Message of Love

Message of Love

Now the reason we’re here
As man and woman
Is to love each other
Take care of each other
When love walks in the room
Everybody stand up
Oh it’s good, good, good

~ “Message of Love” by the Pretenders

Message of Love

A message of love, of plain simple love, seems a good one to forward. We’re here just to love one another. Let’s also love fashion and the color red, which I am doing today. Let’s go bottom up and start with these darling shoes, which are Cyclic Gearz’ offering for 21Shoe, only available in this color and another on November 21 at her store at a 2-for-1 price. My skirt is a darling mesh piece from nodoka Vella that she has marked as a sale item at her store. And my top from Ugly Frog and Eeky Cioc I found by word of mouth and what a word! The top comes with a texture change HUD that allows endless variations on different parts of the top—the main, the buttons, the ribbed bottom and the sheer blouse. The mesh fits perfectly and the detailing is amazing. AND it’s made to fit over other things, which so much mesh fails to do. Perfect!

Message of Love

I have Inka Mexicola’s lovely and inexpensive skin from The Dressing Room Fusion on again, this time with blonde brows. I can’t imagine how anyone would pass up grabbing this set from TDRF because it’s so lovely in details and the lips are pure lusciousness. Nicole Button’s new eyes make this look, especially with Kavar Cleanslate’s pretty, side parted long hair for Collabor88.

Message of Love

Hair: Exile::Dancing Horses by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile::, available at Collabor88 *

Skin: Essences {Loulou – TDRF} Medium01 *blonde* by Inka Mexicola for Essences, available at the Dressing Room Fusion

Eyes: Egozy.Eyes (Green) by Nicole Button for Egozy *

Top: …Mutresse.. Jana Cardigan by Ugly Frog and Eeky Cioc for Mutresse

Skirt: {amiable}Borderskirt06 by nodoka Vella for amiable

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail appliers: Slink Nail HUD BSleep – Pinky – GLOSSY by Sarahlin Constantine for Before Sleep

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet High by Siddean Munro for Slink

Shoes: [LVLE] Cat Bow Sandal – Jewel by Cyclic Gearz for LVLE, available only on Nov.21 for 21Shoe *

Poses by Fanny Willis for Everglow *

The Girl Who Reads

The Girl Who Reads

I want a girl who reads
Who needs the written word
& uses the added vocabulary
She gleans from novels and poetry
To hold lively conversation
In a range of social situations

~ “I want a girl who reads” by Mark Grist (PLEASE click! It’s awesome!)

The girl who reads

I have been keeping this wonderful poem in mind for a blog for months now. It’s one of my very favorite YouTube poetry performances because I am the “girl who reads”! (Latest book: The Magician King by Lev Grossman.) One of the greatest pleasures in my life is reading, as my five dedicated readers of this blog know. So I think Mark Grist and I have a date with destiny because I “love the classics and the classics are dirty.”

I put together this look inspired by Kaśyapa, who sent me the stack of books from Nama Gearz and helped me find the glasses from damascusvera, and his inspiration reminded me of this great poem. It all fell into place once he helped me. This sweater dress from Kinu Mayako is one of her exclusives at the Thrift Shop, marked down because everything at Thrift Shop is marked down. It includes a texture change HUD that allows different choices for the collar and cuffs and the main sweater. My leggings from Soda Domela are a gacha at the Thrift Shop and includes a Phat Azz applier. My darling boots are a set from Cyclic Gears that she is selling at The Pier Market for their sea monster theme and are 50% off for the event through the month of November.

The girl who reads

I kind of thought this new skin from Inka Mexicola looks like that bookish girl from the American TV show, Modern Family, played by Ariel Winter. She has the same glowing skin, luscious pretty features, blushing cheeks and voluptuousness that Inka’s skin has. This pretty skin is available at the Dressing Room Fusion at a ridiculously low price.

My colored toque is a fabulous hair from Nix Marabana, who includes the hat and hair with a great texture change HUD that includes a lot more hat choices than this one. Kaśyapa led me to these dorky glasses from damascusvera and of course, sent me books from Naima Gearz because he knows I am a girl who likes to read.

The girl who reads

Hair: Anachron – Tuque Hair Female – Diversity by Nix Marabana for Anachron, available at Thrift Shop 7.0 *

Skin: Essences {Loulou – TDRF} Medium01 *brunette* by Inka Mexicola for Essences, available at the Dressing Room Fusion

Eyes: .ID. Brooding Eyes – Dark Brown by Audrey Lamede for Insufferable Dastard

Sweater: [ SAKIDE ] Ingenue Laine Dress by Kinu Mayako for [ SAKIDE ], available at Thrift Shop 7.0 *

Leggings: *Bubblefish* 80’s Leggings #12 by Soda Domela for *Bubblefish*, available at Thrift Shop 7.0 *

Glasses: O.M.E.N – Studded Horn-Rim Glasses by damascusvera for O.M.E.N

Books: ::Static:: Bookworm One-handed Multiple by Nama Gearz for ::Static::

Pen: Bay City Bugle Pen (copy and share!) by Kasabian Robonaught for the Bay City Bugle

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual by Siddean Munro for Slink

Boots: [LVLE] Bathynomus – Ladies – FATPACK by Cyclic Gearz for LVLE, available at The Pier Market *

Poses by Luth Brodie for Reel Expression (no longer available)



Slow down, dilettante
So I can limp beside you
And follow in your rush too

Hang on, street savant
My bank in my pocket
How far you think you’ll take us?

You’re like a party I heard through the wall
Invite me

~ “Dilettante” by St. Vincent


I thought a song by St. Vincent was a perfect choice for a dress by LeeZu. Both throw together colors, patterns, ideas into a melange of perfect sound and thought. LeeZu’s latest mesh has ruching in the back and front and a little lace peekaboo slip at the hem. Other creators would make this a simple shape; LeeZu does more with it. Then she applies her amazing art, combing graphic color with actual feel-touch textures and detail.

I added one of Abraxxa Anatine’s jewelry sets for Mystic Realms Faire to the look. Obviously this is meant for some elven look but it works just as well with a regular outfit which bespeaks its stylishness and versatility. Nails from Cyclic Gears for My Slink Obsession give me a stylish orange metallic touch.

Gina Lurra has created a pair of mesh boots with a HUD that allows you to change everything except the color of your underwear—vamp, heel, sole, studs, zipper, etc. She includes rigged and unrigged versions (for those of you who can’t resist tinkering).


Queue Marlowe has come out with a new style that is out to there in curls and style. Once again, Queue blew corkscrews out of the water with this look. It is made of bouncy flexi prims with a color-change hairband. My skin is Aleida Rhode’s sensual coppery skin for the Body Modification Expo. With a beautifully shaded body and a lovely face, it’s a great offer at the Expo. I added a slick of gloss from Mocksoup Graves to soften the look.


Hair: AD – amber – dark browns by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: Elysium – Devine II skin – medium by Aleida Rhode for Elysium, available at the Body Modification Expo *

Lipstick: M.O.C.K Cosmetics Sweet Coral Lipstain by Mocksoup Graves for [mock cosmetics]

Eyes: #adored – siren eyes – kelp by Constance Daehlie for #adored

Dress: [LeeZu!] Cala Dress <mesh,rigged,materials> /olive by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Necklace and Earrings: EarthStones Elena Necklace and Ball Earrings – Chrysocolla by Abraxxa Anatine for EarthStones, available at the Mystic Realms Faire *

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail appliers: [LVLE] Fall Textured Fingernails by Cyclic Gearz for LVLE, available at My Slink Obsession *

Boots: [IRENA] Spikes boots Fitted by Gina Lurra for [IRENA] *

Poses by Valencia Southard for Marukin

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

“There should be a place where only the things you want to happen, happen.” ~ Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

A menagerie of poufs have landed in my studio, mismatched but still darling. Sway Dench has packed her gacha at the Arcade with these darling little creations, which can be mixed and matched, each containing four poses specific to the piece, all cleverly included so you can have one pouf and it works! I dressed to match the poufs in Circe Ishtari’s newest dress, a sexy mini with bows and pretty satin flowered textures. Cyclic Gearz’ just-released high heels for the Slink high feet are bowed as well but also ridiculously sexy. One more bow at my neck from Aranel Ah and it’s all tied up.

Where the Wild Things Are

Elizaokkbye’s skin from Skin Fair 2014 is a quandary. It’s got an innocence to it that could make it almost suitable for child avatars except the lips, which are lush and, frankly, purely sexy. Her skins come in 8 tones with a cosmetics pack that includes many moles and freckles, a lipstick pack with color-modifiable tattoo lipsticks, a “rough night/eyebags pack,” and all the appliers. I overlaid one of her lipsticks with a pink base and upped the pinkiness (as the makeup can be modified with SL color) and amped up the innocence and sexiness of my look, especially when I wore MissAllSunday Lemon’s curly pigtails from the Whore Couture event.

Where the Wild Things Are

“There must be more to life than having everything.” ~ Maurice Sendak

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marin Mesh Hair – Jellyfish by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills, available at Whore Couture Fair 3 *

Skin: [okkbye] Marina – Afterglow: C1: Brown Brow with [okkbye] Marina Lippies – Candy – [TINTABLE MEDIUM] by Elisaokkbye for [okkbye], available at Skin Fair 2014 (Sim 3) *

Eyes: .ID. Bright Eyes / Reg / Earth by Audrey Lamede for Insufferable Dastard

Dress: Tokyo.Girl . Chi Dress Orchid/Black by Circe Ishtari for Tokyo Girl

Ribbon: *BOOM* Precious Bow Choker carnation by Aranel Ah for *BOOM* *

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant Right and Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture Left by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail appliers: Nailed It – Slink -Blooming Spring Set by Giela Delpaso for Nailed It, available at the SAVIAD Spring Fair *

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet High by Siddean Munro for Slink

Shoes: [LVLE] Cat Bow Sandal – Baby Pink by Cyclic Gearz for LVLE *

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)

The Menagerie: Sway’s Pouf [Animals] by Sway Dench for Sway’s, available at The Arcade *

Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Bear – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Bear – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Bunny – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Bunny – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Cow – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Cow – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Fox – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Fox – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Frog – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Frog – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Horse – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Horse – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Owl – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Owl – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Pig – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Pig – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Poodle – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Poodle – top
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Unicorn – bottom
Sway’s Pouf [Animal] Unicorn – top

Where the Wild Things Are

Girl About Town

Girl About Town

“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.” ~ Gwyn Thomas

Girl About Town

I never used to enjoy walking. I always felt I needed to be going somewhere to make it worth my while but now I realize it’s the journey that makes walking so much better than driving or even biking. I can see into shop windows, notice the flowers (if they ever return), smile at people, enjoy the fresh air.

Girl About Town

I put together an outfit of different pieces to make my walking fashionable. First is the two piece jacket and shirt from Cecilina, which she is selling at The Chapter Four. Part of the 2-for-1 group, you get the under piece and this jacket. Presumably you can wear the jacket without the under shirt but I like them together. I wear them over leggings from Moonbubble Gothly, who includes a HUD of darling textures for changing things out (as seen above). One pair of pants can be worn SO many times. My messenger bag is from Superjaix in the gachas at The Chapter Four. Made for male avatars, I still managed to make it look good with my girl. And I built my whole look around Cyclic Gear’s darling loafers with contrasting bows. They come in several combinations and she has made them to fit the Slink flat foot or Toddleroos.

Girl About Town

My skin is one of the fresh and lovely skins Umazuma Metaluna is offering at The Chapter Four in a gacha. I have looked at all of them and they are all worth the extra cha-ching, especially this rare with its delicate freckles and cat-eye liner. MissAllSunday Lemon has this new hair out at FaMESHed, and it’s definitely worth a look-see because of its versatile styling and as usual, her great textures.

*** I need to make one big important plug! You NEED to walk to the Basilique Playhouse to see Paradise Lost. As you know, I have blogged it but really, truly, it’s a must-see in SL if you see anything. Tickets have gone on sale. (Don’t worry—I made sure to get mine already so you can’t snatch my opening day seats.) I am so stinkin’ excited to see this and I am a jaded SLer. Get your tickets on Marketplace for 1000L or 1500L at the door. Half of all ticket sales will be donated to the WWF Adopt-A-Gorilla Program for Ihoho, the mountain gorilla (who is should be made into a gacha toy, he’s so cute).

Girl About Town

“There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot.” ~ Wendell Berry

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sandy Mesh Hair – Chocolate by MissAllSunday Lemon for Wasabi Pills, available at FaMESHed *

Skin: [theSkinnery] Haruko 4 (honey) DB CL1 RARE by Umazuma Metaluna for the Skinnery, available at the The Chapter Four *

Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Mirror eyes Black (med) by Keiba for UMEBOSHI

Top: . potcha + 2byte . le ‘bon black inner and . potcha + 2byte . le ‘bon outer (2) by CECILINA For . potcha, available at the The Chapter Four *

Leggings: [ bubble ] Pattern Leggings by Moonbubble Gothly for [bubble] *

Necklace: MG – Necklace – True Hearts – Short by Maxi Gossamer for Maxi Gossamer *

Messenger bag: / XIAJ / Ibi Messenger Bag + olive by superjaix for XIAJ, available at the The Chapter Four *

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Left and Slink Mesh Hands (av) Relaxed Right by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail applier: Nailed It – French Manicure – Pastels Set HUD by Giela Delpaso for Nailed It *

Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat by Siddean Munro for Slink

Shoes: [LVLE] Naenia Slipons – Teal/Lime by Cyclic Gearz for LVLE *

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)

Grumpy Harper

Grumpy Harper

I don’t wanna know what love is and I don’t want you to show me.” ~ Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Harper

I’m a bit grumpy. The holidays are over but there is crap still strewn all over my living room. My property tax bill came in and has to be paid. It hasn’t freakin’ stopped snowing for a month. And the Christmas cookies have added up on the scale. So I am back to a healthy eating regimen (bleah), I have the check written and sent to the village, and I am letting someone else do the shoveling.

At least in SL I can look put together. I start with this darling dress form Zii Minotaur, who makes mesh mostly for furries, but the dress fits us less hirsute creatures as well. She cleverly included many sizes with the dress so that many shapes can fit it and attaches the top and bottom separately so a variance of size in top to bottom can also fit. The texture and silhouette are darling, especially with the bow in back. And my silly and fun Grumpy Cat stole is a hunt gift at her store right now.

Grumpy Harper

I didn’t put my grumpy photo in the lead composite because I wanted to show Sawsan Secretspy’s very gorgeous new skin on a “nice” face. I love the luscious lips, the beautifully shaped brows, the pretty nose and deep skin tone. She includes appliers for Slink and Lolas. Circe Ishtari recently released a set of eyes with the larger irises typically favored by Japanese creators, and the colors are luscious—I love the depth of this brown. My sassy style is one of Truth Hawk’s newest with his great color hud. Well come to think of it, I can look cute and stylish in SL—what’s there to be grumpy about?

Grumpy Harper

“No.” ~ Grumpy Cat

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ainsley Light Brown by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Maram Med 01 by sawsan Secretspy for .::WoWSkins::.

Eyes: Tokyo.Girl . Eyes ES11 . Brown Green by Circe Ishtari for Tokyo Girl *

Dress: AP – Ribbon Dress – Red by Zii Minotaur for Apricot Paws

Stole: Apricot Paws: Monster Scarf: PPITS Grumpy Meow by Zii Minotaur for Apricot Paws

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Right and Slink Mesh Hands (av) Relaxed Left by Siddean Munro for Slink

Hand applier: .::WoW Skins::. * Maram Medium slink applier hands by sawsan Secretspy for .::WoWSkins::.

Nail applier: Nailed It – Dark Set by Giela Delpaso for Nailed It *

Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – Mid by Siddean Munro for Slink

Feet applier: .::WoW Skins::. * Maram Medium slink applier feet by sawsan Secretspy for .::WoWSkins::.

Shoes: [LVLE] Olivia Strappy Heels – Woodland  (MATERIALS) by Cyclic Gearz for LVLE *

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations *

Make sure you see the Grumpy Cat meme. It will take the grumps away in no time!

A Heartbreaking Blog of Staggering Genius

“She needs a new journal. The one she has is problematic. To get to the present, she needs to page through the past, and when she does, she remembers things, and her new journal entries become, for the most part, reactions to the days she regrets, wants to correct, rewrite.” ~ Dave Eggers

A Heartbreaking Work

Since I was talking about crushes a few days ago, I have to bring up Dave Eggers, who I admire greatly. He wrote the book for my generation in the US—A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius when he was a young man—a sort of diary but so much more. After that, rather than self-indulgent Generation Y writing, he chose to reach out to the bigger world in his novels and his work. Now he leads 826 National, a non profit writing and tutoring center for kids in San Francisco. I could go on and on about how inspiring this man is. And his writing is damn good too ;)

Apropos of nothing about Dave Eggers, I show a pretty summery look. Well actually this is the kind of girl I think would like Dave—a beautiful sophisticated but not pretentious lady in a simple summer dress from AvaGardner Kungler and little shoes from Elikapeka Tiramisu.

A Heartbreaking Work

A pretty summer skin from Gala Phoenix with bold flowery colors to match the colors of the dress and my namesake hair from Queue Marlowe, and it’s a pretty look for a fangirl for a pretty awesome person.

A Heartbreaking Work

“Still though, I think if you’re not self-obsessed, you’re probably boring.” ~ Dave Eggers

Hair: harper mahogany by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] Chic-Flair 2 with :GP: Chic-Dark Brows (Tintable) by Gala Phoenix for Curio *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Absinthe (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: (Kunglers) TDRB #26 – Summer Dress by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers

Necklace: NHA! Necklace Samy by kyrha Bouscario for NHA!

Shoes: [e] Flair Flats – Watermelon (SoM Gift) by Elikapeka Tiramisu for [elikatira]

Sofa prop: [Starstruck] Langar Sofa Green Sequin RARE by Cyclic Gearz for Starstruck