When I was a girl, my uncle, who was only 14 years older than me, had the most beautiful girlfriends. First there was Linda, then Gina, and then Brenda, who once was a model, or so she said. How she had any interest in my uncle, who was obnoxious, big-mouthed and a dork (do you notice a little older brother/younger sister thing here?), was beyond me. She was exquisitely and naturally beautiful: high cheekbones, beautiful eyes, sandy blonde hair, long legs. To look at her each time was to be stunned. She looked a lot like Bo Derek to me (who was the woman of the day).


She liked to spend the summer with my uncle on his boat on the lake (a hole in the water he poured money into, my mother suggested) or zipping around in his MG (which was one bolt away from falling to pieces, my uncle said) or walking his German Shepherd, Roulette (who was fed soup by my 98-pound grandmother). He wasn’t rich; he wasn’t a hunk. But she really loved him. I never quite got it. I am not sure any of us did.

This look reminds me a lot of her—a kimono thrown over her bikini, cut-offs, and a big straw beach hat to keep the sun off her face. Her kimono, from Miraiwave Iwish, is a perfect cover for her eensy weensy from Aranel Ah. Little shorts from summse Sands, are because of rolled up cuffs.


My skin is a pale one from Gigi Ponnier with peach-toned lips. My brilliant blue eyes are a new set from Ikon Innovia, who has blessedly come out with a new set (finally). I used the multiple attachment points available to put flip flops from Detour Sideways on over my terrific little feetsies from Siddean Munro (and an alternative to the prevailing news).


He married another woman in the end. She’s also beautiful (tall, long gorgeous hair, thin) as are their two daughters, my sweet cousins. How he managed it, I can’t tell. Times are tough for them, but he loves his wife and daughters a lot.

Hair with Hat: KLETVA-Hair/JOSS/Blond/Super Summer by Vitor Algoma for KLETVA

Skin: Enya Pearl Bare by Gigi Ponnier for Bare Sensual

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Caribbean Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Kimono: ][AV][jacket kimono red by Miraiwave Iwish for ][AWRAM-VIIE][

Bikini top: *BOOM* Infinity Halter Hibiscus-Red by Aranel Ah for *BOOM*

Cut-offs: Chikka Design shorty darkgrey by summse Sands for Berries

Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low by Siddean Munro for SLink

Flip-flops: [Detour] Layback Flip Flops – Black by Detour Sideways for [Detour]

A shout out to Draco and Theodore, who in their small way, made me blog one day more ;)

Last Days at the Beach

Well, this is it. Summer’s almost over. One more chance to get to the beach over Labor Day before the season ends.

Today it’s a beautiful day and an ideal opportunity for me to wear a skin I have always liked and admired from Miasnow. Its combination of photosourcing and hand drawing reveals a beautiful African-American woman. I find it hard to find darker skins that represent well in-world—I am not sure what everyone’s experience is. But this one is fantastic.

Last Day at the Beach

I am showing a swimsuit from Shiryu Musashi. Shiryu, a long time designer in SL, took a break from commerce for a while, pursuing other projects (including doing the fashion curating for the Rinascimento Virtuale show in Florence, Italy, last year). He is back and determined to get your Linden. This swimsuit is one of his newest offerings. With his careful use of prims and hand-drawn textures, it’s a refreshing change from the latest photosourced, painted-on swimsuits out there.

Last Day at the Beach

I discovered UZURI on a hunt for skins. Bella Bombast offers some terrific jewelry at her store—chunky and crafty. Her pieces are fashion statements by themselves and compliment many outfits.

Last Day at the Beach

Check out these fashionable wedges from Armidi Gisaci. The darlings of the fashion grid for a time, the group has established their business with a stellar website for shopping. (Every content creator on the grid is jealous—admit it). The textures are fabulous on these shoes, but they need to talk to their shoe makers—system toes are so 2008. Sculpty toes are where it’s at!

Last Day at the Beach

Surf’s up!

Hair: = Hal*Hina = [brown] Hair-elizabeth- by Hinano Runo for Hal*Hina

Skin: MIASNOW Skin – FOXY GIRL 6 by MiaSnow Myriam for MIASNOW

Swimsuit: Summer Sky Yellow Lush (gold trim) by Shiryu Musashi for Musashi-Do

Earrings: -=UZURI=- Dalya Ear Rings by Bella Bombast for –=UZURI=-

Bracelet: -=UZURI=- Zamani Bangle by Bella Bombast for –=UZURI=-

Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] Rio Beleza Wedge – Gold by Lola Marquez for Armidi