Motorcycle Mama

This year my village’s school association is holding their annual community ball. It’s an excuse to raise money for the schools and have a fun time. Usually it’s a full blown ball with ladies in fancy dresses and the gentlemen dressed to the nines. This year, however, they are holding it at the Harley Davidson Museum south of downtown, calling it “Rumble on Canal Street,” and we are to dress accordingly, forgoing the usual ball gowns and suits for leathers. It’s kind of funny, thinking of all these middle class suburbanites coming dressed up in leathers and metal. It’s kind of like… Second Life!

Motorcycle Mama

Rifling through my in-world wardrobe, I found the perfect outfit to make all the other mamas cringe. This leather jacket, top and pants made by Raven Pennyfeather is the perfect antidote to suburban stodginess. With its many buckles and leather that is so thick and strong it squeaks, this leather jacket is form fitting around the waist but still hearty enough for a spin around on a Fat Boy.

The belt, made by SC Tracy, is the perfect stylish touch with its embossed texture, chain link and ankh charm. And incidentally, SC is the man who makes me look good in so many of the RFyre ads.

Motorcycle Mama

The fun thing about SL is that I can have any hair I want, and today I chose a style that will take me from the bake sale to riding behind Big Dan on a Fat Bob with no problem. This asymmetrical cut by Kin Keiko will do the trick every time. And Tuli Asturias’ shimmering neutral skin is pretty enough to wear with leather (there is no need to be too bold here).

Motorcycle Mama

Finally, the boots. I rely on an old standard in SL which would be an absolutely stunning RL addition: Bax Coen’s Prestige Boots. Imagine me, strolling in among the ladies who lunch and their accountant husbands (all wearing stiff new leather jackets like it was some sort of “naughty” secret),  heels confidently clicking and the smell of well worn leather and motorcycle exhaust trailing behind me. Ah, what a fantasy….

Motorcycle Mama

Motorcycle Mama
Won’t you lay your big spike down
I always get in trouble
when you bring that round
~ Neil Young

Hair: Kin-Nova-[black] by Kin Keiko for Kin Keiko

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/bl) 02a by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Outfit: !RFyre Damali Womens Black Leather Jacket by Raven Pennyfeather for RFyre *

Belt: !RFYRE The Hunger Belt, Womens, Main by SC Tracy for RFyre *

Earrings: Self Made

Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather by Bax Coen for Bax Boots *

Easy Rider

I received an invitation for a show called “Heros in Fashion.” I wasn’t sure what it was but since it was on Charlotte Bartlett’s sim, I knew it would be something terrific.

I was right. The show, based on four designers, was completely created by Megg Demina. With dramatic spaces highlighting her take on some famous designers’ works, including Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen, the show is an homage in SL, a reproduction of pieces that clearly inspire her. (Incidentally, according to her invite, she had been working on this before his death and has thus dedicated the proceeds from the McQueen inspirations to The City and East London Bereavement Service.) I was incredibly impressed with the spaces—they are a must-see.

Easy Rider

I show here a dress based on a design by Thierry Mugler. I couldn’t possibly show it as well as Megg does, but I was entirely taken by the outfit. With incredible sculpties and textures, she reproduces the dress with its headlight, racing striped tank and quilted leather seat.

Check out that sweet little leather red heart tail ;) And the incredible fidelity to the pieces of a motorcycle in the textures and shapes.

Easy Rider

I show this dramatic dress with a bold skin from Hart Larsson and messywildsexy hair from Mirja Mills.

Easy Rider

Finally, let me pay tribute myself to the boots. These were the first and best thing I purchased. With their studded back, wickedly high heels, clever cross charm and lace trim, they are my latest to-die-for boots. I realize they are replicas of McQueen’s work. But gosh, I love ‘em.

Easy Rider

Hittin’ the open road:

Hair: CRISS hair ( blackened) by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions

Skin: [PXL] July LT CE Red DEB by Hart Larsson for PXL creations

Dress: Thierry Mugler Motorbike Corset by Megg Demina for Chapeau tres Mignon

Boots: McQueen Gothic Boots by Megg Demina for Chapeau tres Mignon

P.S. And if you are coming here from Mitch’s article in Tor, welcome!

P.P.S. Finally, I want to say, I am NOT Leroy Jenkins, no matter what you say, Kas!