Morning Ablutions

Morning Ablutions

Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful. ~ Prince

Morning Ablutions

A quiet morning is a good way to come out of sleep and into a peaceful day. I enjoyed this morning with Froukje Hoorenbeek’s new galvanized bathroom set for Shiny Shabby. Coupling the most cutting-edge PG and Adult animations with the loveliest fixtures on the market, Froukje’s bathroom set creates a spa in SL. Of course, you see me taking both a bath and a shower because I needed to show these beautiful pieces in action. Sheerpetal Roussel’s rustic cottage for Shiny Shabby is the perfect setting for retreat and peace.

Morning Ablutions

One of the great parts of Shiny Shabby is that you can get both clothing and décor. Paco Pooley made a set of music-related planters for this month’s event, including this drum filled with flowers. Hanshan Instrid created a gacha of lovely nature-based pieces including the artwork you see on my walls and the bench beside the tub. Kunst Himmel also enjoyed a garden theme with planters and the little watering can you see. And Artizanmesh has created spring seedlings for my windows. Qo0op has blessedly made her rugs for Shiny Shabby modifiable. That’s really important to someone like me, who likes to color pieces. Who wants to live in an all gray environment?

Morning Ablutions

Nicole Button is going crazy with appliers lately, enjoying the many mesh heads on the market and creating beautiful looks for them. This beautiful face with fine features and full luscious lips is available in her store with her updated body appliers. (Make sure you get the new ones for perfect match.) An updo from Kuranosuke Kamachi for Uber is a lovely look for my morning ablutions. And Mariska Simon’s lingerie appliers get me dressed to feel sexy all day.

Morning Ablutions

Hair: =DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair “Thea” All colors Uber by Kuranosuke Kamachi for =DeLa*=, available at Uber *

Skin applier: Egozy.Zeya (Nougat) by Nicole Button for Egozy *

Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Sarah V4.9 by Catwa Clip for CATWA

Eyes: L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#30] by dam1710 for L’Etre

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Lydia: Rose Pink Set w/ System & Omega 6 by Mariska Simons for Blacklace *


House: DaD DESIGN “Sun Forest Cottage” c/m by sheerpetal Roussel for DaD DESIGN, available at Shiny Shabby *


*AF* Seedlings 1 and *AF* Seedlings 2 by Artizanmesh for Artizan Fantasy, available at Shiny Shabby *

.07 [ kunst ] – Canned plant and .08 [ kunst ] – Watering can by Kunst Himmel for [ kunst ], available at Shiny Shabby *

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Drum Planter by Paco Pooley for 22769, available at Shiny Shabby *

:HAIKEI: Just lazy Rug / V.3 (modified) by qo0op for :HAIKEI:, available at Shiny Shabby *

Serenity Style- Natural Way Table2, Serenity Style- Natural Way Picture, and Serenity Style- Natural Way Wall Art by Hanstrid Inshan for Serenity Style, available at Shiny Shabby *

Dutchie galvanized bath tub, Dutchie industrial double wash table, and Dutchie galvanized shower by Froujke Hoorenbeek for Dutchie, available at Shiny Shabby *

Thank you, Stephen, for the help.

Going Home

Going Home

Home, I’m making my way home.
My mind’s already there.
Yes, my mind is

Light, you’re with me in the dark.
Light my way at night.
Let your light shine

~ “Going Home” by Asgeir

Going Home

The Home Expo is on, benefitting RFL. I had the fortune to preview it and then the “misfortune” of sorting through the amazing things I picked up and got to preview. I admit I am not as quick to decorate my space as I am to decorate myself, so it took me some time and some help. (Thank you, Grayson, for the space!)

Froukje Hoorenbeek is premiering her new home, the Villa Utrecht, at the Home Expo. While the sale of this beautiful structure is not benefitting RFL, Froukje co-sponsored a sim at considerable expense, so she is definitely donating to the cause. The house is gorgeous and she told me has a lot of personal significance for her (which is I chose the lovely song from Asgeir for the title and quote). The textures are lush and lifelike and the house is well made with windows and doors that open out as they would in RL and a great attic up top (plus the clock keeps time in your time zone).

Going Home

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention other creators who have donated to the cause for the Home Expo. Alex Bader is also a sim co-sponsor and has built a gorgeous parcel that makes going to Home Expo worth it alone. He is generously donating all the proceeds from sale of this oak tree at Home Expo to RFL.

Going Home

Cleom Bailey is also participating and donating proceeds of the set from which this iron table and chairs comes. And John2010 Bailey is donating proceeds from the lamp I threw all over my parcel. I am astounded by the content and generosity of the creators participating in this event. They not only donated to participate but give 100% of proceeds from their donation items to RFL. When I got to preview, I made sure I hit a lot of those RFL kiosks to purchase items.

Tomorrow I will take you inside the house to show a few more items from Home Expo. By the way, that pretty flowerbox is a GIFT that Sheerpetal Roussel is offering at Home Expo.

Going Home

Villa: Dutchie Villa Utrecht  by Froukje Hoorenbeek for Dutchie, available at the Home Expo 2014 *


  • DaD DESIGN “Pink flowers on pot” C/M – 2014 HGE Gift – and DaD DESIGN “Red flowers on pot” C/M – 2014 HGE Gift – by Sheerpetal Roussel for DaD Design, available at the Home Expo 2014 *
  • Topiary d’Ete Fleur with Lights by Tess Spargel for Spargel & Shine
  • -JoHaDeZ- Garden Latern “Star” by John2010 Dexler for -JoHaDeZ-, available at the Home Expo 2014 *
  • Skye Four Season Oak Tree by Alex Bader for Studio Skye, available at the Home Expo 2014
  • iron table and iron chairs by Cleom Bailey for Cleo Design, available at the Home Expo 2014 *
  • *alirium* nanohana by Alir Flow for alirium
  • *aG* MossyBrickPath by Alir Flow for alirium