A lot of sexy clubwear gives you a full view of everything out there. I am seeing a lot of low hip jeans, deep cut tops, and peek-a-boo nipples and uh, intergluteal cleft. But what if you want to be sexy and provocative in another way?

Peek A Boo

The peek-a-boo ripped sleeves on this top might serve that purpose. I chose this dress from Janie Marlowe, a veteran of SL clothing, as a dress I might want to take out dancing. With it’s ripped sleeves, it’s contemporary and shows some skin, but not in the typical areas. There is something very sexy, though, about a girl who has fabric torn in a sort of animalistic way. The skirt, of course, is quite short. I will say that.

Peek A Boo

I, again, wear this skin from Gala Phoenix because it has that sort of glowy youthfulness with the “raccoon eyes” that comes off as sexy after a night of dancing in a hot club. (And hit has great collarbones, which show under this little lock choker from Launa Fauna.) The almost-sweaty seeming hair is from Mirja Mills, who is kicking out funky and wonderful hair an at unprecedented rate.

Peek A Boo

Finally more peek-a-boo, this time in the boots. Magnifico Miggins makes a great boot here, employing a brilliant leather texture over a very stylish cut-out lattice work boot with sexy zips up the back.

Peek A Boo

Crank it up!

Hair: CRISS hair ( blood) by Mirja Mills for EMO – tions

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] June-Raccoon 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio

Dress: * **MIS** In Tomb by Janie Marlowe for Mischief

Choker: Lock Choker. by Launa Fauna for LF Fashions

Earrings: TSS – Looped Multi Earring by SweetThing Baker for Sweetest Sin

Boots: z [mm] cage boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes *

Let’s Party!

When this drops on to my blog, the ball will be dropping on my personal Time Square. My head may be dropping on the pillow but more likely, my fingers will be dropping on to my keyboard. I really think 2010 is going to be wonderful. I just FEEL it.

Let's Party

Well, if you’re gonna do it, do it right. (Now, let me explain this pose—first on that posestand and when I jumped on, it showed everything I was wearing so I decided to take a shot.)

Let's Party

Since we are talking about partying, and probably in some hot and heavy dance place, I need to make sure I am not overdressed. These capris from Babette Ultsch combined with this ultra sexy top from paeoti Pomeray do it. Babette, who is one of the queens of clubwear in SL it seems, made these capris rather smartly, combining sculpties with a photosourced texture.

paeoti Pomeray is all about the sexy and this top hits it. She takes a step beyond letting it all hang out to pretty and sexy all at once. With its shirred sleeves and bared midriff, this lovely piece can go from dance floor to bedroom in a flash.

Let's Party

Finally, the hair. This long beautiful style is one of Mirja Mills’ newest. She has been making hair for the RP and alternative set for a while. With its lovely wispy tendrils, uber long ponytail, and wicked hair clip, this one is for partying (especially with those flexis moving all over).

Let's Party

Welcome to a new decade!

Hair: POISON ponytail/plum by Mirja Mills for Emo-tions

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) F.Y.L.O. pink by Tuli Asturias  for Tuli *

Top: Paeoti_Shades of Gray Set by paeoti Pomeray for Nymphetamine *

Capris: *KL* Ruffled Capris Satin Black by Babette Ultsch for Kittie’s Lair

Shoes: N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel II BOXED Black by Claire Messenger for N-Core


Sometimes I have to push myself to try something new, something not in my comfort zone. That used to be wearing a bikini in SL (yeah, really). Then it was wearing eyelashes. Then it was wearing blonde hair (the day that happened was a major breakthrough). Today it was wearing a skin with BOLD makeup.


Djinn and Tonic, a new collaboration of creators on the newly opened Prosperine sim, offers a line of skins that’s .. well.. brash. When I first wore the skins, I thought the lips were glossy, the eyes were bold, and the cheek makeup was stark. But I started wearing it around, trying on hair, clothes, etc., and I realized it was pretty darn groovy.


The best part? When you buy a pack, you get one skin tone and one eye makeup, but you also get five shades of lipstick, freckles or not, and shaved or not. Therefore, you get 20 skins for one price. I especially like the lipstick option because sometimes you just want to swap out a lipstick and not mess with the rest.

I am showing a dress from a relatively new designer—Mariusz Miliandrovic. Based on Mariusz’ other photos in his little shop, he *ahem* likes the feminine shape. The dress is sexy in the best sort of way—the top is low cut, the back is quite low cut, but the skirt is full and flirty to balance the top and includes a bow. His prim building is good and his use of color fantastic.


I show great boots from Magnifico Miggins here. I have feature Magnifico’s work before. She has come into the SL world with her footwear, and with the quality of it, she should be taking the grid by storm. These boots are a ‘fatpack’ boot, which means they have a hud that changes the colors of the boots. The textures are remarkable.. very real, very rich.


Bold and proud:

Hair: *FRANTIC*  hair – pure black by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions

Skin: [DT] MUA :  Pomegranate, Black [03] by Gin Galtier for Djinn & Tonic *

Dress: Sanguine Summer Rev3 by Mariusz Miliandrovic for 2Dye4

Boots: z [mm] cage boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes *

Pink Leopard

One has to ask.. who came up with pink leopard? It doesn’t really exist in real life and has a very tenuous existence in SL. So why does it look so darn good? What is so appealing about it?

Pink Leopard

I have a theory. The pink leopard is the rarest of animals, the softest, the most whimsical, and the sexiest. The novelty and brightness of the color will attract mates and it is this that will ultimately assure her survival in the wild. And oh heck, it’s darn cute.

Pink Leopard

That’s why Cristina Sugita has seized upon it as a motif and the fabric of this drop dead sexy dress. She has made a great outfit here, combining a cleverly done system piece with prims that move just right. And it’s a great price!

Pink Leopard

This skin from Rosemary Galbraith at Cupcakes, a Halloween gift at her store, seemed to suit the theme perfectly. With its sparkly pink eye shadow and cats eye liner, rowr!

The shoes I had were a perfect match. I mean, how often will you need pink leopard shoes, yet I was able to wear them! (Which proves I have too many shoes.. cuz pink leopard is not exactly a “neutral.”) Cerberus Noel just put these out as part of an animal pack of pumps.

Pink Leopard

For the leopard who can’t change her spots:

Hair: >TRUTH< Abbey – auburn by Truth Hawks for Truth*

Skin: *CUPCAKES – Daydream – Nutmeg – Fairy 2 Pink by Rosemary Galbraith for Cupcake

Dress: *Pink Leopard Hunt Dress* by Crissy Designs by Cristina Sugita for Crissy Designs

Bangle: Dark Mouse Divine Deco Bangle (Right) by Mouse Mimistrobell for Dark Mouse*

Shoes: *GF* Figure Pumps -leopard pink- by Cerberus Noel for G Field

Written while listening to “In Rainbows” by Radiohead, specifically “Jigsaw Falling into Place.

Tomorrow’s Laundry

A friend of mine had a mom who said, “That dress is so short I can see tomorrow’s laundry.” My own grandmother said, “If it gets any shorter, she will have two more cheeks to powder!” The fun thing is in SL, you can wear the skirt and still get away with it!

Tomorrow's Laundry

Today I am showing ‘tomorrow’s laundry” with a dress from Shiryu Musashi. Shiryu left SL to finish school but he’s back with his luscious hand-drawn textures and exacting detail. Check out the tiny little frog closures he made for the dress on the collar and chest. This dress is short and sexy—the ideal item for looking sexy and cute.

Tomorrow's Laundry

Mouse Mimistrobell is producing like mad—jewelry and now hair. I wore a brilliant blue this time—not my usual color (not even when i am 80), but it just looked so good with Shiryu’s dress. I ran to Cupcake a month or so ago to snatch up her gift sets—what a great idea—a few skins of the same makeup with a dress. Instant makeover.

Tomorrow's Laundry

And the other piece of this complete and great outfit are JB Gazov’s to-die-for boots, this time to the knee. (I showed them short a couple days ago.) He has improved on his old zipped side boots (yes, I have those too—I was shopping JB before he had toes!) and the shape, the style, the colors are all amazing.

Tomorrow's Laundry

The girl who doesn’t mind a little wind beneath her… wings…

Hair: *Dark Mouse* Cyntra (Blue) by Mouse Mimistrobell for Dark Mouse*

Skin: *CUPCAKES – Enchanted – Sepia – Gift 9 by Rosemary Galbraith for Cupcake

Dress: Tender Blossoms (Sea Emerald) by Shiryu Musashi for Musashi-Do*

Earrings:++Je veux earring  turquoise++ by sucreee Menges for Je veux (apparently no longer available)

Boots: J’s Long Boots Round (11Colors) by JB Gazov for J’s

Wild Thing

Sometimes a woman wants to go out and show her best side—put on her sexiest boots and dress, adorn herself with some glitzy jewelry, make-up, and her favorite perfume and go out and WOW the world.

Wild Thing

It’s an easy thing to do when you’re wearing something from Antonia Marat, specifically this Zesty zebra dress. Yes, I know I blogged her earlier this week, but I can’t stop! This time let me tell you about her system pieces.. they are exquisite, especially the skirts. Worn with a skirt shape, her skirts are sexy as all get out. Antonia does great rockabilly but this dress could be worn for partying, being chic, and rocking the club.

Wild Thing

I took on this silly pose to show you how the skirt looks stretched. Some system skirts look really bad when the legs pull them apart—not this one. You can barely tell. Ingenious!

Wild Thing

I styled it with jewelry from Digit Darkes’ new Fall Collection. I really like this necklace because it lacks that slick symmetry that so many show. The textures literally glitter on the necklace and there is a handy color changer that switches it through six different colors. The bracelet is from Anuitka Barthelmess at kraftika, who has some fabulous stuff. You will see more of her jewelry here.

Wild Thing

Boots are from Detour Sideways. I got the color changing set “fat pack” boot so I could get all the colors. These boots have turned out to be a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them more than I care to say. Enough that they have gotten all comfy and worn with use.

Wild Thing

The skin is from Pulse, a very artistic turn from Lorac. She did a series of these Valeries that are beautifully drawn and full of character. These are not anime-style skins with perfect cartoon features; her skins show the beauty of real women. And this is a new flirty short hair I would love to have in real life, from Aska Watler.

Wild Thing

Watch out!

Hair: CriCri-gShort02-B by Aska Watler for Cri-Cri

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries T Cream/Delicious by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins*

Dress: /artilleri/ Zesty zebra dress by Antonia Marat for Artilleri

Necklace: Digit Darkes-Lamb Link Necklace-Custom by Ysabel Diavolo and Digit Darkes for Digit Darkes

Bracelet: Bracelet No 301 white&zebra L by Anuitka Barthelmess for *kraftika

Boots: [Detour] Mistress Boots – Multi by Detour Sideways for Detour

Thinking Green

I am, again this year, Costumer for Burning Life. That, in and of itself, is not that stupendous. I beg content creators to provide freebies for the masses of Burners coming to Burning Life. The best part of it is I get to meet some cool people as I am poking around looking for contributors. (And yes, if you are cool and want to contribute, contact me! I need everything!)

Thinking Green

One of the cool people I met was tanyaa Beaumont. I had never heard of her or her store (but that means nothing since I live under a turnip patch on my sim). I wandered over to her store and was delighted to see some bright new designs, great colors and fun clothes.

Take, for example, this mini. With its bright colors and perfectly matched seams (yes!), tanyaa has made a cute clubby dress with a funky texture. I can’t wait to see what she sends over for BL!

Thinking Green

I wore BG Planer’s smokin hot boots with the dress. Though BG clearly uses photo-sourced textures, they are employed cleverly and augmented with some great prim work. B&G also offers great toe shoes.. I will be sure to feature some in a future blog.

Wicked green eye makeup and a pale lip are ideal for this ensemble. Pulse’s new Valeries line continues to offer more and more make up choices for the lady who has to have everything matched to a T.

Thinking Green

Why green’s the thing:

Hair: ETD Gwen – Blonde by Elikapeda Tiramisu for Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries T: Sienna/Aqua by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: Lushh Boutique Random Dress Lime by tanyaa Beaumont for LUSHH Boutique

Boots: B&G BOTA ETERNITY – NEGRO – T000 by BG Planer for B&G

Bangles: ::eLDee:: Line bangles (green) by Lilyana Dryke for ::eLDee::

Attention to the Details

Ever have one of those days when you see everything but what you really need to see? I had that yesterday.

I should have known something was up when I logged in and Delora Starbrook and Winter Jefferson both IM’d me at once. Delora said, “You’re in trouble.” Winter said, “I am a little put off…” I thought to myself, oh crap.. what now?

Delora asked to TP me in, so I accepted. I was up in her skybox in front of two sales panels from her store, and she had a cute little silks/dress thing on. She asked me how I liked it. I liked it a lot. Her textures get better with each creation. She builds her prims exactingly and textures them intelligently. I thought she did a nice job and I told her so. In fact, I said, I think one could almost go clubbing in it.

Attention to the Details

She passed back and forth in front of the sales panel and questioned me about my idea. I watched her pass back and forth, admiring the movement of the prims and how cute she was. She TP’d in Winter, and they questioned me further. What did I mean by clubbing? Did I really think it was a good “dress”? As I felt my foot going deeper and deeper into my mouth, I struggled… until I spotted the sale panel out of the corner of my eye and saw the name of the outfit—“Harper.”

Attention to the Details

Boy, did I feel like a dolt. I was camming in on Delora, on Winter, on everything but the words on that sales panel. When I finally realized, seven minutes later, it all made sense. Delora wanted to surprise me, and I ruined it by not paying attention to the details.

Delora has paid attention, however, from the pull of the fabric across the torso to the double belts to the flirty, barely-covering skirts. “Harper” comes in seven colors, including this rich brown and will be released today (Wednesday). I am honored to have this beautiful work named after me.

This hair from Carina Larsen was perfect for the sex appeal the outfit requires. I adorned myself with jewelry from Zaara.

Attention to the Details

The outfit requires either no shoes (for the girl who kneels) or in my case, gladiator sandals from J’s. J’s was the original for toe shoes and still makes the perfect little tootsies.

Attention to the Details

The details:

Hair: Amacci Hair Sophia ~ Auburn by Carina Larsen for Amacci

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries T: Sienna/Champagne by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Outfit: *HD* Harper – Brown by Delora Starbrook for Haven Designs

Earrings, Necklace, and Arm Band: ZC : Suvarna kundan (White) by Zaara Kohime for {Zaara}

Shoes: J’s Real Toe GladiatorSandals DarkBrown by JB Gazov for J’s

Life of a Showgirl

A friend took me out for a little dancing and role play and dancing last night. We ended up at The New Champagne Rooms owned by Ahnyanka Delphin, where I flirted with and tipped the dancers and sipped way too much champagne.

Life of a Showgirl

A tipsy perusal of the shops around the club took me to Reasonable Desires, where I found this ensemble. I don’t find myself in situations where I need to be a showgirl very often (read: never), however this well done piece was so fun and inexpensive that I decided to give it a try. (I really think it was the champagne that got to me.)

Life of a Showgirl

Martini Joliat has done a great job of making a system piece that fits over the body and echoes the glamour of the showgirl. I could almost feel the weight of the pearls and sequins as they draped over my curves and the tight fitting sheer body suit. The feathers are well rendered with no ghosting or exposed edges (which can be a real problem). I did have to reattach the headdress to another point so I could keep my eyelashes on but that wasn’t a major ordeal.

Life of a Showgirl

I have paired Caroline Apollo’s White Pearl Shoulder Dust Earrings with the outfit and red Belles from Shiny Things.

Life of a Showgirl

We’ll see if I get a chance to wear this again. Who knows? Someday I may end up as a burlesque starlet at the New Champagne Rooms.

Life of a Showgirl

From the costume department:

Hair: ETD Flapper – Black by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elika Tiramisu Designs (ETD)

Skin: Pulse Skin – Climax/Valeries T2 Venetian Red BLK by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Ensemble: *RD* Pearls and Rubies Showgirl (Champagne) by Martini Joliat for Reasonable Desires

Earrings: (Caroline’s) White Pearl Shoulder Dust Earrings by Caroline Apollo for (Caroline’s)

Shoes: (Shiny Things) Belles – red by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things

Lady in Red

I have been a redhead almost since the first day I was in SL. I am not sure why I went this way—I have brown hair in RL. However, red—its heat, its passion, its vibrancy—are part of my SL self.

So when I saw this dress last night while I was hunting around for watermelons (and that is a whole other discussion that starts with “Why?”), I spotted a little store named LOOKR and bought a sexy looking dress that would match a pair of red shoes I had gotten the week before. (And we all know it’s all about the shoes.)

System pieces are not easy—especially not system skirts. Adam Soler has made a sexy system skirt for this piece, resisting the need to add to complete the look. On a modified skirt shape, this dress looks delicious.

Lady in Red

And the back is strappy and sexy.

Lady in Red

I opted to add the Nyte N Day’s Pith Necklace and bracelet, full perm pieces I purchased a while ago and never think to pull out.

Lady in Red

Finally the shoes. These sexy sandals, made by Delfi Lane, are a fierce competitor to the prevailing “leaders” in SL. With 12 nail textures, gold or silver metal, on or off toe ring, and easy fitting and skin coloring, at 425L, these shoes are a steal. Available in this Lucious Red, they also come in Black, Blush, Chocolate Brown, Silver Gray and Golden Sand. The fat pack retails for 2000L.

Lady in Red

What it is and where I got it:

Hair: (ZF) – Tiff Hair – Vivid Red by Zyrra Falcone for Panache Hair

Skin: Pulse Skin-Climax Tone3 Makeup 5 by Lorac Farella for Pulse

Dress: LOOKR ~ Elegente ~ Red by Adam Soler for LOOKR

Shoes: S@SS Leather Bound in Luscious Red by Delfi Lane for S@SS