Kunglers at Fashion for Life

Dear Readers–I know I have not blogged in a couple days. I apologize. (And I hate when people put this in their blogs but I have a reason!) Fashion for Life is in full swing for preparation and I have been terrifically busy. I can’t wait to see you all there!

The Kungler sisters, AvaGardner and Barbra, are sisters in RL. Hailing from Brazil, the sisters swap ideas back and forth from their Southern Hemisphere homes to make elegant and sporty fashions for women across the grid.

Kunglers at Fashion for Life

A visit to their store is a peek inside their dollhouse. It’s a home filled with sleek, elegant women wearing the latest fashions in a variety of lush prints and colors. Silk features prominently as does leather. They use some of the most gorgeous prints in the grid, carefully juxtaposing colors for the most pleasing and fashion-forward looks.

Kunglers at Fashion for Life

When AvaGardner learned of the theme of FFL, she IM’d me and asked if she really had to make black and white—she’s only about color. I told her the theme was about going “Beyond Black and White,” so we are guaranteed to see bold and bright colors from both sisters for the FFL donations. Their colors will reflect the support that the American Cancer Society provides for those diagnosed with cancer as well as their families. Their funding of research and programs brings color and life and to an otherwise seemingly hard situation.

Kunglers at Fashion for Life

Both AvaGardner and Barbra have supported RFL in the past and they join Fashion for Life for the first time this year. They will donate four items with all benefits going to RFL but they furthered their support with their donation as VIP Sponsors.

Kunglers at Fashion for Life

See what the Kungler sisters are offering this year at the Fashion for Life, March 12-22, SL’s biggest fashion fair on 9 sims hosted by the American Cancer Society and SL’s Relay for Life.

Photo 1:

  • Hair: ::DBS::Ambrial-black by DBS Heart for Bishwear, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Skin: LaVie Enya Misfit normal by Pompeja Rossini  for LaVie, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Dress: (Kunglers) Cinthya Navy by Barbra Kungler for Kunglers, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Shoes: N-core SEDUCTION XtremeHeel “Silver” by Claire Messenger for N-Core, FFL Store Sponsor

Photo 2:

  • Hair: [e] Alright – Black 04 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira, Sim Sponsor for the Bourke White sim at Fashion for Life
  • Skin: :: Exodi :: Sylvan Soliel – Beloved – Dk by Ryker Beck for Exodi, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Dress: (Kunglers) Louise – fucsia by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Shoes: [e] Move Pumps – Burgundy by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira, Sim Sponsor for the Bourke White sim at Fashion for Life
  • Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Bambu – silver by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor

Photo 3:

  • Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * AMELIE * /darkbrown by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:., VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Skin: Style by Kira – Elora Skin 01H by Kira Paderborn by Kira Paderborn for Style by Kira, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Dress: (Kunglers) Lisa Floral by Barbra Kungler for Kunglers, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Shoes: BM Audrey Pumps – Pinks & Purples by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey, FFL Store Sponsor

Photo 4:

  • Hair: ::DBS::Mona-blackstreaked by DBS Heart for Bishwear, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Skin: Glance-Bruna-Brown by Joakim Asbrink for *Glance Skins, FFL Store Sponsor
  • Dress: (Kunglers Couture) Serina – Origami vine by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers, VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor
  • Jewelry: Dark Mouse Vintage 50’s Pearl & Diam. – Copper Earrings and Necklace by Mouse Mimistrobell for Dark Mouse, FFL Store Sponsor

I Like Big Butts

A designer friend recently came into group chat for Designers in Seclusion and asked us how we could help her explain to a customer that the system skirt makes your butt look larger. I remember noticing this phenomenon when I was first in SL (“OMG, I look fat in this!”) but realized it was simply a feature I needed to learn how to use (and not a bug). Let’s do a quick tutorial on system skirts so we can choose whether we like big butts.

I like big butts

In the second photo, I am wearing a gorgeous new dress from Barbra Kungler wearing my normal shape. Barbra has opted to use the system skirt to show the beautiful texture on the skirt as if it was stretched tightly around the torso. It is a thin sexy silhouette that looks fantastic.. IF you wear it right.

I like big butts

Now, I DO like big butts—I sport a healthy one on my regular shape.  However, if you look at my rump in this dress, I push past the sexy Joan Holloway back end to something borderline absurd. The reason the system skirt functions like this is because the system skirt was intentionally designed to lie a few pixels above the shape—it has to clear all the movements of the avatar walking, turning, etc. There is no way for a designer to make the skirt fit more tightly. It is what it is.

What most intelligent and discerning avatars do is make an additional shape they call their “skirt shape,” and they put that on when they wear system skirts. In my case, I have notched down two sliders—the Saddle Bags and the Butt Size under the Legs option–in my shape. Barbra’s fantastic dress now looks great on me. Consider your skirt shape a sort of virtual Spanx and use it wisely. I really hate seeing buttless avatars. “I like big butts and I can not lie.” But don’t blame a designer when that system skirt looks too big on you.

I like big butts

I am showing another of Queue Marlowe’s fantastic new hairs with this outfit. Again, I am wearing her magic tattoo layer hair base, which is colored to match the hair perfectly. I love how the wisps show around the nape of the neck and the sassy shape of the ponytail.

I like big butts

So Fellas (yeah) Fellas(yeah)
Has your girlfriend got the butt (hell yeah)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt
Baby got back

~ “I Like Big Butts” by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Hair: nadia brunette with AD hair base – brunette by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Peacock- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Dress: (Kunglers) Adrianne Floral by Barbra Kungler for Kunglers *

Shoes: Kalnins Shoes – Wonder by Kalnins

What Sexy Is

We all walk around SL trying to be sexy, trying to attract our respective objects of interest. Some women do it by showing skin. Some do it by kneeling or wielding a whip. I like to do it a little more subtly.

What is Sexy

This dress from Barbra Kungler, currently being offered at The Dressing Room, is one of the sexiest dresses I have ever worn in SL. Barbra has successfully combined system pieces with prims to make a long lean silhouette, a dress that clings in all the right places, that looks like its wearer could loosen the tie with one move. (Which is probably wishful thinking—because chances are she won’t loosen it for you.) Barbra’s texture work—the shadows and highlights, the wrinkles and sheen, all add up to one hell of a sexy dress.

What is Sexy

Tuli Asturias’ skins are some of the sexiest on the grid and honestly, Tuli has been more than generous to her fans. This skin, a gift on the Iconically Sexy hunt, is a version of her new skin set, Audrey. With its smoky eyes and bare lips, it’s a sexy and understated look. I am wearing darling earrings from Maeve Mortlock. The name of her store is appropriate—Ear Candy. I click through the store, buying up all sorts of inexpensive treats.

What is Sexy

Sexy at the millennium means having a solid sense of self but never taking yourself too seriously. ~ Rebecca Romijn

Hair: CriCri-gShort02-D by Aska Watler for CriCri

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 2/br) :: ICONICALLY SEXY by Tuli Asturias for Tuli, in the ISSD Summer Hunt

Dress: (Kunglers) The Dressing Room Blue #6 – Heaven Dress by Barbra Kungler for Kunglers, exclusive to The Dressing Room Blue

Earrings: Ear Candy ~ Swirl Earrings by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy

Bracelet: MTP Ladies Santa Rosa Cuff by Jon Ree for Mustang Trading Post

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Aequus Blue by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Summer Dancing

Last night found me “stuck” (yeah.. stuck because the music was so good) at SL7B listening to the infamous Bradley Gazov doing his great blues set, away from Hotlanta.

Summer Dancing

I wore a cute outfit for my night out. First a top from Delora Starbrook, pretty and sexy all at once, very well drawn in a beautiful color. Then shorts from Barbra Kungler with cute little sculpty cuffs. And pretty bangles from kikunosuke Eel.

Summer Dancing

Finally new hair AGAIN from Truth Hawks. This one has streaks—I am totally digging these streaks! (They are subtle today—I used dark blonde.) And the shape of this hair is sexy! Finally wedges from J’s. I can’t day enough about these shoes and their pretty toes. They are so versatile, so chic and up-to-the-moment, and so sexy. Thanks to all these great creators, I looked great at SL7B!

Summer Dancing

“There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”  ~Vicki Baum

Hair: >TRUTH< Rayne Streaked – almond by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room LE :: Gina 02 by Tuli Asturias for Tuli (exclusive for The Dressing Room) *

Tops: *HD* Sunny TankTop – TerraCotta by Delora Starbrook for Haven Designs *

Shorts: (Kunglers) Short Jeans Blue by Barbra Kungler for Kunglers

Bracelets: [MANDARA] Takara Bangle Dark wood by kikunosuke Eel for Mandala

Sandals: J’s Real Toe Studded Wedge Sandals – Brown by JB Gazov for J’s

Down to Earth

A lot of people think I am pretty down to earth. I am a Taurus—we are earth signs. We prefer the tangible over the esoteric, being close to the ground rather than flying high in the air.

Down to Earth

Perhaps that’s why you find me often wearing earthy colors. I found this sexy dress at Kungler’s yesterday and knew it was perfect for me—this is really my look. With the beautiful earth tones, the wrap construction, the great prim sash and sexy silhouette, the elegance of this dress spoke to me. If I am walking around SL, this is the kind of thing I want to wear to be “Harper.”

Down to Earth

Stumbelina Ophelia has come out with another one of her iconic hairs, this time the Dakota. First it was the Europa, then the Berlin, now the Dakota. Women across the grid will be rushing to get this hair and that’s because it has great textures and an amazing shape. I am not sure how long this one has been out, but I spotted it on another avatar and fell in love with it instantly.

Down to Earth

Finally, knee high boots from J’s. This is a classic look—knee high boots with a dress or skirt. These brilliant boots with their very real zippers up the sides and great blunted toes, are the perfect accompaniment to this dress.

Down to Earth

Earth mama:

Hair: Cake – Dakota – Burgundy Hair by Stumbelina Ophelia for Cake

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (fair/br) F.Y.L.O. copper by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Dress: (Kunglers) Claudia Forest by Barbra Kungler for Kungler’s

Necklace: *SiSSi* Pebble by Sissi String for *SiSSi* *

Earrings: (Dahlinks)BoHo Metallic Earrings – Copper by Alexandra Nichols for Dahlinks

Boots: J’s Long Boots Round by JB Gazov for J’s