Takin’ It Easy

It’s the weekend. I’m takin’ it easy.

Takin' It Easy

It starts with this cute top from Moxie Polano. Made of a sculpty on top and cutely cinched flexi skirt, this is a hippy tie dye I can live with. (Check out that texture. It is so cool!) I wear it over olive shorts made by 5thAndOxford Monitor (who is really CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion embodied in one avatar).

Takin' It Easy

I put on a choker from my friend, Aki Shichiroji. Aki is the queen of flowers. I have her Organica poppies and daisies all over my sim. My beautiful blush comes courtesy of Mallory Cowen.

Takin' It Easy

Finally the boots. Darn you, Fallingwater, you have made me come over and grab all the boots in sight. Fallingwater has been in SL for years and still persists, carrying her exacting and beautiful work through to each piece she issues. These flower-embossed boots (check that texture.. wow) make my easy weekend complete.

Takin' It Easy

“And the livin’ is easy…”

Hair: >TRUTH< Larissa – almond by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: LAQ ~ Julie – 03 [Peach] Glow skin by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki *

Top: MP Tie Dye ~ Brittney by Moxie Polano for Moxie Polano’s Haute Couture *

Shorts: (5th&Oxford) 50L Seaside Sweetie Shorts by 5thAndOxford Monitor for (5th&Oxford)

Choker: [ Kitheres ] Sakura & Vine Choker by Aki Shichiroji for Kitheres Industries *

Boots: (Shiny Things) Ginger Boots – chestnut by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things


I just want to say, I didn’t like the chickens. Birds creep me out up close, even virtual ones. So when my friends Aki and Callie kept talking about the bunnies, I didn’t know what to think.

I would get to Aki’s place and threaten to kick the bunnies off the platform. They were suspiciously cute. They would blink their eyes and hop around blithely, trailing a floating list of data behind them like so many pellets. Turns out Aki was working on the the textures for the bunnies and beta testing. She made them cute but not so unbearably well that I felt good kicking them. In fact, I grew to like them.

So finally when they came out, I couldn’t resist the madness generated by the enthusiasm for the Ozimals sim (and Callie showed me the little bunny chateaux she made for her store with Barnesworth Anubis, veLveteen, that were almost unbearably cute). And then it spun out of control.

First I got Eb and Flo in the Bunny starter kit (one male and one female). This is Eb (Dutch – Amber, Dark Brown Eyes, Upright Ears, Classic Shade, Sagittarius with Cancer Rising, likes Vampire Weekend, really cold MGD out of the bottle and sitting back for a good college ball game on a Sunday afternoon):


Here is Flo (Harlequin – Chocolate Magpie, Light Green Eyes, Half-a-Lop Ears, Classic Shade, Taurus with Scorpio Rising, likes sticky sweet sangrias, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, and really hot showers).


I rezzed their baskets, birthed them, and enjoyed watching them hop around. However, I nearly killed them setting their maintenance at Food 1, when what I got in the box was Food 2. I didn’t quite understand it but Aki talked me out of hyperventilating one night when I found them both black and struggling for air by reminding me to set them back to Food 2. Food 2 is breeding food, but I didn’t think much of it. They were just babies, after all. Hopping around innocently. Snoozing and dreaming of things like rainbows and carrots.

This is Food 2. Looks benign, doesn’t it?


Then Ozimals announced they were selling funky alien bunnehs at the Rezzable Greenies’ sim with their part of the cut going to Haiti relief. So I picked up Iggy (Dutch – Blue, Light Brown Eyes, Half-a-Lop Ears, Silky Shade, [europa] Alien Bunneh, likes red Twizzlers, hops around humming “Sex Bomb” like Tom Jones, and cops an attitude about Gossip Girls though he secretly loves watching):


I dropped Iggy into place and came back later to find no Iggy but a little basket. Apparently Eb and Flo had been up to no good and a baby was born!

Here is Ozzy, as she was named (Harlequin – Chocolate Magpie, Dark Brown eyes, Upright ears, Classic shade, Pisces with Cancer rising, likes Radiohead—which is the only reason I kept her in the end, carrots in cheese sauce, and reading William Gibson novels):


However, Iggy had gone missing. I did all the prescribed actions on the website for Ozimals (clearing cache and restarting the sim) but my alien bunneh had up and left. I filed a ticket and within 24 hours, he was returned to me, safe and sound, by the Ozimals folks, which goes to show tickets don’t evaporate into the ether.

With an increasingly large brood to take care of, I rushed over to veLveteen and bought a little hutch (which had a sort of Brady Bunch feel to it with the brown paneling) and a stump hideaway. (All these accoutrements are totally unnecessary for breeding the rabbits. However, if you want to make them feel at home and do the things that pet owners will naturally do, you will buy many many of them to spoil your little pets.)


And that is the end of my story… or so I thought….

Turns out when I took that photo of Flo today, she had a hard time looking me in the eye. And why is that? She was knocked up again! (Hard to tell—she hardly showed. But then, they all just kind of blink at you dumbly—who knows what they are thinking?) I came home to find another basket on my doorstep!


If you look closely, when you click the basket to birth the baby, you have to wait a full hour. Grrr… So I went dancing at Scoutlounge while the baby did its thing and came home just in time to see the basket poof with a new baby bunny in its place. This was taken within moments of Peaches’ appearance (Harlequin – Chocolate Magpie, Dark Green eyes, Half-a-Lop ears, Classic shade, Aquarius with Taurus rising, likes the Wiggles, mashed carrots and her blankey—she’s still a baby after all):


Checking scripts, they are taking up between .030 and .045 ms each, which is tolerable. Each bunny (including Ozzy and his 8 eyes) is 11 prims and the food is a total of 2 prims for water and food (running at a negligible .005 ms total). They do not bite, hard or otherwise, bling, make noise, leave pellets, or sniff any new person’s crotch.

Multiplying like.. well…

All bunnies distributed by Aeron Constantine of Ozimals.

Very important accessories made by Callie Cline and Barnesworth Anubis of veLveteen

Stray rabbits, fine tunes, interesting conversation can be found on Sunday nights at Tiphares, owned by Aki Shichiroji.