City Girl on the Cheap

I spend an inordinate amount of time in SL in mismatched clothes, crazy hair on my head, whack skins on my body, one shoe on and one shoe off. And sometimes I am wearing a posing stand on my head (which is subject for another blog). Usually when I get the call to run somewhere, I start just dumping things on. I see a folder, wonder what that was again, and throw it on.

City Girl on the Cheap

Today when Raven called me to help her with something, I hastily rummaged through my inventory. I found a folder that said “*Kookie* 50L friday outfit!” Hm. Lessee what that comes up with. I dropped it on myself and watched as I transformed from crazy bag lady to cute urban chick. A dumpy sweater (with one of those center bell-shaped prim things) was replaced by a cute cowl neck turtleneck. Pink stretch pants from the 70s were replaced with cute polka dot leggings. Army boots were replaced by cute little flats.

City Girl on the Cheap

And a crazy pink alpha hair was replaced by this nifty hat with hair. And I paid 50L for the whole nine yards!

The skin, which you can barely see (but look at those beautiful eyes) is Tricky Boucher’s newest Alyson skin. You will be seeing more and more of this as the days go on. It’s gorgeous!

City Girl on the Cheap

Grab me a latte:

Hair: *Kookie*  Kate Hair – antique grey by Kookie Lemon for *Kookie*

Skin: -Belleza- Alyson SK 5 by Tricky Boucher for Belleza *

Top: *Kookie* Stud Knitted sweater / dusty ash / gloves by Kookie Lemon for *Kookie*

Pants: *Kookie* Ladybug Leggings grey by Kookie Lemon for *Kookie*

Scarf: *Kookie* Stud knitted scarf –  dusty ash by Kookie Lemon for *Kookie*

Shoes: *Kookie * Ella Petite flats Noir by Kookie Lemon for *Kookie*

Cute as I can get

Thing is I just am not cute. I am funny, I am beautiful, but “cute” eludes me. I have never been cute, never will be.

But this darling outfit, which I got ON SALE at ~GypsySoul~, makes me feel cute without feeling twee.

Cute as I can get

With its gray sweater, sweet (but not too sweet) plaid skirt, striped socks and blue camisole, it’s just right for a girl who wants to be cute but not TOO cute.

Cute as I can get

I put this awesome hat/hair from lamb. on top. I do have an inquiry for hair makers.. do you just plop a hat on top when you find you can’t solve the top-of-the-head prim puzzle? Sometimes I think hair makers find themselves at the top of very thorny puzzle and go, oh screw it, and throw a hat on top. I saw a few like that at Hair Fair this year, including one with a big ol’ rose on top.

I am not sure that Lamb Bellic did that with this—the hat is pretty stinkin’ cute and the hair suits it perfectly.

As cute as I can get

I also used my FAVORITE EVER grungy boots from Shiny Things-the Old Boots. They cut down on the cuteness and are comfy, like old boots are ‘sposed to be. These beauties are full prim, done the old fashioned way, with kickin’ textures and the sweet little buckles. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore (she says in her old man voice).


The scoop:

Hair: !lamb. Dog Roses – Twix by Lamb Bellic for lamb.

Skin: Pulse Skin – Climax/Tone 2-Makeup 1 by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Outfit: ~GypsySoul~ Autumn (sweater, skirt, tights—the whole shebang) by Solitude Hermit for ~GypsySoul~

Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Boots – black by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things