All to All

Like a good pop song, a good outfit can just make you feel good. It hooks into your thoughts and gives you a little boost.

All to All

This outfit from Shinichi Mathy makes me feel like my male avatar looks pretty darn good. It has all the good qualities you wnt in a men’s outfit: multiple layers for different looks, easy to adjust prims and a great set of textures layered upon each other in the clothing. If you get close to Shinichi’s work, you see he has executed everything with the kind of exactitude that a dude wearing something like this would like. A set of stitches runs along the edge of the collar, buttons line up along the cuffs, the sweater gapes open slightly to show the striped shirt underneath. It’s a great look.

All to All

I have been dying to show this “maletail” (a word I made up) because it’s really made for men. With the hair falling out and curling around my guy’s face, it makes me want to reach up and let it loose for him. Chiaki Xue has a set of alternative hair for men and women that I found really inspiring. Tricky Boucher’s handsome Ewan completes my look with its sensual lips and sexy eyes.

All to All

You made your life on everything
“All to All” by Broken Social Scene

Hair: **Dura-Boy**06(Black resize) by chiaki Xue for Dura

Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 0 (hair) by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza- *

Outfit: SHIKI-CITY STROLL by Shinichi Mathy for Shiki *

Necklace: HardWear BDSM  Necklace (no script) by Shea Paule for HardWear *

Ring: Majikal Rings stacked pewter by Mhaijik Guillaume for Guillaume pour homme

Shoes: Franken Black by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers Creepers

Batting 500

Today marks my 500th post (according to WordPress). This could be the point where I say, “Sorry guys. I am done.” Or could be the time when I radically change the blog. I will be doing neither, since this sort of snuck up on me and frankly, I don’t have the wherewithal to make any big changes. Things seem to be steaming along of their own momentum.

I will give you some statistics: If you have read my blog since day one, your brain has been exposed to 1700+ photos. You have seen approximately 2,700 slurls. As of this writing, there have been 999 comments. (Ha!) You have read approximately 200,000 words (based on a sampling of my blogs, I guessed about 400 words per average). (Uh, hello, according to sources I have checked, a novel is at least 50,000 words. I have written four novels, albeit kind of mediocre ones. A PhD thesis is about 100,000 words. I have written two but still have not gotten a grant.. ha!)

Batting 500

In celebration, I dressed up. This dress from maizon Rayna is a perfect choice because it has so many things I love—fashion combined with design combined with artistry. Start with the bodice: the texture of the material, probably a crepe de chine, runs over the very simple bodice and into the full skirt. She uses it in the gloves and then runs it into the fabric roses adorning the bodice and the gloves and around the waist. I can HEAR the material moving when I wear this dress because it is so evocatively rendered. Look closely at the back and you can SEE the hook and eye on the top and the zipper on the bodice. The prims are perfectly made and proportioned–the system pieces are clean. Just beautiful. Why does maizon know how to work these fine details in? She does fashion design in real life in Italy.

Batting 500

My perfect makeup is from Nena Janus. Her skin seems to fit many shapes—I have tested to check—and that’s really important. We don’t want to all look alike—I certainly don’t. Her lips are not so overdone or done in a frowny fashion so that my slight smile doesn’t show; her eyes are beautifully made up and not garish; her eyebrows are well shaped and realistic. My earrings are from Shea Paule, inspired by a set he did for a friend. These drops are classic and rich without being ostentatious. He JUST put them on Marketplace, transfer. They are a perfect gift for your loved one.

Batting 500

Each day is the first day of the rest of your blog. Onwards I sally forth to write another 500 *sigh*

Hair: fri. – Jules – Jealous Red by Parvarti Monday for

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Storm- Cleavage by Nena Janus for *League* *

Dress: GRETA by maizon Rayna for Terra D’ombrA

Earrings: Pearl & garnet pendant earring by Shea Paule for Hardware (available on Marketplace) *

Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -navy-  by Cerberus Noel for G Field

The Male Gaze

When I was in college studying theater one sad last senior semester (when you take classes like “Feminist Theater”), I bumped up against the “male gaze,” which was a theory proffered by Laura Mulvey (quite a while ago) that the audience for films is always put in the perspective of men, specifically straight men. That is, when we see a movie, we always see it through a straight man’s eyes. A scene will linger on the beauty of a woman and will do so as if a straight man were looking at her as opposed to another woman, for example. (I would argue that one of the reasons men in SL don’t have a lot of hair choices is because the male gaze insists on the decoration and objectification of women first. Look at it this way—the hegemony of the male gaze makes those boobs come out so darn big and insists on cleavage skin, k?)

The Male Gaze

What do you do, though, when the gaze is not straight? It could be argued that gay men have a certain power in our society, much more so than ever before. What about the gay male gaze? Of course, I am stereotyping the gay’s gaze (I couldn’t resist that pun) with this ensemble. (After all there is a whole spectrum of desire and taste within the gay community.) This particular version of desire shows an uber-masculine man displaying his masculinity in a very overt manner with bright colors, tight, revealing clothes, and rich details.

The Male Gaze

Shea Paule, a gay man made this outfit, so presumably it is what he would like to see on other men. I *really* love the Carnaby Street pants (thanks, T, for the reference), the low slung belt, the um.. prim package included with the pants, the open shirt and its rich pumpkin color. Check out how these pants fit on our guy—they are just tight and just right. It could be argued your average straight guy just could not pull this off but a strong and confident gay man make this look hot.

The Male Gaze

I wear one of Hart Larsson’s deliciously masculine skins. I like Hart’s work because it is hand drawn and not overdone. Our guy is clean cut, but still strong, not stubbled but still masculine. Tousled tresses from Truth top our tantalizing tiger. A great necklace from Jon Ree provides the perfect amount of decoration and aviator glasses from Guu Nishi hide where our male chooses to gaze.

The Male Gaze

You know what they say:  You can’t teach a gay dog straight tricks.  ~ from South Park

Hair: >TRUTH< Jason – cocoa by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [ PXL] Daniel NAT Face00 Dark by Hart Larsson for [ PXL ] *

Shirt: HardWear “Bewildered” Shirt (pumpkin) by Shea Paule for HardWear *

Pants: HardWear “Nightshade” Pants/Waistcoat (amber) by Shea Paule for HardWear *

Glasses: HOC – Aviator style glasses #003 Male by Guu Nishi for HOC

Necklace: MTP Sly Fox necklace by Jon Ree for Mustang Trading Post

Shoes: Colbert – Brown (Copy OK, No Transfer) by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers Creepers *