My Darkest Days

“It was then, staring into the shadows, that my eyes first became dark.” –Darkness-enshrouded Shadows, Bitter (Random quote generated by The Goth Quote Random Generator.)

My Darkest Days

I don’t do the dark look very often. I don’t hang out in dark sims (except RFyre, which is actually less dark than one might imagine–Raven is about the most cheerful “Goth” you can ever meet). This gothic Lolita dress from Setsuna Hirano caught my interest, however. I just loved the silhouette, the rich textures and well.. the idea of it. I could feel the stiff crinolines under the skirt, feel the stiff constraint of the heavy brocade fabric, the pinch of the buttons closing the jacket over all the laces underneath.

My Darkest Days

My skin is a new one from sachi Vixen, who is riding the Twilight bandwagon. She sells separately a line of makeups that can overlay the skin, one of which I show here. This pale white skin is perfect for my dark mood. My moody fringed-bangs hair is from Truth Hawks (who knew he could pull off Goth?) and my boots are wonderful bowed standards from LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully.

My Darkest Days

“Why is my soul so exquisite with night? And why do I no longer care?” –Hilda and Prudence Boynton, Master of the Unliving Eyes

Hair: >TRUTH< Adele (Upper) – raven by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Goth-Vampire – Rosalie Crimson with Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Claw by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Dress: EXiA Doll style Jacket dress Black by Setsuna Hirano for EXiA

Boots: .*Courtisane*. La Vivien /Blacks by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for .*Courtisane*. *


They say it killed the cat. What’s it gonna do to me?


I sneaked on to the Kittycats sim recently because someone left the door open, and I was curious. I got a peek at the new home of the Kittycats, the cutest breedable kittens on the grid.


Amid the relaxing gardens is a beautiful neoclassical building and inside, the teaser posters for these cute kitties. I have heard from beta testers that they are hooked. One even suggested that she would replace her men with kittens—they are cuter and sweeter. (The Girlfriends have been taking photos of Catty Loon’s beta kittens incessantly.)


I found a couple lounging around on a park bench nearby outside, which is reminiscent of Central Park. The cats are not just breedable—you can buy a couple as companions and never breed them. I could almost like that (and become SL’s first cat lady–great).


I couldn’t help but sneak in some fashion while I was here. I am wearing a great little dress from Shinichi Mathy. Sometimes well-made system pieces with simple prims are all you need, and Shinichi proves this with his elegant, chicly textured sheath and sexy boots from Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter.


A slight interruption in the proceedings here to discuss my skin, which is a new offering from Apple May. I thought Apple only did clothing ‘til she approached me to see her work, and I was pleasantly surprised. (I say that because clothing makers seldom are able to make the leap to doing skins successfully.) The set I saw was subtle—the base has a very neutral lip and no eye makeup. It’s in piling on the layers of Apple’s tattoo layers where it gets interesting. I was able to wear this gorgeous golden lip, a great subtle eyeshadow and lashes (goodbye gray prims rezzing around my eyes!) as I clicked “Add” in V2.4. Right now the ability to wear up to 5 layers is restricted to v2.4 as far as I know. (It’s worth downloading. I found V2.4 much less clunky then previous versions and it was incredibly stable for me, which is a huge win.) I give Apple a thumbs up and suggest this skin for women who want something not so showy.


When is the Kittycats sim going to open? I hear sometime in January. Guess it’s down to sitting and waiting outside with this darling kitten. (Notice he’s blinking—awww…)


(I really have to say that the cuteness thing is unnerving for me. I don’t pull it off well. But the kittens really ARE cute—believe me on this.)

Sim: Kittycats (not open yet–grrrrr!)

Hair: **Dura-Girl**16(Dark Blonde resize) by chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: (AMD) Emily – Pale with (AMD) Emily Lipsticks – Gold and (AMD) Lash Set 1 by Apple May for Apple May Designs *

Dress: SHIKI-dress BLACK MOANA by Shinichi Mathy for !Shiki Design *

Earrings: ASIA black earring by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora *

Boots: .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable OLDWHITE by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for .*Courtisane*. *

Addendum: If you want to find out more, join the KittyCats Addicts group (for chatting) or the KittyCats Fanciers group (for no chatting) in-world. Then we will find out when the sim is opening!!

All Is Full of Love

you’ll be given love
you’ll be taken care of
you’ll be given love
you have to trust it

maybe not from the sources
you have poured yours
maybe not from the directions
you are staring at

~ “All Is Full of Love” by Bjork

All Is Full of Love

All is full of love when LeeZu Baxter comes out with something new, at least for me. Her latest release are these funky jodhpurs (which also come as long pants and then can’t be called jodhpurs, I suppose, but I am not going to sweat it). Once again LeeZu combines skills with an artistic eye to give us a great silhouette chock full of visual delights. One thing I love about LeeZu’s work is that she is not afraid to combine textures and does so well, understanding proportion very well. Her plaid is JUST the right size and repeat. Her stripes are neither too wide or too skinny. And she makes ingenious clothing that could be walking across RL catwalks or down RL streets on the chicest fashionistas.

I pair it with a top from a dress by Dick Wiesel, another guy who does great textures. This match was perfect in feeling because the texture is well done and matches the sophistication of LeeZu’s pants but it is not overdone with prims. Pants like these would have a form-fitting top. Then I top it with a great scarf from Mika Nieuport—again it’s all about the textures. Tights from Maria Gherardi and boots created by Enktan Gully and textured by LeeZu Baxter and I have quite the ensemble.

All Is Full of Love

Another wonderful artist is Nena Janus. I could not pull this look off so well if I had a less quality skin. I keep putting on her new Amber set and being amazed. My long lustrous locks are a killer ‘do from Truth Hawks. I am guessing this will become one of the signature looks in SL—a iconic hair—because women just love long curly locks almost as much as men do ;)

All Is Full of Love

all is full of love
you just ain’t receiving
all is full of love
your phone is off the hook
all is full of love
your doors are all shut
all is full of love!

Hair: >TRUTH< Francesca – mahogany by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Greenglade- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Top: :. WoE .: Cary Sweater Top (Plum Faded)(s) by Dick Wiesel for :. WoE .: *

Pants: [LeeZu!] Milan Pants /lila by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Scarf: MIEL LIA SCARF – plaid by Mika Nieuport for Miel

Tights: [MG fashion] knitted socks – dark olive by Maria Gherardi for [MG fashion]

Boots: .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable MAUVE by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for .*Courtisane*. *


Lest you all think I am getting soft in my old age with yellow and sweet things, I thought I might do something a little edgier today.


Black is easy to carry off in RL and SL but making black interesting is another challenge altogether. In this case, I wear black with skin breaking up the look and white to offset it. LeeZu Baxter has come out with a great new knit jacket, one made in her one inimitable style with a groovy shapes and textures. The sleeves alone warrant a second look as that zipper IS a sculpty with every tooth popping out in 3D (none of this drawn-in zipper stuff for LeeZu). The texture up close is a knit (which you know I like) and the lining has a groovy argyle appearance.

My tank is from Dick Wiesel, who likes to cut his tops a little short. (Not enough fabric, Dick?) For this look it’s entirely appropriate and matches the jacket seamlessly. Again, I show boots from LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully. I love these boots too much. Pants are from Genie Lassard and I cover the silly top open button with a great leather belt from Tya Fallingbridge that fits my avatar perfectly and has groovy fringes hanging down.


Mallory Cowen has one heck of a midriff on her skins. Toned and sexy, the skin glows and my boobs aren’t squished together in the top (which would make no sense when I am clearly not wearing a lot of support up there). Finally, this punky hair from Mirja Mills completes the look perfectly with its blue streaks, asymmetrical cut and crazy who-cares curls popping out all over.


Black is not a color. ~ Edouard Manet

Hair: .:EMO-tions:.  * CANDY * / black-blue by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions *

Skin: LAQ ~ Mima 05 [Nougat] Glow skin by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki

Jacket: [LeeZu!] Maria Jacket /black by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Top: :. WoE .: Dawn Cropped Tank (Coal) by Dick Wiesel for :. WoE .:

Pants: GLD Unbuttoned Jeans (stripes) by Genie Lassard for GL Designs

Belt: [PM] Sol Leather Belt – Black w/Silver by Tya Fallingbridge for Pixel Mode

Boots: .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable OLDWHITE by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for .*Courtisane*.

Better Off Red

I got a chance to enjoy the beautiful music at DBC again today. I really really have to tell you folks that this is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy excellent jazz on Wednesday afternoons (evenings in Europe), performed live at a club in Zurich, Switzerland, called Jazz Baragge. JfR Beaumont and Mady Schumann stream SL into the club while they stream the video from the club back at us. Between sets they talk to people in SL and at the club. They also stream the show on the web so you catch watch and listen to it there and chat to the folks in SL and vice versa on a chat bridge. You want to tell the saxophonist he is amazing? They will relay the message for you. AND you can get the performances in podcasts from iTunes.

Better Off Red

The outfit has nothing to do with the Jazz Baragge except I wrote this blog while listening to some great jazz (and the guy at the mic speaking in German while JfR was commentating in French.. oh my brain.) I am donning this sexy red outfit by Alissa Phaeton because I have had it in queue to be blogged for so long. The corset with the dropped sleeves is seductive with a great fishnet stocking to complete the outfit. Wear it alone or with a skirt—it’s sexy and fun.

Better Off Red

I love wearing it with a red lipstick, this one from a former offering from Tuli Asturias for The Dressing Room. I am looking forward to more Helena skins. My favorite blonde shade from Truth Hawks is “seaspray,” and I show it in this great ponytail with color changing band. A pretty tied collar from Ameshin Yossarian finishes off the outfit.

Better Off Red

Finally, the boots are a new offering from Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter. With their finely textured vamp and great heel, these boots are going to be a new hit on the grid. Looking closely you can see LeeZu’s artistic work with strips, polka dots and grunge flourishes. Back up and you see the great stacked bands of leather running around the calf.

Better Off Red

My secret fantasy is to go to Zurich some day to see Jazz Baragge on a Wednesday night. Just sayin’…

Hair: >TRUTH< Tara – seaspray by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room :: Helena 02 by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Outfit: *Urbanista* Kai Bodysuit – red by Alissa Phaeton for *Urbanista*

Collar: Haesy Choker – Red by Ameshin Yossarian for Curious Kitties

Nails: Armidi – (True Enhance) Painted Nails – Cherry III by Nicole David for Armidi

Boots: .*Courtisane*. Esprit De Sable RED by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for Courtisane *

I want a photograph of you…

I want a photograph of you
but not a photograph of you
I wanna be closer than that
I wanna be closer than that…
Closer than that photograph.
Chuck Close by Tim Fite

I want a photograph of you

How often have you wanted to reach out and touch another person in their avatar? Maybe an avatar is closer than a photograph…

Certainly with this skin from JOMAN Mai, you are closer than a photograph. The skin is at once an illustration and a photograph. It’s evocative, winsome, and otherworldly. The body is lovely with a beautiful navel (which you would notice with an outfit like this). I would not say all her skins hit the mark—they suffer from the pastel cartoon quality some skins have–but this one certainly said something to me.

I want a photograph of you

I show it with separates from Jojorunoo Runo. She has experimented with shapes and translucencies to create interesting silhouettes for avatar apparel. The top is simply a photosourced knit texture but she makes it interesting with prim straps and a scarf. The skirt is cleverly engineered, attached to both legs and pelvis. Shoes are a vibrant yellow pumps from LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully to echo the yellow across the eyes and the little flower earrings from Mika Nieuport.

I want a photograph of you

Closer than that, closer than that photograph…

Hair: booN BON000 hair black by boo Nakamura for booN

Skin: JM:Mai skin_devonz sakuran nomal by JOMAN Mai for JM:Mai

Top: ~*RunoRuno*~ Knit Tank by Jojorunoo Runo for ~*RunoRuno*~

Skirt: ~*RunoRuno*~ After Ballet Class Skirt by Jojorunoo Runo for ~*RunoRuno*~

Earrings: MIEL ELO EARRING by Mika Nieuport for Miel

Bracelet: Djinn & Tonic – Coco Blvd Bangle by Babyhoney Bailey for Djinn & Tonic

Shoes: .*Courtisane*. La Sauvage – Yellow by LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully for Courtisane *

P.S. Thank you to my sweet Chatty for enclosing my photo in a polaroid for this blog. As always, she made my life tons easier and made me look great :)

All About Business

I have once written about how people complain about the lack of business clothes in SL. I just don’t see it. Many great business looks can be put together (especially if one is able to make allowances about necklines).

All About Business

Take this dress from monica Outlander. Top to bottom, it’s a winner for a well-dressed woman. With its creamy knit texture, modest length (again for SL), and versatility, this dress can be very handily worn for business in SL. I have accessorized with a great belt from Sofi Trenkins and one of Mika Nieuport’s great 50L Fridays jewelry sets.

All About Business

The stunner of this whole look, however, is Mea Cannell’s newest skin offering, specifically made for African-American or African-European women. I really liked this skin—it’s beautiful and appropriate. I am especially fond of the lips. It’s not a light skin darkened. I will wear this skin again, especially when I want an elegant look.

All About Business

Getting down to business:

Hair: >TRUTH< Skyla – espresso by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Aimesi Skin Samara Face3 Dark by Mea Carnell for Aimesi *

Dress: Miamai_Bebe Cream by monica Outlander for Miamai *

Jewelry: MIEL CUE SET – 50L Fridays by Mika Nieuport for MIEL

Belt: ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Tamara belt brown by Sofi Trenkins for ~SIGMA~

Shoes: .*Courtisane*. La Sauvage – Graybrown by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for Courtisane *


Who is the woman behind the skin? For some people, the mask is so much a part of existing that it’s integral to one’s self. We hide behind the masks of our avatars, sometimes revealing only what we want others to see.


We use fashion as a sort of mask. Or a cultural representation. What does a top like LeeZu Baxter’s say? Well it might say we are fashionable, cutting edge, or simply girly (considering its beautifully rendered ruffle sculpties). The tied neck in back–is it sweet or sexy? Are you casual? Are you cutting-edge? Wealthy?


But what about the mask? In this case, Alia Baroque, who has generously sponsored the Dark Realms sim at the Fantasy Faire for RFL, presents a new set of skins to benefit RFL based on a spooky clown set—with fangs and without. Alia’s work is artistic, truly fantastical, and genuinely unique. We don’t see here just white on a face—it’s actually painted on. Our girl’s underlying facial structure is a little tough—she has a sort of stiff upper lip and a petulant bottom lip. The eyebrows are exaggerated but underneath the face paint, we can see the real eyebrows. This isn’t blobs of color slapped on a template—it’s true art. There is quite a story here about this masked woman. By wearing her skin, we begin to tell it.


All the world loves a clown. ~ Cole Porter

Hair: [!SyDS! Hair] Opera without Music – Cafe by Serenity Stransky for !SyDS!

Skin: CLOWN xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+SKIN+ HUMAN Bianco Severo by Alia Baroque for Fallen Gods found on the Dark Realms sim

Top: [LeeZu!] Mailiin Blouse /silver by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Leggings: *Fishy Strawberry* Topolinia Black Leggins by Fae Eriksen for Fishy Strawberry

Boots: .*Courtisane*. La Vivien Graybrown by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for Courtisane *

Poses by Rogan Diesel for Diesel Works Animations *

Ruby Red

Sometimes it really is only about the dress.

Ruby Red

The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt took me to Ivey Deschanel’s store, and of course, something caught my eye (as it always does when I walk in there—you’d think I would learn). This pretty party dress, available in a package with a black and purple version for a mere 250L really got my imagination going. I put it on and suddenly I was climbing in taxis and running from one cocktail party to another in my lovely sculpted frock. Ivey’s store would make you believe she is all dark and tough but really, she is a girl like any of us—one who likes pretty dresses and the delightful horizon of an evening on the town laid out before us.

Ruby Red

I paired it up with this pretty skin from Amesha Jewell with it’s deep eyes and pretty lips. I mentioned in a previous blog that a skin she had offered had a seam. She quickly fixed the skin, made a public notice that she would replace the skin to anyone who wanted such a replacement, and kindly replaced mine. I can’t say enough about service and integrity like that. She really is stellar.

Hair is from BlueStarRUI Villota. (You can kind of tell I had a little shopping spree at Love Soul recently because you are seeing a lot from her here. It was a great splurge!)

Ruby Red

Paint the town red!

Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*023-A*Mocha by BlueStarRUI Villota for [ Love Soul ]

Skin: : HS : Bliss : Sweetness (nc) by Amesha Jewell for Heartsick *

Dress: :::Sn@tch Dancing After::: (red) by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch

Jewelry: Tesselations – Deep Ruby by Random Calliope for Worthwhile *

Shoes: .*Courtisane*. La Sauvage – Red by LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully for Courtisane *

Poses from Fanny Willis  for *EverGlow* *

Written while listening to “Flamenco Sketches” by Miles Davis.

I have received several notices today from flopsie McArdle concerning her desire to sell the Iron Fist sim. I don’t think I have gushed enough about how wonderful I think her work is, how amazing the Iron Fist sim is, how much her creativity has brought much joy to my SL and probably many others’. That being said, I don’t think this is about drama–flopsie is simply being proactive and selling a grandfathered full sim when she can still get a good price for it. It’s wise business. I would encourage all of my dear readers to go to Iron Fist one more time before it disappears from the grid. Enjoy flopsie’s tremendous creativity and wonderful sense of humor and abundant love for this medium. (And if you’re so moved, make her an offer….)  Iron Fist is one place in SL where art lives.

Sara Smile

Remember the 70s? For me the whole idea of that era smells like the inside of school buses and Bonne Bell Bubble Gum Lip Smackers and Love’s Baby Soft and Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific and wears satin baseball jackets. (I just showed my age card—ugh.) One of the sweetest love songs at the time was “Sara Smile,” which has been recently redone by The Bird and the Bee.

Sara Smile

I wrote this while hearing that song and decided that Harper needs to smile. (“Won’t you smile awhile for me, Sara?”) She sure smiles wearing this outfit from monica Outlander. Putting together two separates from her brand spankin’ new store (a building collaboration between monica and Valeries Muircastle), I pair this well drawn tank top with funky harem pants. One thing monica is willing to do is take risks with her fashion, and she succeeds, pairing slim with full, wild with sedate. I look forward to seeing what monica intends to do in her other store—she said it will be avant garde and pret a porter.

Sara Smile

Atop my head is another brilliant hit by Lamb Bellic. I think I am becoming a 50L Friday junkie based on Lamb’s hair alone. Her offering is often the most anticipated item for me and always a pleasure. I especially like the platinum blonde of this color. I don’t do blonde often or happily. Yet this one makes me smile.

Sara Smile

Finally, LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully have teamed up again, this time to make a platform pump for the best fashionistas. With the textured fringy ankle and the high curvy sole and heel, these shoes are funky and fierce all at once and fully in keeping with the LeeZu vision.

Sara Smile

When you feel cold, I’ll warm you
And when you feel you can’t go on, I’ll come and hold you
It’s you and me…. forever

Hair: !lamb. Sugarless – Powder by Lamb Bellic for !lamb.

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/li) 05a by Tuli Asturias for Tuli

Top: Miamai_Wool Tank Top Red by monica Outlander for Miamai

Pants: Miamai_Jeunesse Pants Red by monica Outlander for Miamai

Bangles: **DM** Lena Bangles Fire [no transfer] by DarionMonkee Levitt for [MONKEE]

Shoes: .*Courtisane*. La Sauvage – Red by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for *Courtisane*