Faith, Hope and Charity

In today’s blog, I am showing a dress that benefits relief efforts in Japan. This particular effort is something I can really get behind for several reasons. Mami Jewell has donated all the income from two beautiful dresses, this being one of them, to relief efforts in Japan via the Japanese Red Cross. Because it’s from Mami Jewell, it has all the marks of integrity and open-hearted giving.

Love, Hope and Charity

Let’s set aside for the moment the pure beauty of this dress, the artistry needed to create it, the incredible use of alpha textures without clash, the beautiful sculpted roses. Let’s forget it has been made by one of the best eveningwear creators in SL as well. Why do I encourage my readers to purchase this particular gown on behalf of the Japanese Red Cross? Several reasons:

1. Mami Jewell has employed painstakingly transparent methods for documenting the transfer of funds from the sale of this gown and another at her store via her website including the costs associated with it. With each transfer, she documents the funds going through a separate avatar, shows the cost of converting Lindens to Japanese yen via Linden Lab, and shows each transaction as it’s sent to the Japanese Red cross.

2. Mami Jewell is helping people in her own country, Japan. The business of doing something to help her fellow countrymen through her own work is something that makes sense. It’s not an attempt to help people “over there,” with an unwitting misunderstanding of who “those people” are. (In other words, it’s not a panda bear being sold on behalf of people whose connection to panda bears is as tenuous as say, Haitians’ association with them.) This is her attempt, as a Japanese citizen, to use her skills and talents to solicit money to help her fellow citizens, not to do something “cool” to show she “cares.”

3. Of any relief organization in the world, the Japanese Red Cross is probably the most prepared to utilize the funds in a manner that is appropriate because they have infrastructure for its use in the nation (which few other relief organizations would have in a country that has the third largest economy in the world).

4. While I can not read Japanese, I do not believe that Mami is earmarking these funds either, so they will not be forced into being used for recovery efforts for this specific event. Earmarking funds can be a huge problem because the funds are then designated for a specific purpose and a specific event in a specific place. That money may end up being wasted on useless things just to use it up. If the money is not earmarked, the Japanese Red Cross can use the money in Japan for this event OR they can use it other places where it’s needed. Additionally, they can bank it for future disasters, which Japan may well have as attested by the recent aftershocks off the coast.

5. Mami has proved in the past she is incredibly generous for many charities in SL–for other disaster relief efforts and for the RFL. She has proven her sincere desire to offer her skills and marketing to assist good works of charity, even if it means managing it herself, so this is quite in line with her past generosity. Additionally, her business has a high profile and is successful enough that she can support this enterprise.

Love, Hope and Charity

I should not diminish the other beautiful elements of this look. First this exquisite new skin from sachi Vixen has just been released and really needs to be worn. Sachi has revamped parts of the body and added an otherworldly makeup to the face. Then we have this newer hair from Truth Hawks that gives “wind blown” new meaning. Finally, Ikon Innovia’s dreamy mint eyes, a new offering from him.

Love, Hope and Charity

And now stays faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13, American King James Bible

Hair: >TRUTH< Kaelyn – pearl by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Astrelle Natural – Peacock by Sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Mint (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM*

Dress: -AZUL- Esperanca/Egretta (Help Japan Item) by Mami Jewell for Azul *