The Residents

The Residents

“Most people are other people.” ~ Oscar Wilde

My friend, Tutsy Navarathna, recently released a new machinima that posed a really interesting question. What happens when someone from “outside” comes to our world? What do they see?

In this case, two aliens end up in our world, trying to understand the humans they see. But the machinima has a brilliant SL twist. I won’t say much more except I will encourage you to watch the whole thing. (At just over 10 minutes long, it’s a lot of content, very beautifully assembled, and it has an actual story of interest, which beats most machinima I have seen. Besides the beautiful imagery, showing some of the best sims of SL, the story is interesting and humorous.)

The Residents

I was inspired by the many “humans” Tutsy’s aliens encountered to make a human of my own in the same spirit. She is casual and otherworldly. First I start with a cute knit top from Sanura Snowpaw in a chic black and white stripe, off the shoulder mesh. Then I add Paul Lapointe and Bastchild Lotus’ boot flared jeans with their brilliant texture change HUD. (The jeans come in a bazillion colors but I chose black to make this look.) Finally I end up with Pixieplumb Flanagan’s funky boots that also include a texture-change HUD—and I chose zebra print.

The Residents

Of course, Aida Ewing’s recent release of fairy skins inspired me in this blakc and white look. With beautifully rendered grays, the skin makes my “human” aetherial. A pair of intense gift eyes from Silverr Andel (part of a very generous set put out for the Peace on Earth hunt) creates her spark of life. And Kavar Cleanslate’s wild ponytails, using one of his crazier texture sets, makes my girl a combination of casual and unusual—a perfect “resident” for our aliens to observe.

The Residents

Finally, I share a tableau of residents, some of whom the aliens might encounter, in a typical scene in front of a holiday fireplace, generously provided by Misa for the KittyCats Advent Calendar for yesterday. She includes sitting rugs for “humanoids,” “dinkies” and “tinies.” I got Maxxi Toxx in his tiny avatar to come over and lie in front of the fire on the tiny rug to demonstrate. (You have to see the machinima to “get” the photo—it will all make sense.)

The Residents

[7:40] Roller Ball: I must go. My mistress is calling. *poof*

Hair: Exile::Stray Wishes by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin: -Glam Affair – Elvi – Fairy 01 A by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: sa Serenity Eyes BANDIT by Silverr Andel for Sterling Artistry, one of the Peace on Earth hunt items

Top: .: Somnia :. Jailbird {White/Black} by Sanura Snowpaw for .: Somnia :. *

Jeans: L&B Jeans Flare Candy – Color FatPack by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus for Lapointe and Bastchild *

Boots: BM Carrie Exotic Boot All Colours by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey *

Poses by Mavi Beck of Ma Vie *

Fireplace with stockings and pose rugs: Delightful Gift Box – Holiday Fireplace by Misa Delight for Delight Tiny and Humanoid Items, available at the KittyCats 2013 Advent Calendar at KittyCats Winterland

Tiny friend: Maxxi Toxx (thank you!)


by Tutsy Navarathna

“Narcissus so himself himself forsook,
And died to kiss his shadow in the brook.” ~ William Shakespeare


The story of Narcissus from Greek mythology is the core word of the illness of narcissism, one where a person can only think of themselves and regard themselves as perfect. In the Ovid’s version of the story, Narcissus rejects the love of the mountain nymph, Echo, and Nemesis, the goddess of revenge decides to punish him. So she lures him to a pool where he saw his own reflection. He falls in love with the one he sees, not realizing at first it is himself.

Tutsy Navarathna took a clever turn with this tale for his latest machinima. An entry in the latest University of Western Australia Machinima Challenge, his film addresses the theme of “Reflections.” Tutsy literally brought a reflection to bear in this film.

I loved the machinima, especially the one that was narrated in French by Tutsy himself and has English subtitles. (See above.) Tutsy Navarathna hails from Paris but currently makes his home in India. Some of his voiceovers come from friends in India. He also involved many friends in the production of the film, including Iono Allen and Alpha Auer. That is what makes this machinima and the competition itself so exciting—the collaboration of artists from all over the planet.


In watching the film, I thought about our own gaze at our avatar, the pride and “love” we have for this figure we have made. How many of us cling to our “selves,” carefully adorning it, protecting our “image” and self. It’s a film that echoes with many layers as we watch, being more than just a literal “reflection” but also a reflection on our selves.


Being the person who does a fashion blog, I asked Tutsy about the fashions he used to make Narcissus, of course. And Tutsy agreed to be the model for this blog. So you get the machinima AND a backstage look at the star.

Tutsy made his own shape and on this long lean shape he piled layers and layers of tattoos and piercings to make his Narcissus contemporary and attractive. In the machinima, his Narcissus is brooding and solitary and almost singularly beautiful. And narcissistic.

You can read more about the competition and the latest entries at the UWA in SL blog here and see more of Tutsy’s work here, including his last three winning entries for their competitions.


“Narcissus does not fall in love with his reflection because it is beautiful, but because it is his. If it were his beauty that enthralled him, he would be set free in a few years by its fading.” ~ W.H. Auden

Hair: Burley Sofian Platinum by Bella Earst for Burley

Skin: Angelicus Raphael+ fallen gods+ blessed by Alia Baroque for Fallen Gods

Makeup: VYC Eyeliner by iantonio Viper for VyC and Fruk manly lip gloss by Chucky Hollak for Fruk

Eyes: Blue grey eyes gaslight Emporium by Vincente Shepherd for Gaslights Emporium

Collar: Tableau vivant minos collar by M4ri1yn Magic for Tableau Vivant

Tattoo: Vestigium- cyber tattoo by Lu Scorpio for Vestigium

Ear: Ear steking ears Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel for Mandala

Gloves: Tableau vivant , Minos gloves by M4ri1yn Magic for Tableau Vivant

Belt: Mandala kookai belt silver by Kikunosuke Eel for Mandala

Pants: avid Byron: pants by Darwin Miszer for Avid

Feet: Hoorenbeek Allen by Ansor Hoorenbeek for Hoorenbeek

Hurricane Judy

Hurricane Judy

This hurricane Judy is a brave new world ~ “Hurricane Judy” by Future Clouds and Radar

It started with a ping from Joel Foner about Tavi Gevinson—did I know of her, had I seen her? Why, yes, Joel, I blogged about her twice. He sent me to see a clip of her on Jimmy Fallon (teaching him “Bitchface”), which lead me to her book Rookie Yearbook One, which lead me back to Rookie Magazine, which lead me to Style Rookies, a little snippet about RL girls showing off their style, and I was off….

Hurricane Judy

Damn those girls were cute and daring and reminded me so much of my forays into fashion when I was in high school. (Needless to say, I didn’t quite do Express and the Gap.) I thought I would do it again—crazy, free, untethered by adult rules.

First it was the quilted jacket from Nalena Fairey that set this off. Then funky plaid pants from Maya Levane and socks, oh socks, also from Maya Levane. I remembered those loafers from Eponymous Trenchmouth—practical and cool, a necklace from Noah Bodenhall (who somehow got through my Facebook noise to contact me), and oh yes, glasses from Antonia Marat.

Hurricane Judy

And oh the brand new skin from Rosemary Galbraith with its peachy tones and freckles—so winsome, my hazel eyes from Ikon Innovia and then, oh yes, brand new hair from Chiaki Xue. It all spun up and then oh, yes, the video. The choppy, low fps video that nonetheless I captured (I am a newbie, dammit). And this hurricane Judy, she was a brave new world ;)

Hurricane Judy

This hurricane Judy and it blows me still…

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*36(Sienna) by Chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: *Cupcakes – DOLL – Apricot FRECKLE with *CUPCAKES – Doll – Apricot BROW LIGHT BROWN by Rosemary Galbraith for Cupcakes *

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Jacket: Zigana [ My summer jacket .gypsy ] by Nalena Fairey for Zigana

Top: jane.intrinsic.tank.og melon by Janie Marlowe for jane

Pants: (TokiD) rolling pants (dust) by Maya Levane for TokiD

Socks: (TokiD) vintage socks 3 by Maya Levane for TokiD

Hat: *FIR* Porkpie Hat Yellow by Rob1977 Moonites for FIR & MNA *

Glasses: /artilleri/ gladys glasses *orange* by Antonia Marat for /artilleri/

Necklace: + Divinity + Essence Necklaces by Noah Bodenhall for + Divinity + *

Shoes: Kool Kats – Brown by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers Creepers *

Poses by Luth Brodie for Reel Expression