Celebrate the Festival of Lights

This weekend was significant for many in the world—it was Diwali, the festival of lights. While the original story given to the holiday varies among people–some say Rama came home after a long journey, some say Mahavira reached nirvana, and some say the sixth Guru was released and came home from imprisonment–Diwali is ultimately a time of great joy and celebration among many people in the Eastern hemisphere, and now the Western.

Diwali ultimately is about the victory of inner goodness over evil and lights are lit as a metaphor for the inner light. Seeing rows of candles lit up at a celebration, you realize how each inner light from a person comes to a beautiful overall glow. It’s a powerful metaphor wherein knowledge overcomes ignorance, beauty overcomes ugliness, and love overcomes hate.

Happy Diwali!

So it’s in keeping with the beauty of this holiday that I wear this sumptuous creation from maizon Rayna. A real life fashion designer, maizon brings her Italian fashion sensibilities to her work in SL. She explained to me that her men’s collection in SL replicates her RL collection.

I spotted this sari in her store and bought it after seeing her wear it. The prims are perfectly placed, from the hair piece on top to the jewels around the hips to the ankle bracelets. With its textures, both photosourced and photoshopped, the top and skirts are perfectly done, not a pixel out of place.

Happy Diwali!

To match the outfit, I chose to wear Nany Merlin’s skin and this gorgeous hair from Queue Marlowe.

Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali. May your light shine!

Hair: emma black by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog

Skin: Indian_M2 by Nany Merlin for Unique Megastore

Dress: INDIA by maizon Rayna for Terra D’Ombra