The Natural

The Natural

Harper: Recently Blunt has undergone a transformation and become strangely attractive to me. First, he received the new Zan skin from ReishiProphet, who owns Nivaro. Reishi put it in Blunt’s hands and said, “Blunt, I am handing you the keys to the universe. Google Zan Perrion. You will learn all you need to know.” Blunt put on the skin, read about Zan Perrion, and he has become “The Natural.” (Or that’s what he has been calling himself—it’s really weird.) Blunt, what have you done?

The Natural

Blunt: I googled Zan Perrion as ReishiProphet suggested. I went to the website, entered the Ars Amorata University, watched all the DVDs about “The Way of the Natural.” I learned how to be a natural seducer. I no longer fear rejection. I “have the blood of champions and warriors circulating in my veins!” Please excuse me while I dazzle you with my eye contact:

The Natural

Blunt: People stop me and ask me. They say, “Blunt, how is it that you get all the women?” I say, “I do not get the women. I ‘get’ the women. I get what they like, I get what they like to hear, I get what they want from a man.” Pardon me while I pose suavely and shirtlessly for you….

The Natural

Blunt: I love the women. I love how they move, how they shop, how they complain about their PMS at inappropriate times. I love how they fiddle with their foot color so we show up with only 15 minutes left in Bard’s DJ set. I love how they ask if they look too fat in this dress but secretly eat M&Ms they have stashed in their purse. I love how they buy the fatpack for everything and then tell me they have nothing to wear. I love the women. Let me show you the look I give the women…

The Natural

Blunt: This is what Zan taught me: “A man who loves women is loved BY women.” And “Being yourself doesn’t attract women.. being your most attractive self does.” And remember: “Honesty is the greatest aphrodisiac.”

Harper: Blunt, after hearing you explain this transformation and watching you take photos, I realize it’s not you I find attractive—it’s the skin. You really have to shut up and just stand there and look handsome. Call me shallow, but I only feel attraction to the outer you; the inner you is still the same—meh.

On Blunt:

Hair: [Atro Patena] – Victor_Black by MechuL Actor for Atro Patena

Skin: -NIVARO- Zan Skin -summertone – trailhair_fullstubble_hair and -NIVARO- Zan Skin -summertone – nohair_clean_hair by Reishiprophet for –Nivaro- *

Tuxedo: sf design casablanca tuxedo by Swaffette firefly for SF Designs *

Shoes: Colbert – Black by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers Creepers

On Harper:

Hair: >TRUTH< Marley w/Roots – clove by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [PXL] FAITH SK NE MEB C1 by Hart Larsson for [PXL]

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Dress: :: PM :: Mum Gown in Bordeaux by Poulet Koenkamp for PurpleMoon Creations

Shoes: N-core ETOILE “Coffe” by Claire Messenger and Nuria Augapfel for N-core


Zanzo at Skin Showcase

There is nothing better than dragging a man to the outdoors and slowly stripping him naked. Yes, I said it.

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

The outdoors is the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase, set up by Voshie Paine. The stripping has to do with showing this great skin from Theodore duCasse. Blunt dressed up in a great shirt from Swaffette Firefly and khakis from the Warehouse and then slowly dressed down as I dragged him around the sim.

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

By the time we got to the forest, he was in nothing but his skivvies, and I dared him to take it all off (so we could show you, our dear readers, then entirety of the skin, of course).

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

Blunt was a little skittish about Voshie showing up and catching him like this.


I was, of course, always looking at his eyes, these included with the skin. The face is fully hand drawn with some great details, like the lines under the eyes and the shading around the cheekbones and lips. The shape included did nothing for either Blunt nor I so Blunt used his own shape, and the skin still worked though it was a markedly different shape and aesthetic. That is, in my mind, the sign of a well-done skin.

Zanzo at Skin Showcase

Hair: >TRUTH< Jason – chocolate from TRUTH

Skin and Eyes: *Zanzo* Temptation from Zanzo, at the Skin Showcase

Shirt: sf design check it out shirt with ties grey from SF Design

Pants: Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Beige] from the Warehouse

Shoes: Colbert – Black  from Jeepers Creepers


Birth at Composite

Sure God created man before woman, but then again you always make a rough draft before creating the final masterpiece.

Birth at Composite

Blunt sure thinks he is something else. He showed up for today’s photos in this smokin’ hot skin from Birth and told me to “Snap to it, woman.” I said, “Don’t make a peep, and I will be very happy.” Of course, what did he say? “Peep.”

We went through the whole process again. First we start with this excellent suit from Kal Rau and jeans and boots from Raven Pennyfeather. Blunt likes the shirt because he doesn’t have to wear a belt with it. He’s that kind of lazy.

Birth at Composite

I made him turn around and show me his best asset. He still couldn’t stop himself from turning back to talk to me. I really need a piece of duct tape for his mouth but.. oh that mouth. Silent Alchemi, where did you learn to draw such a beautiful man? I muted Blunt and just gazed at him and everything was ok. From the gorgeous eyebrows to the high cheekbones, the great neck, the oh-my-gah chest and abdoment down to…. Well *cough* it’s a great skin!

Birth at Composite

The set includes a variety of facial hair and a treasure trail or not. I think Blunt pulled it off well (once he was muted).

Birth at Composite

The cocks may crow, but it’s the hen that lays the egg. ~ Margaret Thatcher

Hair: [Shag] – Shine On – charcoal from Shag

Skin: *Birth* Fang Skin (straw) burns_bodynormal_hair from Birth

Eyes: *Birth* Presence Eyes – Silver Brown (Larger) from Birth

Blazer: <kal rau> Blazer Collection_Black_Grey from Kal Rau



The Slow Reveal

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

I will reveal the secrets behind these doors. ~ Zahi Hawass

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

Skin Addiction is having their Skin Showcase starting May 25, and Voshie was in need of a male blogger so I convinced Blunt to help me out. We dressed him up, I posed him and took the photos. The deal was that we would do the slow reveal so we could show the skins dressed… and undressed.

Blunt chose a suave suit jacket and jeans for his first outfit, most of which he got at the Warehouse, which is still open and functioning. He wore his favorite shoes from Eponymous Trenchmouth, the Shanghais, and he slowly did a strip tease for me so I could share the wonder and beauty of this new skin, a collaboration between Ramses Meredith and brox Riaxik, making a new line—Evian.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

And hello, Alejandro, with your sexy shape, and beautiful face. I had a hard time keeping my eyes off Blunt as I photographed him. When he kept his mouth shut I could almost image he was a hunk. (However he chattered the whole time and drove me nuts. It’s really true there is more to someone than looks.)

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

The face is especially nice with a great selection of facial hair (some of it can be custom colored by you so I guess if you want a purple beard, you got it). The eyes are dreamy, the lips scrumptious and the derriere? Oh boy, oh boy.


Here are a bunch of Blunts, all gorgeous when he has his mouth SHUT, thank you. Just sit there and look pretty.

Egoisme at Skin Addiction

A man is known by the silence he keeps. ~ Oliver Herford

Hair: *Dura-Boy*24 (Black) from Dura

Skin: ALEJANDRO Medium/Hair (Body Hair) from Egoisme, available at the Skin Addiction Skin Showcase (coming soon!)

Shape: Evian -.Alejandro Shape from Egoisme

Add-on: Egoisme Addon Goatee4 Brown Bald from Egoisme

Clothes: Armidi – Casual Look / Gray from the Warehouse

Shoes: Shanghai – Black/Gray from Jeepers Creepers