The N’dali

The N'Dali

“The N’dali of the temperate forests and hills of Southern Peninsula of Melanasia are an independent tribe of traders and craftspeople. They are most noted for their fine metalwork and technology in working with exotic creature skins and feathers such as those of the phoenix and dragon. Their people are homogenous with genetic markers such as pale fine caucasian skin, thick dark black hair and most amazingly, golden eyes, which appear ubiquitously through the N’dali people but are known as a rare recessive gene across other populations.

The N'Dali

“As the culture is matrifocal, women enjoy a great degree of independence and power. Free of the pressures of typical patriarchal societies, both women and men flourish as leaders, artisans, nurturers and tradespeople. Some occupations weigh heavier towards one sex or the other but both sexes enjoy the opportunity to choose their vocation. Parenthood is shared, with all children taught the concept of n’dalia, or fidelity to social oneness and community. The people are, overall, very insular and communicate very reluctantly with others except in trade. It could be said that their cultural ethos is ‘G’sip a g’ringen’ or ‘Words are power.’

“As seen in Figures 1 and 2, the N’dali women’s garb is made entirely by local artisans. First, the top and skirt are sewn from treated dragonskin, which is created from a process of steps that range from the original hunt of dragons by specialized warriors to the butchering of dragons and curing of dragonskin by skilled craftspeople. The dragonskin is surprisingly light but flexible and protective—it can withstand high temperatures and resists puncturing. The collars and belt of their garments are fashioned by artisans trained via apprenticeship and are created by commission, showing the marks of their owners’ family seals-—in this case, the image of a goddess akin to Callisto on the belt.

The N'Dali

“Figure 3 shows us the face of a N’gali woman. With fine beautiful features, the N’dali’s caucasian skin is surprisingly resistant to the elements and heat. The skin provides for N’dali women a convenient canvas for personal expression. While the facial tattoos of many women accentuate their golden eyes and provide pure decoration, the tattoos on their arms tell metaphorical tales of very personal narratives and relationships (in the case of this woman, an homage to the master craftswoman who taught her dragonskin hunting and curing). The hair is arranged in a complex construction of loops and curls, reaching ever higher heights as wearers try to outdo each other to the astonishment and subsequent duplication of their peers. It could never be said a N’dali woman is not vain.”

The N'Dali

Excerpted from “Between the Dragon and Phoenix: the N’dali of Melanasia” by anthropologist Birgit Fredriksson-Denison.

Cultural artifacts provided by:

Hair: MrS – Hazardous –  Medium by MrSigmund Fride for MrS

Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Summer-Pebble 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio *

Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Dragon Queen Gold by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Gold (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Outfit: Adam n Eve Clothes – Dragonskin – Purple by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Earrings: p.c; Oxidized Silver Hoop by Cora Lu for Paper Couture (modified)

Tattoos: AITUI TATTOO – Fire Fish Sleeves ::airbrushed:: by Jesseaitui Petion for AITUI

Shoes: ::: MOON ::: 1001 Nights Slippers COCOA by Moon Ling for ::: MOON :::


I am a little stir crazy, a bit restless.


I decided to dress it up. I put on these sexy flowy pants from monica Outlander, a slinky top, just out from Sysy Chapman (who does these sexy little separates so well), a pretty necklace and earrings that get some glamour treatment from Quinlan Quimby and some killer heels from Viktoria Brandenburg.


But the story is really about the skin and the hair. First, the hair—from MrSigmund Fride, this hair is quite dramatic (intentionally so). I wanted big and I got big. And then the skin, from sachi Vixen. You know I don’t think sachi envisioned it this way but it works. The subtle make up, almost glimmering under this big pile of hair, is perfect for this look. It’s already so over-the-top, the makeup doesn’t need to be so.


Written while listening to Aum a Go Go by Kammerflimmer Kollektief

Hair: MrS – Venice hair by MrSigmund Fride for ***TUTY’S & MrSIGMUND** CREATIONS

Skin: Adam n Eve Skin – Bianca t3 – Baby with ae bianca manicure baby by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Eyelashes: Detour – Klee Dot Lashes by Keri Clip for Detour

Top: SYSY’s Ruffle tank black by Sysy Chapman for Sysy’s *

Pants: Miamai_Azanea Black by monica Outlander for Miamai *

Necklace: TOSL *Chandelier* Necklace v1.1 Purple Haze by Quinlan Quimby for TOSL

Earrings: TOSL *Chandelier* Earrings v1.1 Purple Haze by Quinlan Quimby for TOSL

Shoes: VvB ShoeBox-HEDONIC-Black Shoes V3 by Viktoria Brandenburg for VvB

April Fools!

Isn’t SL really about trying on new shapes and identities? I mean, sometimes you just want to have fun and not worry about being perfect or being the best or being anything but funny. Sometimes you just want to ham it up!

April Fools

This beautifully rendered pig head (and its tail and shape) are from nyagos Kidd. I first saw them on chocolate Arashi’s flickr and rushed over to see get one, and there were nyagos and chocolate, giggling in person. It’s provided hours of entertainment—when I go dancing, when I need a costume for dress up, when I need to make a point.

April Fools

I like to dress up my piggy with this dress from Dolce Blackflag. This is a compliment to the maker because the dress is versatile across many shapes. All I had to do was increase the size of the skirt, and I was good to go.

April Fools

The cute little hair bow is from Truth Hawks. Even a little porker needs a hair bow decoration. My hooves are prettily clad in shoes from Fallingwater Cellardoor.

April Fools

What you can’t see in these photos but is very essential to my look is the completely campy Drag Queen AO from MrSigmund Fride. Mr. Fride specializes in making celebrity avatars as well as AOs and poses that are fun, sexy and sometimes ridiculous. The AO makes the look. Miss Piggy prances and vamps, vogues and flirts. And she walks like she has it goin’ on. (There is, in particular, a sit that is so funny I laugh every time I see it. As she faces her sitting spot, she waggles her derriere suggestively in the air before settling down as any good drag queen or porker would—in an sexy but also ungainly open-legged sprawl. It’s a must-see.)

April Fools

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” ~ Miss Piggy

Head and tail and shape: ++NODe++Pig Avatar01 by nyagos Kidd for NODe+

Skin: .:Twilythula:. PaNina Petal/Tan by Twilythula Sorbet for :::TwilyThula:::

Dress: (PixelDolls) Claire by Dolce Blackflag for Pixel Dolls

Bow: >TRUTH< Kylei Bow [nose] – grape by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Nails: I&K Glamour Nails Pink (female) Gloves by LisaAnne Jumper for InKs and Kinks

Shoes: (Shiny Things) Romance Flats – silver by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things

AO: MRS – DRAG QUEEN  & TRANSgender AO (just wear) by MrSigmund Fride for Mr.S Animations and Poses