Gothic Geisha

Two looks in SL that are much liked because they have elements of fantasy and otherworldliness are goth and Japanese kimonos.

Gothic Geisha

Morrigan Denimore mixes them up with this spectacular kimono. When he first passed “The Old Soul” to me, I asked him if he was trying to tell me something (because right before this one he had passed me “The Frigid Belle”). I love Morrigan’s work because he is always trying something new and something different. His work is very gothic in the most Japanese gothic lolita sense—he has the aristocrat dandy down to a tee. So this is a homage to the culture from which the lolita comes.

Gothic Geisha

When I was putting together this look, I struggled to find the right footwear and sent an SOS out to the fashion bloggers group. Stacia Villota piped up and reminded me that footwear are sometimes called geta and then she IM’d me with recommendations. Her blog is a treasure trove of such information. You can check out her list of SL kimono stores (and sigh at her beautiful photos).

Finally, I want to give kudos to elsa Liebknicht for this hauntingly lovely goth skin. She has the skin tone just right—not too white and with a very subtle glow. I am not sure how she pulls this off, but she does make it look almost luminescent. The eyes are dark but not bruised. The lips are the same. It is a vey great skin for gothic dress up.

Gothic Geisha

What are the dark thoughts of the geisha?

Hair: Annie May Hair II – Shadow by Starley Thereian for Celestial Studios

Skin: !RT…Annalisa…Asphyxia by elsa Liebknecht for Rotten Toe

Kimono: ~*{TBC}*~ The Old Soul by Morrigan Denimore for The Black Canary *

Geta: *pop feel Rin*Geta set by miku Shan for *pop feel*

P.S. Today is my rez day. Three years! Woot!