Underlying a lot of discussion about SL is the issue of identity and representation. People come to SL to represent themselves, to represent some part of themselves, to represent some creative expression, to… well… represent.


Many images of women in SL are based on heterosexualized imaginings we have about women—perfect bodies, perfect hair, perfect wardrobe. It could be argued that this is a result of the prevalence of the “male gaze.” But I think there is a resistance to that across SL—you find furries and short people and even butch women.

Beebo Brink has decided to create a woman shape that is much adored—by other women. Her “Boi in a Box” kits, which include shape, skin and styling notes, have been much embraced by the lesbian community in SL and by those who are looking for a look that represents them. I got her Tom Grrl kit and jettisoned the skin enclosed for a Tuli Asturias skin (though Beebo’s was nice). I topped it with messy boy cut and outfitted myself with some great vintage pieces from Floatie Hock and chucks from Coke Dreadlow.


Beebo’s woman is winsome and approachable while not being “typical.” She makes the avatar shorter, makes her eyebrows and eyes open and inviting, makes her smile inviting—for conversation, friendship, and human connection. This tomboy could be your friend or your sister. And she is.


Whatever precautions you take so the photograph will look like this or that, there comes a moment when the photograph surprises you. It is the other’s gaze that wins out and decides. ~ Jacques Derrida

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Adin – Oynx by Shylah Honey for Damselfly

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Hope  (fair/br) natural by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Shape and Bald Head: Tom Grrl (6′) by Beebo Brink for Brazen Women Shapes and Skins

Shirt: HB – Gilbert – Racing – Charcoal by Floatie Hock for Hell Bop

Pants: HB – Danica – Dickies Jeans by Floatie Hock for Hell Bop

Bracelet: Gritty Kitty: Snake Charmer Psychadelic Scales by Noam Sprocket for Gritty Kitty

Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops by Coke Dreadlow for Urban Bomb Unit *