – Nina V-Day 01 by aida Ewing for Glam Affair, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Dark Secrets: Black Leather Corset Set by Mariska Simons for Blacklace, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Boots and Cuffs: + ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Goth V1.0 by Oct Oakleaf for + ADDiCTIA +, FFL Store Sponsor

Photo 3:

  • Hair: [e] Wish – Black 02 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira, Sim Sponsor for the Bourke White sim at Fashion for Life
  • Skin: (AMD) Ava – Tan – Lustrous *Night Sky* by Apple May for Apple May Designs, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Sweetness: Teal Floral Satin Set by Mariska Simons for Blacklace, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -dark green by Cerberus Noel for *G Field*, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life


Photo 4:

  • Hair: [e] Away – Red 10 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira, Sim Sponsor for the Bourke White sim at Fashion for Life
  • Skin: (AMD) Ava – Tan – Lustrous *Glaze* with (AMD) Lash Set 2 by Apple May for Apple May Designs, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N15_No Facelight by monica Outlander for Miamai, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Heart Breaker: Red Satin & Lace Bra Set by Mariska Simons for Blacklace, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Earrings: Ear Candy ~ CW Simple Emerald Cut Diamond Earrings by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Shoes: BM Audrey Pumps – Blacks & Reds by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey, FFL Store Sponsor

Getaway with Santa

Rumor tells that Santa goes to an undisclosed beach after the holidays, away from all the noise and commotion of Christmas, a beach without the surfeit of sugary cookies and room temperature milk, tomes of lists, and cranky ankle-biting elves. I think Santa needs to reserve a spot on his sleigh for me to join him this year.

Getaway with Santa

If I went, and that’s a big if, I would be certain to pack lightly. A bikini, some sunscreen, sandals, and my iPad. Santa can supply the rest. The bikini that would go with me would be monica Outlander’s sexy one-piece with sequins (clearly not meant for swimming). For seeing and being seen, it’s the perfect tiny piece of material.

Getaway with Santa

My skin will be Mallory Cowen’s newest with its luscious sun kissed glow and sexy sensual body. My hair? A gift Queue Marlowe gave out to her group for the holidays—a great pulled-back ponytail with her wonderful matching hair bases.

Getaway with Santa

And my shoes will be these great new sandals from Oct Oakleaf. With their pretty little toes, beautiful decorative gems, and versatile hud, these sandals will complete my look with the kind of dazzle Santa appreciates.

Getaway with Santa

Post holiday pina coladas all around!

Hair: joy scarlet with AD hair base – scarlet by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda 01 [Peach] Glow skin by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki

Bikini: Miamai_Bea Swimsuit Blue by monica Outlander for Miamai *

Shoes: +ADDiCTIA+ Metro Sandals -Turquoise by Oct Oakleaf for +ADDiCTIA+

Count My Blessings

I’ve joy in abundance
I’ve got life full of substance
I’ve got meetings and functions
So I count my blessings

~ Count Your Blessings by Nas with Damian Marley

Count My Blessings

SL is its own kind of holiday (referenced because the above wonderful song is a reggae-inspired tune). On holiday you end up doing things you wouldn’t normally do, like having a woman cornrow your hair (I did once on holiday—it was a pain to get out). Here, you can try on bikinis you might not be able to wear in RL or wear a hair color you wouldn’t dare to don.

In fact, I am wearing this itsy bitsy teeny weeny from Dick Wiesel, a gift from him after I accidentally sent a note to him pointing out a flaw in a swimsuit—the problem was he didn’t make the swimsuit—another creator did, which I realized AFTER I dropped the note on him. He was so gracious and funny about it and honestly, his work was flawless, so I had to show it. This is part of set of two bikinis—this being the sunrise to the other’s sunset. How hard can a bikini be, you ask? After all, it’s just two little pieces. Well it’s darn hard because it’s so small. In it you have to show all manner of skillful moves, like shadows and wrinkles, and you have to make sure the edges are clean and it stretches just right over the body. Dick’s bikini is fantastic.

Count My Blessings

I show it with blossoms—one from Yura Gazov in this funky pink hair with bangs that is so apt for this uninhibited style of vacationing. (On holiday you say, “I always wanted pink hair—what the heck.”) Sazae Yoshikawa’s little blossom at the wrist just adds to the whole holiday feeling.

Count My Blessings

Finally, these pretty little sandals are from Oct Oakleaf. Oct has built a versatile system into these sandals of nail polishes and tattoos which can be purchased separately. So if you want pretty prim toes in a flat sandal, get the sandals. If you want to further enhance them with decorated polishes, buy the polishes and load them into the HUD. (The business of which seems complicated at first but is incredibly easy.) If you want tattoos (which show in 2.0, and I admit I didn’t show them here), do the same—purchase and load. I love the style of the sandals, the pretty anklets and the different toenail stylings. Oct gives us a whole lot of summer fun in one little sandal.

Count My Blessings

And I’ve got somewhere to dress for,
And I’ve got no need to stress for
And so I’ll always put my best forth
And count my blessings

Hair: LUANI HAIR / COTTON CANDY /I LOVE OLIVE HAIR by Yura Gazov for I Love Olive*

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Gina 04 by Tuli Asturias for Tuli, exclusive to The Dressing Room *

Bikini: :. WoE .: Twist Bandeau Bikini (Sunrise) by Dick Wiesel for WoE *

Bracelet: (CREAMSHOP) lily bangle (pink) by SAZAE Yoshikawa for Creamshop

Shoes: Tropica Flip Flops – Tiki Vanilla Snow by Oct Oakleaf for + ADDiCTIA + *


Oh man. It’s getting hot out! I am SO ready for vacation.


I have outfitted this whole look with new items available on the grid. First, let’s start with this sexy set from LeeZu Baxter. From the luscious textures in the sarong to the bikini top to the pretty flowers under the bust, this swimsuit is for the perfect vacation. Add to it the new prim foot shoes from Oct Oakleaf (more on these in another post—they are incredibly versatile), and I have the ideal vacation ensemble.


My windblow, wind-tangled hair is from Kavar Cleanslate, a new style in his store. Finally I am wearing a sunkissed skin from Lion Jonesford’s new line. The tones of the skin, the subtle freckles over the clavicle and decollatage are perfect for summer showing. I received this skin as part of a small blogger pack, and I would not say it is the best of the collection but it is representative of Lion’s work.


Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime…

Hair: Exile Leslie/blackcherry by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile *

Skin: NOVA sun2nh gloss-LionSkins by Lion Jonesford for LionSkins *

Outfit: [LeeZu!] Boho Bikini /black by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Shoes: +ADDiCTIA+ Tropica Flip Flops – PInk Stripes by Oct Oakleaf for +ADDICTIA+ *

Mysterious for RFL

Have you ever seen that raven-haired woman, the one with the sly smile on her face and the legs up to there, wearing sexy boots with stiletto heels and looking mysterious and interesting?

Darksexy for RFL

Me too. Never met her. Never had the guts to talk to her. She was kind of intimidating. That doesn’t mean I can’t try dressing up like her for this post, and wearing Solange Cerveau’s offering to benefit RFL might be the ticket to unlocking her secrets. With Solange’s incredible system skills and sexy aesthetic, this dress comes off sexy and elegant all at once. Solange has always gotten “it”—having a short skirt is not all that’s needed. She has full sleeves ending in lace cuffs, a sexily wrapped torso and then she shows skin with a criss-cross back, plunging neckline and a skirt up as far as it can go before it just becomes crass. Solange, like Delora, was obligated to make her ads PG especially for the Fair; check out her great ads at the Fair.

Darksexy for RFL

Tuli Asturias’ Eve skin seems pretty innocuous and sweet for the most part until you wear it with these red lips and the sparkly eyeshadow (how does she do that). Pair it with this wicked hair from Lamb Bellic and suddenly you have a beautiful alternative girl, a suicidegirl with a great collar made by Vasha Martinek. (By the way, I have a frowny face Harper shape—one that looks like a fashion model. I tried her face shape with this look, and it was all wrong. I went back to slightly smiling Harper. She is much sexier, I think. Who wouldn’t want to know what’s making her smile?)

Darksexy for RFL

I am showing the gothic boots from Oct Oakleaf’s new offerings, this time with the handy uh.. cuffs removed. (Get the scoop on the cuffs here.) Oct has made some very darksexy boots here with the filigree embossed in red on a supple black leather. Check the beautiful folds around the ankle—now that’s a sculpty.

Darksexy for RFL

“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”
~ Sun Tzu

Hair: !lamb. The Glow Deux – Ink by Lamb Bellic for !lamb (group gift)

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/bl) 09a by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Dress: *Solange!* Whiskey – CRIMSON (RFL 2010) by Solange Cerveau for Solange! available in the Paris sim of the RFL Clothing Fair

Collar: +DV8+ Deathrock Collar – Iron Trifecta – Velvet by Vasha Martinek for +DV8+ *

Boots: + ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Goth V1.0 by Oct Oakleaf for ADDiCTIA *

Around the World at RFL

As I have mentioned about a million times, the RFL Clothing Fair sims are built around a theme of traveling around the world. What is even more interesting is that you really ARE traveling around the world when you visit this fair. Contributors for this endeavor come from the four corners of the globe, amazingly. As you touch down in each sim, you will find contributors from that very country occupying the sim. Go to Rio, they are all having Festival; go to Tokyo, they are speaking in Japanese; go to Paris and the gentle murmur of French can be heard; and I won’t even tell you what they are doing on the Melbourne sim, but I can guarantee it involves lots of boisterousness.

Around the World with RFL

For example, morea Decosta has contributed this very sexy dress whose proceeds go entirely to RFL. With its long flowing sleeves but dangerously short skirt and quick access wrap style, it’s perfect for the lady who wants to like to wrap up in silken sensuousness. morea is a lovely European lady who likes to make women feel and look sexy. And she is helping support RFL, so give her some goodness back at the Paris sim.

Around the World with RFL

I travel to another part of the world with this lovely skin, made by milok Hermit from Korea. I always struggle trying to find skins that are not sparkly Caucasian or Malibu Barbie, for that matter. milok has a variety of skins that are not Barbie-like, all at a reasonable price. I was absolutely taken with this skin, which for once eliminates the fold in the eyelid, making the skin truly Pan Asian. The earrings are pretties I got from Anemysk Karu at the Accessory Fair.

Around the World with RFL

Finally, the boots are brand spankin’ new (pun intended just a bit as you will see), just out by Oct Oakleaf. They are available in two versions—regular and 2.0. Regular employs good old invisiprims, but the 2.0 uses the new alpha layer for the leg to create the invisibility needed to jam your poor mesh foot into that pointy toe so you can teeter on that needle-thin heel (all in the name of fashion). Oct has also scripted in the ability to show or remove that seemingly innocuous little strapped-on buckle there (which is really an ankle cuff that is enabled for use with the Lockmeister and Lockguard sets of scripts, if you have such an inkling). It comes with a pair of cuffs I am wearing which are also fashionably sculpted and functionally scripted. I will not be sending you to a ponygirl store this time, however, so feel safe.

Around the World with RFL

Sexy is the same in any language ;)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Deborah A ebony by KateForster Akina for Tukinowaguma

Skin: .Mother Goose’s  MIYO(2)_03 by milok Hermit for Mother Goose

Dress: MADYSON by morea Decosta for Morea Style

Earrings: [ glow ] Studio – Pure Sparrow  Earrings (white) by Anemysk Karu for [ glow ]

Boots with Cuffs: + ADDiCTIA + Adnata Boots Graphite V1.0 – SMALL by Oct Oakleaf for ADDiCTIA *