The Beauty of the Flamenco

The dancer’s trembling heart must bring everything into harmony, from the tips of her shoes to the flutter of her eyelashes, from the rustles of her dress to the incessant play of her fingers. Shipwrecked in a field of air, she must measure lines, silences, zigzags and rapid curves, with a sixth sense of aroma and geometry, without ever mistaking her terrain. In this she resembles the torero, whose heart must keep to the neck of the bull. Both of them face the same danger–he, death; and she, darkness.
~ Federico Garcia Lorca

The Beauty of the Flamenco

Today I had the holiday party for the residents of my sims and my friends. Arimo Texeira performed most beautifully, and we all enjoyed doing the flamenco, tango, and salsa in a pretty build by Eshi Otawara (she snuck in and fixed the mess I made).

It is expected that when I host a party I show up dressed for the theme. I was able to fulfill my duties most spectacularly in a dress by Nardya Rousselot. Known for her beautiful textures, Nardya is also a great builder and very smart with system pieces. In this dress, she layers her pieces skillfully with a filigreed bottom system skirt layered over a one-legged system pants with prims arranged artfully in the skirt to produce both a train and a peekaboo leg. She echoes the filigree along the bottoms of the prims with clean pixel edges and perfect transparent edges to her prims. (I can’t tell you how many dresses on the grid don’t pass muster because of this one detail. Pay attention, creators! This is the difference between an amateur and a professional. It’s easy to do right.)

The Beauty of the Flamenco

Fortunately I received Tuli Asturius’ group gift today, an absolutely drop dead gorgeous skin which suits me quite well. With its touches of glitter, fresh skin, subtle blush and muted lip color, it was ideal with this dress. (Often we think wearing a bold make-up—red lips, dark eyes—is right for a bold dress. That’s not always true). I wore Caliah Lyon’s holiday gift from last year—a neck bow with bells—to add festive flair.

The Beauty of the Flamenco

Finally, Nardya recently sent out a pair of ruby slippers as a gift to her group. These matched the dress perfectly in style and color. Nardya introduced a set of beautiful shoe styles at the Shoe Fair this year with beautiful textures and shapes. I look forward to seeing more from her. My ugly avatar feet call out to you, Nardya!

The Beauty of the Flamenco

Feeling the beauty of the dance:

Hair: >TRUTH< Eva – cranberry by Truth Hawks for >Truth< *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 4/br) dec VIP gift by Tuli Asturius for Tuli (given to group members)

Dress: NX-Nardcotix Frank’s Jazz Crimson by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix

Choker: ~Muse~ Silver Bells and Satin RIbbon (black) by Caliah Lyon for ~Muse~

Bracelet: Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet (Blood) by Haedon Quine for Calla

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers -Exclusive Gift- by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix


I stole the name from today’s outfit because it’s so fitting. “Chinoiserie” is French for “Chinese-esque,” and was often applied to precious pieces of European works with Asian influences. Miko Omegamu of Icing has put out this most exquisite dress, a piece of beauty. In true Miko form, every pixel is in place, every prim perfect, the shape of the dress and skirt perfect. Miko is a goddess of good clothing design in SL.


One thing I don’t read a lot about in fashion blogs is proportion. Miko proportions this gown perfectly—the print is just the right size to suit the avatar. The skirt is the right angle and size to balance off the gown. The sleeves fall at the correct part of the upper arm.

Another thing not always addressed is the construction of a piece. Miko has ensured that the seams match on the sides as well as from the top to the skirt. The piping around the top extends down to the skirt perfectly.

Finally, the issue of prims is rarely addressed. Miko is, first of all, a great builder. Every skirt she has ever made has been flawless. Second she knows what she is doing with alphas. Some people don’t know how to control them. But Miko knows just what she is doing with them. By allowing the alphas to do their work, she gave the skirt a shifting diaphanous quality. I see lots of people do this, but that generally means they don’t know what they are up to—you can see a shadow of the body through the alphas and they just don’t look right. However, Miko MEANS to. The skirts shift subtly and with a quality that makes them beautiful. And gosh, how well did she finish the edges?

The killer about all this is this dress is a mere 350L! I have blown three or four times that much on dresses not as beautiful or well-constructed.

I don’t/won’t generally go on and on like this but Miko’s work has to be given it’s due respect. Yes, I know Miko—I guess I could call her a friend. But I bought this dress myself. Even if I didn’t know her, I would go on and on.


One other item I want to mention are Caliah Lyon’s earrings from Muse. The Chinoiserie Crimson and Gold Fan Earrings are an example of her amazing tiny prim work. Me? I let the prims tell me what they want to do. Caliah? She tells ‘em what they’re gonna do. Amazing.


Here’s the facts, Jack:

Hair: ETD Carolyn – Jet by Elikapeka Tiramisu for ETD, Elika Tiramisu Designs

Skin: Pulse Skin-Climax/Valeries T2 Venetian Red Blk F by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress (including flowers in hair): * *ICING* Chinoiserie by Miko Omegamu for *ICING*

Earrings: ~Muse~ Chinoiserie Crimson and Gold Fan Earrings by Caliah Lyon for ~Muse~