“One in seven. That’s the odds now.”


He used his hand as a shield as his eyes turned up and down the street in search of life. The sun was starting to dip below the buildings, just slightly. Before long the empty bistro table would be drenched in the purple glow of nightfall.

“She’s halfway to Boston, probably.”

The wind rippled the tablecloth as he tilted the back of his palm down to protect himself from the crossbeams bouncing off of the rustic glass of the town’s weathered buildings. He knew she wasn’t coming. So this is how this would all play out.

A tap on his cell phone buttons he had missed no calls, or the unspent words she might have left over why she wouldn’t or couldn’t come–hollow excuses like getting the dates mixed up or the confusing name of the town. Templemore–what a strange name for a town. He figured himself for a sucker as the wine in his glass finally disappeared.

A pigeon cooed at him as he scraped the seat back on worn cobblestones, and he pitched the cigarette end over end into the brush to smolder out in obscurity.


“One in seven hundred, now that the sun’s down. Fuck it… I’ll do this without her.”

A grumble rattled from his tongue and he leaned over to grab the laiden duffel from the sidewalk, carrying it over the street. His eyes roamed up and down the street, looking for anything sign of a sleepy sheriff in this quiet town.


Brendan Forsythe agreed to guest blog today. He is active in many RP sims and allowed me to photo his great avatar. He styled the avatar and wrote the blog. Thank you, Brendan :)

Hair – [Ego] – HIR – Dark Noir    Ego Shuffle for [Ego]

Skin – Akeruka Damien Stubble Tan  Kaoz Koba for Akeruka

Eyes – MADesigns Intrigue  Maddox Dupont for KMADD

Jacket: :SEY Denim Jacket [Green]   risey Arai for SEY

Shirt: *Blitzed* Tee – Star   eko Merlin for BLITZED

Belt: *Blitzed* Plugged Belt – no bag by eko Merlin for BLITZED

Jeans: =Razorblade Jacket= Jaw Breaker / Standard Boot – Stonewash by Kehl Razor for Razorblade Jacket

Neck – [Mandala] Shamira Dog Tag (Shadow) by  kikunosuke Eel for Mandala

Gloves – Custom by Rez Gray

Boots – TonkTastic Short Combat Boots by Tonk Tomcat for TonkTastic

Photos taken at Templemore of DreamSeeker


As you all know, I like to don a male shape and do some male modeling when SC isn’t able to. I just got my hands on some really terrific men’s skins, so I took this opportunity to enjoy the view for a while and share it with you.


I have done a few other male blogs and my male friends all come back and complain that I am not man enough. What gives?! (Besides that I am really a woman, but come on!) I received the new Mark skin from LaVie, and this time I am challenging you to tell me I am not manly enough. Especially wearing this great new hair from Truth Hawks. Stop complaining, guys—these hair makers are working hard to get you what you need. And how could you pass this one up?


Check out this chest! (Yeah his eyes are not open. We don’t need to be looking in them anyway. We can be looking at his chest!) And check out the poses. MANLY poses. Rogan Diesel is a man and he gets that you guys don’t want to look like dorks. He has made masculine poses that go beyond the caveman to the sensuous and sexy without looking wimpy.


I am wearing jeans from machang Pichot. Usually when someone does male and female clothing, they do one or the other more strongly. machang seems to have a handle on both types. These jeans are light colored, I know, guys, but look at the belt! And I didn’t tuck them into the boots this time. Come on! The boots are the gift given by Limer Fredriksson for the Le.Look holiday giveaway. Manly boots. Look!


You make me feel.. you make me feel… you make me feel like… nevermind.

Hair: >TRUTH< Hank – cocoa by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: LaVie Mark Full Beard Cut Hair Base Normal by KaoZ Koba for LaVie *

T-Shirt: *TSM* Equilizer V-neck Tee in Steely Teal by Helena Stringer for The Stringer Mausoleum *

Jeans: AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Washed by machang Pichot for AOHARU

Boots: hoorenbeek : LE.LOOK! l’homme – Boots by Limer Fredriksson for hoorenbeek

Poses: from the new Dante set by Rogan Diesel for Diesel Works Animations *

PeterX, if you read this, ping me ;)

Suiting Up

A while ago, when I was still exploring fashion in SL and learning places and names, I would consult with Dirk Talamasca, who always seemed to pull something out of his pocket to show me. (In fact, he is the one who brought Raven and me together.)

Suiting up

When I asked about the best men’s suit, he would always point me to Musashi-Do.  A year later, I met Shiryu Musashi when we were working on the Renascimenti Virtuale together. I later met him when he reintroduced himself. He is an old player but a good one, exacting in detail, careful about hand-drawing every pixel of his suits. And the quality shows.

Suiting up

(Check out the obligatory back shot here.) From top to bottom, system piece to prim piece, everything is perfect on his suits. The textures are more developed than his older suits, and Shiryu lends a sensibility about fashion from his own RL fashion experience and education. He also lends his eye as a man, knowing well what men want.

Suiting up

You get several shirt colors with this suit, and he has included in the mix a clever way of changing out your tie and collar with a handy hud. This is perfect for men, who love gadgets and hate shopping. Buy one suit, get the whole shabang.

And the whole suit is transferable! So ladies (or gentlemen), you can buy these for your favorite men!

Suiting up

I am wearing the luscious Ethan skin from Mallory Cowen. I used to be exclusively a Raq girl. Now I am a Raq guy—go figure. For the men who complain there is no decent hair in SL—go to KMadd. It’s all there. Really. OK, so they don’t have the “skullet” (mullet for bald men—thanks, Bear, for that one). They got the good stuff.

And had to finish this off with shoes that suit the man and his suit, so of course I went to Eponymous Trenchmouth. Epy is one of the best men’s shoe makers in the grid. And my favorite shoes from him are the Shanghai. Stylish, sleek, eclectic—not every man will be right in these shoes but the one who is.. oh, he is oh-so-right. I show the shoes with the cuffs from Shiryu’s suit draped at perfect height, in perfect alignment, with perfect texturing.

Suiting up

Ready to go:

Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ AKAMI ~ CP I by Maddox DuPont for MADesigns

Skin: Laqroki ~ Ethan 05 Portrait skin by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki

Suit: Evening in Roma by Shiryu Musashi for Musashi-Do*

Shoes: Shanghai Black/Red by Eponymous Trenchmouth for JCS (Jeepers Creepers)

Listening to Clean by Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson