The French Connection

The French Connection

I put on my rouge and wash my hands in front of the whole world! ~ Marie Antoinette

The French Connection

Genre opened earlier this month and the theme was Baroque, so of course, everyone threw their efforts at gilded furniture and voluminous dresses with an eye towards the court of Marie Antoinette. I gathered quite a few things from the event and crowded them into this blog because, as you know, excess was never a concern in the court of Madame Deficit.

First my beautifully rendered dress from Dreamfantasia Nightfire, who is a singular repository of beautiful texture and historical sartorialism in SL. Remember when we constructed all sorts of fussy prim pieces for these shapes and now mesh can do it? I have accented the dress with a brooch from Tiffy Vella and pretty little shoes from Arora Zanzibar.

The French Connection

My furnishings are all from Genre, including the pictures, vase and chair from Charles Lacrima and the lovely desk, which also includes other chairs and a table from Discovering Destiny. (I can imagine these pieces could be removed from a Baroque RP setting and might do as antiques in an eclectic household.) My mirror from Connie Stratten actually includes six poses for photography and if you’re really handy with PS (and have the patience), you could do your reflection. (I clearly have neither the skills or patience.) My poses are from Genre as well, a set from Nancoix Urquan called Sarabande, which have a lovely drama to them.

My sky-high hair from Plurabelle Laszlo comes in several tints (though Marie herself had a light blonde hair) and includes the lovely dark roses you see but I added Kerryth Tarantal’s hair piece as well (because, you know, extravagance). My skin is one that LumiyaRae made specially for this round with the darling little heart-shaped beauty marks and blush Marie Antoinette was famous for.

Finally my darling Ladies in Waiting are actually also wearable animated rats (!) that are adorably dressed in baroque costume. You get one to display and one to wear and if you are one of those who likes collecting darling animals in SL, these are custom made for you.

The French Connection

Hair: Bliensen + MaiTai – Liaison Dangereuse – Blond with Roses by Plurabelle Laszlo for .Bliensen + MaiTai, available for Genre *

Hair piece: Spyralle Lace Fontange with Roses by Kerryth Tarantal for Spyralle, available for Genre *

Skin: L~Delphine: 4-Honey/Versailles{Mid Cleavage/LB} with L : 4 – Honey {Uber Cleavage} 1 by Lumiya Rae for Lumae, available for Genre *

Eyes: #adored – dream eyes – velik by Constance Daehlie for #adored

Dress: ~The Library~ Marie -Blue by Dreamfantasia Nightfire for ~The Library~, available for Genre *

Brooch: Eclectica ‘Blenheim’ Baroque Brooch by Tiffy Vella for Eclectica, available for Genre *

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual by Siddean Munro for Slink

Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – Mid by Siddean Munro for Slink

Shoes: .: ZcZ :. Antoinette Slipper (L) – Bartholomew Blue by Arora Zanzibar for Zanzibar CreationZ, available for Genre *

Poses: Sarabande by Nancoix Urquan for {NanTra} Poses, available for Genre *

Posing mirror: .mien. {frivolity} by Connie Stratten for Mien Poses, available for Genre *

Desk: *OAL*/*SP* Valezquez by Discovering Destiny for On a Lark, available for Genre *

Ladies in Waiting:

  • [UN] Ratcoco – Alouette – Display by Jalynne Ohmai for Unrepentant, available for Genre *
  • [UN] Ratcoco – Amelie Display by Jalynne Ohmai for Unrepentant, available for Genre *
  • [UN] Ratcoco – Yvette – Display by Jalynne Ohmai for Unrepentant, available for Genre *
  • [UN] Ratcoco – Marie – Display by Jalynne Ohmai for Unrepentant, available for Genre *


  • Vase de Porcelaine Russe by Charles Lacrima for Grotti, available for Genre
  • Fauteuil Louis XVI et motifs Versaillais by Charles Lacrima for Grotti, available for Genre
  • Set de tableaux Italiens – II by Charles Lacrima for Grotti, available for Genre
  • Set de tableaux Italiens – III by Charles Lacrima for Grotti, available for Genre

The Masquerade

The Masquerade

Last time I did an avatar for Second Life’s Marketplace, I got tons of IMs asking for style notes so today I am just posting them here so you can all find what you need!

Let me give some notes on the assembly of the look. I didn’t want to replicate Marie Antoinette (the dresses would have looked silly in a lounging position like this). I wanted to show a woman like Marie Antoinette, who was used to a life of leisure and partying. Rogan Diesel’s posing chaise was a perfect choice.

I wanted a more contemporary hair, so Marleen Vaughan’s interpretation suited me very well. I wanted to use the very blushy skin from Hush Darkrose without the tint, so I found the perfect powder makeup to overlay it from Jacqueline Seisenbacher (which includes beauty marks—it’s brilliant).

Freya Oliveiri’s corseted lingerie had the right kind of look for what I was after—a sexy lady of leisure, resting between parties. The little handheld mask was much better than obscuring the face and eyes.

“Let them eat cake!” (which Marie Antoinette never said)

Hair: V. Marie Antoinette without Hat :: powder by Marleen Vaughan for Vaughan’s House of Curiosities, found here on Marketplace

Skin: Hush – Marin – BlueRaspberry – Honey (lb) by Hush Darkrose for Hush, also available on Marketplace

Makeup overlay: Jeunette Baroque Makeup Moderate Powder by Jacqueline Seisenbacher for Kleineschewein, found here on Marketplace

Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Light Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia, found here on Marketplace

Outfit (including jewelry): ::TGIS:: Dahlia Blanc [Lemon Baby] by Freya Olivieri for Mon Chéri, found here on Marketplace

Mask: Venetian mask-Side-white hand by Joy Kurosawa for Mermaid Temple Store, found on Marketplace

Shoes: baroque slipper by Nonna Hedges from Nonna Hedges

Chaise by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations, with some available here on Marketplace