A lot of sexy clubwear gives you a full view of everything out there. I am seeing a lot of low hip jeans, deep cut tops, and peek-a-boo nipples and uh, intergluteal cleft. But what if you want to be sexy and provocative in another way?

Peek A Boo

The peek-a-boo ripped sleeves on this top might serve that purpose. I chose this dress from Janie Marlowe, a veteran of SL clothing, as a dress I might want to take out dancing. With it’s ripped sleeves, it’s contemporary and shows some skin, but not in the typical areas. There is something very sexy, though, about a girl who has fabric torn in a sort of animalistic way. The skirt, of course, is quite short. I will say that.

Peek A Boo

I, again, wear this skin from Gala Phoenix because it has that sort of glowy youthfulness with the “raccoon eyes” that comes off as sexy after a night of dancing in a hot club. (And hit has great collarbones, which show under this little lock choker from Launa Fauna.) The almost-sweaty seeming hair is from Mirja Mills, who is kicking out funky and wonderful hair an at unprecedented rate.

Peek A Boo

Finally more peek-a-boo, this time in the boots. Magnifico Miggins makes a great boot here, employing a brilliant leather texture over a very stylish cut-out lattice work boot with sexy zips up the back.

Peek A Boo

Crank it up!

Hair: CRISS hair ( blood) by Mirja Mills for EMO – tions

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] June-Raccoon 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio

Dress: * **MIS** In Tomb by Janie Marlowe for Mischief

Choker: Lock Choker. by Launa Fauna for LF Fashions

Earrings: TSS – Looped Multi Earring by SweetThing Baker for Sweetest Sin

Boots: z [mm] cage boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes *


I have been holding on to Bax Coen’s new red Prestige boots for a few days. I’d put them on, gaze at them with love and affection, try to find clothes that will equal the boots, and give up.


Mr. Musashi called me over and asked me to model one of his dresses one night and he handed another set to me—the “Diamonds on Me” set. After putting on the red version, I realized I had found my dress to suit Bax’s boots. Shiryu hand draws all his textures, meticulously working on them so they flow over the avatar’s mesh as if real fabric.This pattern was especially fabulous.


I chose Keri Clip’s ubiquitous Writer hair for this look because it doesn’t look as sleek and tailored as the rest of the outfit. Its hip waves and barely restrained messiness offset the geometry and tightness of Shiryu’s skirt and Bax’s boots.


I finished the outfit with a curiously geometric set by Random Calliope. No longer in world much, Random has left a legacy in SL with his fine, hand-made, tiny prim jewelry. This necklace, Tesselations, was one of the best birthday presents I had ever received in SL—given to me by Random himself right before he released the sets. We miss you, Random.


Squares, but hardly square:

Hair: [Detour] Writer – Burgundy – Flexi Hair by Keri Clip for Detour

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries T: Sienna/Venetian Red by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: Diamonds on Me (Chaotic Ruby) by Shiryu Musashi for Musashi-Do

Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet: Tesselations – Deep Ruby by Random Calliope for Worthwhile

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Red Leather by Bax Coen for Bax Coen Designs