Blood and Sand

Everyone’s a romantic, especially the tough girl with the heavy eyeliner and shirt sleeves rolled up. She’s romantic because she believes wearing one’s toughness on the outside makes a difference.

Blood and Sand

That’s why our girl wears a romantic film t-shirt made by Darling Monday—Valentino’s “Blood and Sand.” I love this series of t-shirts. Usually you find them with silly sayings or bold and rather cliched graphic artwork. This set has movie poster artwork, “silkscreened” on with a distressed worn appearance. The art is compelling, the titles are fun, and the shape is great. I like the rolled up sleeve, though it doesn’t work well with AOs—something about that attachment point—the shoulder–just messes things up and attaching it to the pec didn’t help. I wish the t-shirt itself had a cleaner edge so the prims could just not be worn.

Blood and Sand

Smokey eyes are provided by Hart Larsson, who has given us a much edgier set of skins with his Dafne set. I had a hard time climbing into this skin but once I got it, I got it and really loved it. (And you’ll probably see more of this skin very soon because I am really getting into it.) He provides a very plain eye or a very smokey—almost raccoon eye–with this set, and a very sparse eyebrow, so the skin seems naked either way—either in its minimalism or its exaggeration—which makes our girl even more romantic. Hart’s work is, as always, a piece of art.

I love this hair from Mirja Mills. It’s well shaped, cute, coy, and youthful. Mirja pays attention to the details on this one, making little curled strands out of prims around the nape and ears, running dark to the roots. I fell in love when I put it on.

Blood and Sand

Wears her heart on her sleeve—rolled up:

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * ANCHA * / flames by Mirja Mills for Emo-tions *

Skin: [PXL] Dafne PA EX PaleLips MEB by Hart Larsson for [PXL] *

Top: fri. – Film.Crew (Valentino) by Darling Monday for

Jeans: * Ibizarre Lolo Jeans – blue-black used by Anyusha Lilienthal for Ibizarre

Shirt around waist: DYN Brown Check Shirt (Tied) by Fred Kenorland for DYN (no longer available)

Earrings: TSS – Looped Multi Earring by SweetThing Baker for The Sweetest Sin

Eyebrow Ring: Aitui – 1 Captive Bead Eyebrow Ring /surgical steel/ by KiKi Miranda for Aitui

Cuff: Aitui – Plain Wrist Cuffs (R) -Small- by Jesseaitui Petion for Aitui

Nail polish: Symphony Skins- Fingernail Polish Gloves by Claire Harford for Symphony Skins

Shoes: z [mm] Sneakers Hunter special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive *

Carrot Top

For the redheads on the grid, life can be very hard. First of all, there is the business of finding the right red. There is red, auburn, crimson, copper, burgundy, fire, blood, wine, and the many variations thereof (dark red, fiery wine, dark fiery burgundy wine). Then you have to find a skin that works well. Do you use a brown brown? A light brow? Do you put on a black? Life is tough for us redheads! (Yes, I can see you reading this with sympathy.)

Carrot Top

Mallory Cowen is solving that for you with her release of Julie. Mallory has finally decided to help us poor lonely beleaguered redheads by giving us a skin with a gentle glow, sweet beautiful freckles and the red eyebrows that will match our carrot top hair. I was once a Raq girl. Seeing myself in this skin, I see hints of Harper from the old days. A full view of the skin shows you a well defined collar bone, delectable cleavage, and long pretty legs.

Carrot Top

To show off those legs, I am wearing a cute little dress from Jeter Jun. This set comes with leggings and full legwarmers, but I wanted to show a little leg. Notice the peekabo bra, the lace at the base of the glitch pants and the finely textured prims. You get a great bargain in this very well-made outfit.

Carrot Top

Finally, chic shoes with a flying bird motif. Magnifico Miggins has made these half cylinder heels in response to the latest fashion in heels, supplying these with funky chunky soles and eensy straps.

Carrot Top

Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.

Hair: >TRUTH< Paula – copper by Truth Hawks for >Truth< *

Skin: LAQ ~ Julie – 10 [Peach] Glow skin by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki *

Dress: –Umi Usagi– Knit&Short OnePiece -Bk/Wh by Jeter Jun for –Umi Usagi–

Shoes: [m] [m]  le Plateau Heel Black by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive *


“I’ve been a bad bad girl
I’ve been careless with a delicate man
And it’s a sad sad world
When a girl will break a boy
Just because she can…”

~ Criminal by Fiona Apple

I am working on this blog while I listen to the song Criminal. Can I just go on about Fiona Apple, her jazzy smoky-low voice, her big languid eyes, her petulant mouth, her poetic lyrics and complex music?


I could but then it would not be a fashion blog, would it? So imagine the woman who would need to sing such lyrics and then imagine her in this new dress from sachi Vixen, released for a Haiti relief fashion show. Sachi and her partner, Damen, run one of the oldest and most extensive fashion stores on the grid—Adam n Eve. From clothing to skins to hair to men’s to shoes and accessories, sachi and Damen have tried it all. For this dress, sachi easily pulls off sexiness and wearability. With the ripped bodice echoed in the feathery skirt, the dress is great for a girl who is a heart breaker.


I see this dress going out clubbing, not just wandering around SL. So I put on a heavier eye makeup from Tuli Asturius, smudged and blended, dewy with the sheen of sweating on the dance floor. The hair-full and wild—with darker tips (almost as if it were soaked with sweat) is from RuRu Nagy. And finally, sexy boots from Magnifico Miggins, offered now at the Greenies’ sim.


And I need to be redeemed
To the one I’ve sinned against
Because he’s all I ever knew of love

Hair: +LALA Moon+ BabyRose <<L>> [ Red-Brown ] by RuRu Nagy for LaLaMoon

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (sunkissed/br) F.Y.E.O. dawn by Tuli Asturius *

Dress: Adam n Eve – Off the hook black by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve

Earrings: Made by me

Boots: [mm] Bangle Boot black new by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes and Boots *


A lot of sexy clubwear gives you a full view of everything out there. I am seeing a lot of low hip jeans, deep cut tops, and peek-a-boo nipples and uh, intergluteal cleft. But what if you want to be sexy and provocative in another way?

Peek A Boo

The peek-a-boo ripped sleeves on this top might serve that purpose. I chose this dress from Janie Marlowe, a veteran of SL clothing, as a dress I might want to take out dancing. With it’s ripped sleeves, it’s contemporary and shows some skin, but not in the typical areas. There is something very sexy, though, about a girl who has fabric torn in a sort of animalistic way. The skirt, of course, is quite short. I will say that.

Peek A Boo

I, again, wear this skin from Gala Phoenix because it has that sort of glowy youthfulness with the “raccoon eyes” that comes off as sexy after a night of dancing in a hot club. (And hit has great collarbones, which show under this little lock choker from Launa Fauna.) The almost-sweaty seeming hair is from Mirja Mills, who is kicking out funky and wonderful hair an at unprecedented rate.

Peek A Boo

Finally more peek-a-boo, this time in the boots. Magnifico Miggins makes a great boot here, employing a brilliant leather texture over a very stylish cut-out lattice work boot with sexy zips up the back.

Peek A Boo

Crank it up!

Hair: CRISS hair ( blood) by Mirja Mills for EMO – tions

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Dark] June-Raccoon 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio

Dress: * **MIS** In Tomb by Janie Marlowe for Mischief

Choker: Lock Choker. by Launa Fauna for LF Fashions

Earrings: TSS – Looped Multi Earring by SweetThing Baker for Sweetest Sin

Boots: z [mm] cage boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes *


Sometimes I have to push myself to try something new, something not in my comfort zone. That used to be wearing a bikini in SL (yeah, really). Then it was wearing eyelashes. Then it was wearing blonde hair (the day that happened was a major breakthrough). Today it was wearing a skin with BOLD makeup.


Djinn and Tonic, a new collaboration of creators on the newly opened Prosperine sim, offers a line of skins that’s .. well.. brash. When I first wore the skins, I thought the lips were glossy, the eyes were bold, and the cheek makeup was stark. But I started wearing it around, trying on hair, clothes, etc., and I realized it was pretty darn groovy.


The best part? When you buy a pack, you get one skin tone and one eye makeup, but you also get five shades of lipstick, freckles or not, and shaved or not. Therefore, you get 20 skins for one price. I especially like the lipstick option because sometimes you just want to swap out a lipstick and not mess with the rest.

I am showing a dress from a relatively new designer—Mariusz Miliandrovic. Based on Mariusz’ other photos in his little shop, he *ahem* likes the feminine shape. The dress is sexy in the best sort of way—the top is low cut, the back is quite low cut, but the skirt is full and flirty to balance the top and includes a bow. His prim building is good and his use of color fantastic.


I show great boots from Magnifico Miggins here. I have feature Magnifico’s work before. She has come into the SL world with her footwear, and with the quality of it, she should be taking the grid by storm. These boots are a ‘fatpack’ boot, which means they have a hud that changes the colors of the boots. The textures are remarkable.. very real, very rich.


Bold and proud:

Hair: *FRANTIC*  hair – pure black by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions

Skin: [DT] MUA :  Pomegranate, Black [03] by Gin Galtier for Djinn & Tonic *

Dress: Sanguine Summer Rev3 by Mariusz Miliandrovic for 2Dye4

Boots: z [mm] cage boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes *

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

I was thinking about gadgets and scripts today. No, I am not a geek. I just realized there are a handful of scripted gadgets in my life that I use daily. There’s my wonderful facelamp from Cognitive Gears, my teleporter, my Photosphere from Saeya Nyanda, my pose stand, my inventory boxes, my texture organizers, my AO, my Bax Coen boots. There are a LOT of things that make my world a whole lot better.

Well, I got a new gadget from an old friend that is going to be added to that list. Avimote Dreamscape’s new PoseMaker is a revolution for anyone interested in working on their avatar’s poses in world–either adjusting existing poses or creating new ones, using one’s own avatar!

It’s a complex but highly usable system that allows you to adjust 19 different areas of the avatar three ways for each part. That’s uh.. 57 and then uh, each one has many iterations which means… yeah.. uh YOU do the math.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

You can pose your avatar using this gadget or you can tweak existing poses.

Consider this tweak I tried today. I started with the above pose, which always puts my hand in my skirt. I wore the hud, click clicked, and I was no longer looking impossible in RL. Moving the skirt prim would have ruined the outfit—moving my hand was so much easier.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Well and then I click click click click clicked and clicked some more….

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

(BTW, you can’t see the settings in the photos, but they are there. Not sure what SL did with them when I took the photo.)

Here’s another example. I always had a little problem with how the head tilted in this one pose.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Click click, my head is fixed. (Hm.. why does that sound wrong?)

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Finally, you can create poses from scratch. Rez a pose ball using the hud and adjust yourself into place.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Sit on it and zero all. You start in typical appearance mode pose.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Then start clicking. You will find out it’s not as easy as it might seem. (How do I tell the darn thing I just want to put my hand on my hip?!) However, this is after a half hour of messing around—imagine what you could do with a little more time in!

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

He has also included an emoter with the package and a brilliant web interface that launches and logs you in right from SL. I kept clicking and saying, “Cool! Awesome! Smart!”

The downfall of this gadget right now? You can’t save poses. But Avimote is working on a way to save out poses to a website. And as I understand it, he will be working on making a couples poser in the future and allow you to work on other’s poses.

This is only the beginning….

My Newest Favoritist Gadget


Hair: * 0 Style * Mike *Black_M by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: Adam n Eve Skin – Mei Li 2 – Aki – Tone 1 by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve

Shape: Custom made by moi

Dress: Vitamin Ci-Nali Sage by Ciera Bergman for Vitamin Ci

Boots: z  [mm] Manolo Boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes

Coolest gadget: Avimote PoseMaker PE 1.02 by Avimote Dreamscape for Avimote (overview here and offered on XStreetSL here)