My Darkest Days

“It was then, staring into the shadows, that my eyes first became dark.” –Darkness-enshrouded Shadows, Bitter (Random quote generated by The Goth Quote Random Generator.)

My Darkest Days

I don’t do the dark look very often. I don’t hang out in dark sims (except RFyre, which is actually less dark than one might imagine–Raven is about the most cheerful “Goth” you can ever meet). This gothic Lolita dress from Setsuna Hirano caught my interest, however. I just loved the silhouette, the rich textures and well.. the idea of it. I could feel the stiff crinolines under the skirt, feel the stiff constraint of the heavy brocade fabric, the pinch of the buttons closing the jacket over all the laces underneath.

My Darkest Days

My skin is a new one from sachi Vixen, who is riding the Twilight bandwagon. She sells separately a line of makeups that can overlay the skin, one of which I show here. This pale white skin is perfect for my dark mood. My moody fringed-bangs hair is from Truth Hawks (who knew he could pull off Goth?) and my boots are wonderful bowed standards from LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully.

My Darkest Days

“Why is my soul so exquisite with night? And why do I no longer care?” –Hilda and Prudence Boynton, Master of the Unliving Eyes

Hair: >TRUTH< Adele (Upper) – raven by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Goth-Vampire – Rosalie Crimson with Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Claw by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Dress: EXiA Doll style Jacket dress Black by Setsuna Hirano for EXiA

Boots: .*Courtisane*. La Vivien /Blacks by Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter for .*Courtisane*. *

Hello, Dolly!

It’s no secret I have been watching a lot of East Asian television shows. I am beginning to understand the influence of fashion from that side of the world.

Hello, Dolly

Eshi Otawara was certainly influenced, this time from the Harajuku girls in Tokyo. And who better to take on the exaggerated cartoon styles of the Harajuku? Eshi has fashioned another one of her fluffy pieces, this time into a sort of Lolita-style dress, equipped with flowery stockings and puffy sleeves. She paints her pieces with a flowery Eshi-like Asian-influenced texture, combining the modern with the more traditional.

Hello, Dolly

I wear a skin from JOMAN Mai that has the sort of otherworldly makeup that an outfit from Eshi needs. The freckles add to the Lolita spirit of this look, as do the cute little shoes from Kookie Lemon. Finally, ponytails from MissAllSunday Lemon, these flopsie and mopsie, make the look complete.

Hello, Dolly

I like to dress my dolly.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Earleen Hair – Jet black by MissAllSunday Lemon for /Wasabi Pills/

Skin: JM:Mai skin_devonz sakuran nomal by JOMAN Mai for JM:Mai

Dress: Harajuku by Eshi Otawara for Eshi Otawara *

Shoes: ::Kookie :: Lazies /Night by Kookie Lemon for ::Kookie ::

Go Go Kanomi!

As I said in my One Year blog, I will be inviting guest bloggers to weigh in on THEIR fashion choices. My first guest is the beautiful and much-loved Kanomi Pikajuna.

I met Kanomi at a party given by Lillie Yifu over two years ago. Kanomi peeked at me shyly from under her blonde bangs and smiled a sweet hello, taking my friendship and then honoring it by inviting me to see her dance at her favorite shemale club. She later honored me by meeting me when I was in San Francisco. She is now across the ocean, enjoying the charms of her new Nordic home.

Her style has always been distinctive, based on a mix of lolita/harajuku/shemale sensibilities. I invited her to guest post to tell us about her style (and to take advantage of having such a great writer on my blog). Read more of her charged, tongue-in-cheek writing at her now defunct blog, Tiny Dancing.


The Bride: Go-Go, right?
Go Go Yubari: Bingo. And you’re Black Mamba.
The Bride: Our reputations precede us.
Go Go Yubari: Don’t they?
~ Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Quentin Tarantino is a stellar director, with a distinctive over-the-top, comic book style that jives with our more juvenile sensibilities yet at the same time is clever, punchy, and layered with passion and complexity.

Now it would be pompous to compare a legendary Hollywood auteur to one’s own clothing, but sometimes if the metaphor fits, you have to wear it!

Go Go Kanomi!

Kanomi’s style is also a bit over the top; with her, I try to walk a fine line between trashy and classy; something that’s evolved over time from a mash-up of schoolgirls, strippers, harajuka, gothilolita, sugar pie kawaii and London-town latex.

So when on the same day Harper invited me to write this piece, I serendipitously stumbled upon Danika’s Gogo Badgirl! ensemble — a no-frills, fun get-up based on Kill Bill‘s Go-Go and which fit Kanomi to a tee. The rest, as we say in the highly profitable world of Second Life blogging, is history.

Go Go Kanomi!

Danika’s designs are on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum from those who dress their models up in light bulbs and burlap sacks; she works within the clay of the common dream: schoolgirls, cheerleaders, nurses, teacher’s pets.

Yet these same eros-tinged eidolons are buried much more deeply in the collective zeitgeist than most runway recherché.

Go Go Kanomi!

Finding these kinds of clothes done right is a happiness. To be indulged in her eye for detail and practicality is to be pampered. To be able to afford her sensible takes on genre tropes is a victory; clothes like these belong in everyone’s come-hither arsenal.

Sure, the collar details could be clearer, the color options broader, but at these prices, her work is an oasis of fun in a desert of schoolgirl schlock.

Go Go Kanomi!

The prim skirt in particular has a unique cut that lifts the whole look beyond the usual cookie-cutter “lampshade around your waist, jutting out at peculiar angles” look so prevalent in schoolgirl sets

Besides the pigsticker, this ensemble also comes with white tennies and some of those oddly thick J-school socks, but we swapped those out for some Sweet Goodbye walking boots and some Axienne nylons to take us up-market a bit.

Go Go Kanomi!

Today’s skin is a new paint job for an old shape, a bit of freckled Eurasian pastel from Tuli to help us stand out on dance floors thronged with six foot six tan-amazons “whispering” in Gorean silks.

Now let’s top off our ice cream cone with Zero Style braids, light enough to make those Caribbean blue eyes pop, and voila, it’s konichiwa, bitches!

Kanomi Pikajuna

Go Go Kanomi!

‘Cause I’ll hammer your toe
Like a pediatrician
Saw you in half
Like I’m a magician
— Robyn, “Konichiwa Bitches”

Hair: Octavia Golden Wheat by Rei Gully for Zero Style Japanese Hair

Skin: Sayuri 1:002 freckle by Tuli Asturias for T U L I skins

Blouse, jacket & skirt: GOGO BADGIRL by Danika Knelstrom for Danika Designs

Stockings: Shiny Tan by Axienne DeVaux for Nylons by Axienne

Boots: SG Get on! Boots Black by Morphine Janick for Sweetest Goodbye

Pantyhose: Light Basic by Toshy Mohr for SHOP Toshy

Heels: CourtX black by Adrina Welders for AW Design