Faithful Mirror

I became friends with Todd Action after I started going regularly to dance at Tiphares on Sunday nights. Todd is, like many men in SL, interested in representing his real self with his avatar. He has no desire to look buff or young–he just wants to be himself.

And his self is a very creative and productive one. From the amazing music he spins faithfully every other Sunday night to his culinary and artistic adventures on his blog, les jeux de cahiers de cuisine, Todd amazes me with his creativity and aesthetic. He creates in real life–books, bouquets, reading sheds, gardens, dinners, cognac–that prove a life lived productively is a good life.


“Water is my eye, most faithful mirror”
Teardrop, Massive Attack covered by Jose Gonzalez

Faithful Mirrow

I am always me, the RL me, in SL, always have been. We all go through our phases of wings and gothyness (though sometime I do still have an affinity for certain dark articles of clothing i have bought over the years) and such in SL but I passed those by mostly after the first few weeks. I’ve only ever bought three skins. I upgrade once a year once some new strides in technology or art change the texture of us. Never had a woman AV, or a creature.

Perhaps I am boring in this way, or somehow old-fashioned, but I never pretend to be more or less than I actually am. My avatar’s first name is my own and If i could have picked my real last name when i signed up I would have.

Faithful Mirrow

So, for the most part, I dress like I do in RL. Some casualwear, some formalwear. Things I would, and do, buy in the real world, things i actually own and often am wearing at the same time in both worlds. Items that appeal to a very personal sense of style. i am very choosy when it comes to clothes in SL. This is one of my favorite outfits because of the detail on the items, especially on the pullover, that small bit of graphic design. Hair, I think, has been the hardest to find to match who I am. I had to gray this myself.

My eyes are, in fact, a texture taken from a photo of my real eyes. I used to go around, however, with my primOptic glasses set to an opaque white. I did this for some private reasons and I suppose it does say something about the inner me my friends, both the RL and SL models, come to know over a long period of time.

Faithful Mirrow

I do make an exception with one otherSLworldly item: my clockwork heart. Click on it and the small doors open and all the gears are awhirl inside. That is one thing I would replace in RL if I could with its SL equivalent.

Faithful Mirrow

Most faithful mirror:

Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ JORDAN ~ ASHG III by Maddox DuPont for MADesigns

Skin: [LeLutka]-ABSOLUTE-pale-base-faceA_1by Thora Charron for LeLutka

Glasses: primOptic Stilo glasses 1.14o by Nibb Tardis for primOptic

Pullover: Men’s White Zipper Turtleneck by Bastion Weyland for Rogue Men’s Clothing

Jeans: Armidi Limited – (Male/Loose) A001 Jeans [Dirty Classic] by Nicole David for Armidi

Heart: Heart of automata SP version with cover by Aoimizuno Meili for * LPP* SteamPunk & Cyber Doll

Watch: Eliver’s Steampunk WristWatch by Eliver Delphin for Eliver’s little Victorian shop

Shoes: Old Shoe (Brown) by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things