Cinderella Revisited

Today’s Cinderella doesn’t always need a Prince Charming to save her. Sometimes she just needs herself.

Cinderella Revisited

Today’s Cinderella has been outfitted by Kendall Dagger. With its silky sheen and lovely brocade texture, this dress is too pretty for a Cinderella who toils for her stepmother. Our liberated Cinderella has purchased this lovely piece herself because she was impressed by the two tier skirt construction, the lovely waist and arm ties and ruffles, and the attention to detail.

Cinderella Revisited

Cinderella is plainly beautiful in this skin from Kira Ahn, which was a special offering at the Dressing Room. Kira has rebranded and pared back to her best skins, and this is a good representation of her work. The luminosity of the skin and the detail around the eyes and lips are lovely touches. The face is very reminiscent of Scarlett Johansson(though it might be that mole that makes me think so).

The key around Cinderella’s neck, from LawnDart Curtiss, is really a key to her treasure box.. and her heart. She keeps it close, as a smart woman should.

Cinderella Revisited

“The modern fairy tale ending is the reverse of the traditional one: A woman does not wait for Prince Charming to bring her happiness; she lives happily ever after only by refusing to wait for him…” ~ Susan Faludi

Hair: fri. – Jasmine – Anxious Blond by Parvarti Monday for *

Skin: [dekade.] SKINS -Brooke 2- Sunkissed/Hair/L Brows/TDR by Kira Ahn for [dekade], available at The Dressing Room

Dress: [SB] Heidi – Cream by Kendall Dagger for SpellBound

Choker: KeyToMyHeartNecklace by LawnDart Curtiss for Liquid Dreams Creations

Cinderella for a Day

I am featuring another one of Shenlei Flesheart’s students at Shengri-La. Missy Lavecchia, like many women who enter SL, has fallen in love with the idea of dressing up in a full skirt with twinkling sequins and bows and all the pretty things girls really like, and she envisions this dream with Bella Fantastique.

Missy made this lovely evening gown—MS Midnight—for one of her classes with Shenlei. With it’s full skirt and sparkling detail, Missy captures the fantasy we all have of feeling oh so pretty. Missy ingeniously puts a sparkling overlay on the skirt with scalloped chains of sparkles. What is hard to show in the photo is how fluidly these layers move—it’s actually quite captivating. Missy repeats that sparkle motif along the decollatage and around the low cut back. Her seams are, as one would expect of one of Shen’s students, dead on. For a relative newbie (she first rezzed in March this year), Missy is taking SL by storm.


I styled this dress with a dramatic updo from Sky Everett Designs—the Sovereign, and I piled on the jewels to turn this dress from pretty to royal.


This ensemble is completed with Cinderella’s glass slippers from Melanie Zhao. Thank you, Melanie, for knowing every girl’s secret desire—a glass slipper to leave for her Prince Charming to find.


What to wear before the clock strikes midnight:

Hair (with jewels), Necklace and Earrings: Sky Everett Designs-Sovereign Silver by Sky Everett for Sky Everett Designs

Skin: Pulse Skin – Timeless ll/Makeup 3 by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: Bella Fantasique – MS Midnight DB by Missy Lavecchia for Bella Fantastique

Shoes: ~Zhao~ Lovis Cinderella by Melanie Zhao for ~Zhao~ Shoes