The Boy Next Door

Remember the boy next door? What was his name? Brian Gerdes. Yeah, Brian of the failed rocket experiments that one summer, the year of no bathing when he was 12, the face full of braces through junior high, the cracked voice and zits and obsession about the Cure, the oil-leaking Corolla parked in his parent’s driveway. Boy, you haven’t seen him in years. Yet there he is, pulling up in his Saab this holiday in the neighbors’ driveway, alone, looking utterly changed and fantastic.

The Boy Next Door

You never thought Brian knew anything about fashion. That leather jacket from hiwinyu Fazuku is clearly made of some expensive animal skin with its soft buttery textures. The details are spectacular with its double-breasted tailoring, military cuffs and epaulets and gorgeous buttoned vent in back. Underneath a vest is buttoned over an uncommonly beautiful black silk shirt with a great ascot. A scarf is thrown around his neck. What has happened to the gawky, dorky Brian you once knew?

The Boy Next Door

He sports a rugged handsome look thanks to Tricky Boucher. Now that Brian has grown up and shed the braces, he’s pretty darn tasty. You remember how his father would give him a buzz cut in the back yard every Memorial Day weekend and again at Halloween. He has clearly outgrown that style with his long curly locks from chiaki Xue. Your fingers tingle at the thought of touching it. Brian’s all grown up!

The Boy Next Door

How are you going to manage to get next door to talk to him? Just make yourself look all delicious and grab a plate of Mom’s cookies to take over to Mrs. Gerdes….

Hair: **Dura-Boy**05(Black resize) by chiaki Xue for **Dura**(Hair shop)

Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 3 (hair) by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-*

Jacket with shirt and vest: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Peacoat and Pleated shirt-Vest set_Brown by hiwinyu Fazuku for ::[ Mr.Poet ]::

Pants: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Leather woven pants black & belt brown by hiwinyu Fazuku for ::[ Mr.Poet ]::

Shoes: DB – Brown (Copy OK) by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers Creepers *

PS Thanks to Vaki Zenovka at Insert Funny Name Here for the link to Mr. Poet.

The Man Show

As part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I am going to strive to have more empathy. That’s a pretty vague resolution, but it has to do with understanding where other people are coming from, walking in their shoes.

So I have been taking a walk in men’s shoes lately. I have some opinions, some of them pretty common sense, some of them kind of philosophical, about men’s content in SL. I have already expressed some of this in other venues, but I will continue to pursue them in my mind and perhaps in this blog or my other.

The Man Show

Regardless, you all get the benefit. Today’s ensemble came from a gift set (not a freebie) that machang Pichot set out for sale so people could purchase transferable gifts for their friends for the holidays (in other words, I am not sure it’s still available). It was a godsend for many a woman purchasing for men on the grid and a steal. machang’s work is top-notch, between the incredible use of sculpty prims, the beautiful and realistic textures, and the amazing styling. I mean, check the butt on these jeans. To DIE for. A man could get one of these gift packages and walk out into SL knowing he was suave and sexy.

The Man Show

One thing a friend pointed out to me, and this has nothing to do with this outfit, is that being a man in SL and being fashionable, is a difficult task. Yes, we know—there are no decent hair choices, the clothes suck, etc. But beyond that, the attachments for men, the ways of styling an avatar that was birthed originally from a female shape (it’s true! Ruth was the mother of us all…) and then codifying men’s fashion into this world—it’s amazing it gets done at all. And then add to that that most men are pretty deficient in fashion sense. It’s surprising more men aren’t walking around with just t-shirts and jeans! It’s to machang Pichot’s credit that this amazingly handsome look came out.

The Man Show

I show Tricky Boucher’s skin Ewan II here on my male shape (still a work in progress). I have to say I inevitably send men to Belleza because the skins are realistic, manly, and proportionate. He does photosource but he combines his photosourcing with good blending so the entire body is seamless. As I understand, Tricky will be coming out with two more men’s skins in the next week or two—definitely Thomas, which is the whole line corresponding to the male skin he offered as a gift at Le.Look and another. I can’t wait to see them.

Bryce Tully’s new hair tops my head. When men IM to ask where to get decent hair, I am ready for them with a notecard of places. Bryce shows up on my list, but not on many other’s and I am not sure why. We are all, appropriately, in love with the hair that Maddox DuPont makes (cuz it’s darn good) but folks like Bryce have been putting it out there for a while and keep working on it and making it better.

The Man Show

Handsome is as handsome does:

Hair: Bryce ~ Dexter – Coffees – Espresso by Bryce Tully for Bryce Designs

Skin: -Belleza- Ewan v2 SK 1 (hair) by Tricky Boucher for Belleza *

Jacket and Shirt: AOHARU_BT_LeatherTailoredJK_withShirtBK_DarkBrown by machang Pichot of Aoharu

Pants: AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Black by machang Pichot of Aoharu

Scarf: AOHARU_BT_KnitScarf_G2_Snow/ChocoFudge by machang Pichot of Aoharu

Boots: ANEXX_2WayBeltLaceupBoots_Gray/Male by machang Pichot of Aoharu

Girl Gone Bad

After a few days of blogging big poofy skirted pink dresses, it’s time to switch gears and focus on an entirely different look and side of my personality.

Girl Gone Bad

So I threw on this brillant black jacket from Asalt Eames, sure to become a standard in every woman’s wardrobe in SL with it’s excellent black leather textures and beautiful buttons, studs, and buckles. Underneath I tucked a bra from Aimee Weber (yeah, THAT one… she made lingerie once.. she’s done it all!) And to make the look a little rockabilly, capris from Aleida Rhode, rolled up below the knee

Girl Gone Bad

I finished it off with the appropriately named Wild Woman hair from Miasnow Myriam (glow turned down) and Tesla Mill’s hot new rockin’ 6” stilettos. These are dangerous! And Monicuzza Babenco’s great RougePunk skin makes it complete.

Girl Gone Bad

“There are no good girls gone wrong, just bad girls found out.”  ~ Mae West

Hair: MIASNOW Hair – WILD WOMAN by Miasnow Myriam for Miasnow

Skin: *YS & YS* Zara 13 RougePunk Black by Monicuzza Babenco for *YS & YS*

Jacket: +grasp+/Leather Jacket /Womens by Asalt Eames for +grasp+

Bra: *PREEN* Bra Lace Black by Aimee Weber for PREEN (can not find LM—sorry)

Capris: *FN* Gulu Capri – used black by Aleida Rhode for ☆Aleida☆ Designs

Shoes: – TESLA – *Vixen_Desire* ‘ruby’ by Tesla Miles for –TESLA-