“My bedroom is my sanctuary.” ~ Vera Wang


There’s nothing like a cozy, sexy bedroom for a woman in SL. This great bed with color change sheets, pillows, blanket and headboard from JianSL at ROMP has a bunch of sexy animations for bedroom fun. Sway Dench has made a bunch of furniture and accessories in black and white that are EXCLUSIVE for the Mix Event this month so if you want them, get over there (and check their HUD for other great buys).

My sexy corset, which is topless and pantless (which I *mostly* hid) is Iki Akira’s exclusive at ROMP and honestly, it fits great over the Belleza Isis mesh body with few alterations. Sexy bowed platforms from Nardya Rousselot are one of two pairs she is featuring at ROMP and they come in sizes to fit Slink, Maitreya AND Belleza.


I AM wearing the Belleza Isis mesh body. Can’t you tell from my cute little can peeking out from beneath my corset? For matchy match, I have Shyla Diggs’ newest version of Amelia, a lovely lush set of skins she did exclusively for the Mix Event. My long (and modest) wavy hair is Shylah Honey’s newest for the Mix Event, and it comes with all their fantastic colors!


Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Dallas Rigged-Mesh by Shylah Honey for *~*Damselfly*~*, for the Mix Event *

Skin: -Belleza- Amelia DT MIX Makeup 4 with -Belleza- Amelia Deep Tan Brows – Dark Brown by Shyla Diggs for –Belleza *

Eyes: #adored – firstborn eyes – purple by Constance Daehlie for #adored *

Body: -Belleza- Isis by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza– *

Corset: Violent Seduction – Gilded Corset (Purple) by Iki Akiri for Violent Seduction, available at ROMP *

Bracelet: #adored – simply charmed bracelet – cuppin’ cake – gold by Constance Daehlie for #adored, available at Candy Fair *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Lola Heels Black (BELLEZA) by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix , available at ROMP *

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)


Saxton set by JianSL for JIAN, available at ROMP *

  • Jian – Saxton Bed (PG)
  • Jian – Saxton Nightstand (Hers)

Filis set by Sway Dench for Sway’s, for the Mix Event *

  • Sway’s [Filis] Chair A . B&W
  • Sway’s [Filis] Table . B&W black
  • Sway’s [Filis] Lamp trio . B&W
  • Sway’s [Filis] Tulips . B&W pink
  • Sway’s [Filis] Tulips . B&W purple

Wall Art: Photo of “Balloon Venus” by Jeff Koons


Holiday Melody—KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar, Day 15

Holiday Melody—KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar, Day 15

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ~ Confucius

Holiday Melody

For some, the soul of the Christmas holiday is music. First there are the carols, then the plays and performances, the “Messiah,” the Nutcracker, and the general celebrations with wine and song. My wall décor is a perfect reminder. Today’s gift in the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar, this great wall candle set from Colleen Desmoulins gives a small glow to your home and brings song to your home. Colleen made it in two versions: a black iron and a more rustic distressed metal so you can accessorize your home to your pleasure. What a beautiful piece!

I put on this party dress from Wicca Merlin, made especially for the holidays, complete with materials in the textures, to celebrate. Wicca has taken a template mesh dress and done some great things with it, including adding small accessories that I don’t show here. She even includes gloves with Slink hand appliers.

Holiday Melody

My skin is Shyla Diggs; gorgeous new skin for The Liaison Collaborative. With thin arched brows, a beautifully shaded and lined eye and her full sexy lips, this skin will dress up your holiday exquisitely. MissAllSunday Lemon made this holiday hair for this month’s FaMESHed and as usual it’s a lovely look with her exquisite use of face-framing locks and wisps. Abraxxa Anatine made this lovely snowflake necklace for the holiday. It comes with gorgeous earrings which, of course, I can’t show but they are there. With gems dropping off the snowflakes, it’s a lovely reminder of the season.

Holiday Melody

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Holly Mesh Hair – Black coffee by MissAllSunday Lemon for /Wasabi Pills/, available at FaMESHed *

Skin: -Belleza- Mae TLC Med 3 Dk by Shyla Diggs for –Belleza-, available at The Liaison Collaborative *

Eyes: #adored – dawn eyes – hazel by Constance Daehlie for #adored, available at AnyBody *

Dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Carol Gown [White/Red] by Wicca Merlin for Wicca’s Wardrobe *

Necklace: EarthStones Snowfall Necklace by Abraxxa Anatine for EarthStones *

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed by Siddean Munro for Slink

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet High by Siddean Munro for Slink

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix La Nuza Stiletto Black (Slink) by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *

Poses by Luth Brodie for Reel Expression (no longer available)

Wall décor: The Loft – Noteworthy Wall Candles v.1 and v. 2 by Colleen Desmoulins for The Loft, GIFT available exclusively in the KittyCatS & Friends Advent Calendar *

Holiday Melody



“Some people are born to make great art and others are born to appreciate it. … It is a kind of talent in itself, to be an audience, whether you are the spectator in the gallery or you are listening to the voice of the world’s greatest soprano. Not everyone can be the artist. There have to be those who witness the art, who love and appreciate what they have been privileged to see.” ~ Ann Patchett, Bel Canto


I watched an opera the other night and realized I am not meant to create but just to enjoy with unveiled enthusiasm the creations of others. Seeing Renee Fleming sing moved me, and I felt that transcendence that the best art provides. I can’t create that but I can certainly appreciate it.

My friend, Tab, in a search for an SL equivalent to a RL design, found this dress from Areve and offered to get it if I would model it. We were both astonished by its architectural lines and beautiful design, rendered wonderfully in mesh and in white, no less, which is a hard one to do in textures. It’s sexy, elegant, powerful. Barely, upon seeing the photo of this dress, said, “That dress says to me: ‘Under this fabric lies the woman who will extract every last drop from you.’” Just my kinda dress.


These shoes from Nardya Rousselot from the Liaison Collaborative echo the design lines of the dress. I am so happy Nardya is back to making shoes and the sweetheart makes them for Slink, Belleza and other feet. They are so exquisitely rendered with such gorgeous design, it’s a shame to wear anything else but the shoes. However, I would get arrested showing up on the Immense sim mostly nude. I could wear the great ring and earrings from Aleida Rhode that just came out at L’Accessoires and then I would be dressed, right?


Sawsan Secretspy’s sophisticated skin is perfect for this dress. Beautifully shadowed with defined brows and beautiful eyes I highlight with a liner from Constance Daehlie, the skin speaks to the elegance of the dress. I chose dramatic locks from Catwa Clip to complete the look. I knew I needed something windblown, voluminous and curvy to match the tight lines of the dress and this was it.


Hair: CATWA HAIR Hanna by Catwa Clip for CaTwA

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Poison Darktan by sawsan Secretspy for .::WoW skins::., available at Designer Circle *

Eyes: Egozy.Eyes (Grey) by Nicole Button for Egozy *

Liner: #adored – go to liners – triple threat by Constance Daehlie for #adored *

Dress: -Pixicat- Femke.Gown – White by Areve for -Pixicat-

Jewelry: Elysium – Denmark earring and ring – ivory by Aleida Rhode for Elysium, available at L’Accessoires *

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail appliers: Ma Vie. – Les Vernis – Metals by Mavi Beck of Ma Vie

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet High by Siddean Munro for Slink

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Delila Stiletto Black (SLINK) by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix, available at The Liaison Collaborative *

Poses by Dahriel for *PosESioN*

Taken at AMESTATE on Immense. Build by Colpo Wexler

My Name Is Red

My Name Is Red

“I’m so fortunate to be red! I’m fiery. I’m strong. I know men take notice of me and that I cannot be resisted.

I do not conceal myself: For me, delicacy manifests itself neither in weakness nor in subtlety, but through determination and will. So, I draw attention to myself. I’m not afraid of other colours, shadows, crowds or even of loneliness. How wonderful it is to cover a surface that awaits me with my own victorious being! Wherever I’m spread, I see eyes shine, passions increase, eyebrows rise and heartbeats quicken. Behold how wonderful it is to live! Behold how wonderful to see. I am everywhere. Life begins with and returns to me. Have faith in what I tell you.”

~ “My Name is Red” by Orhan Pamuk

My Name Is Red

Barely sent me a snap of Ziki Questi in this dress and I had had HAD to have it. It’s a buy on Marketplace from LindaB Helendale, a mesh dress with color and texture change HUD for the little coins and links. With materials added to the mix, the whole piece is a sexy mod (modern, not modifiable) dress for the hottest nights out. It fit absolutely perfectly over the Belleza Mesh Body, which will be seeing developer kits (today!), updates to the current body, and new versions very very soon, according to Tricky Boucher (who has listened to all the feedback and wrapped in many new improvements). Join the Skin Addiction group to get the gossip!

My Name Is Red

I used the Omega Applier HUD to wear my great underwear, which was designed originally for PhatAzz. With a little swapping of scripts and the additional HUD for the Belleza body, I was in business. My gorgeous sexy shoes are Nardya Rousselot’s stilettos, which she has made for Slink or Belleza feet.

Shyla Diggs’ new Grace skin matches the body perfectly, of course, and completely fits because it’s as sexy as sexy gets. I wore one of the lipstick tattoos and added a whole lot of sexy in one click. Truth Hawks recently presented this new, sexy long hair with bangs, which flows down in straight but sexy locks.

My Name Is Red

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ambrosia by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: -Belleza- Grace SK 5 Br with -Belleza- Grace SK Gloss 3 by Shyla Diggs for –Belleza– *

Eyes: #adored – cloud eyes – midnight – a by Constance Daehlie for #adored *

Body: -Belleza- Venus by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza– *

Dress: Lindaline diskdress standardsize by LindaB Helendale for Lindaline

Underthing: [La Baguette] Hot Panties no stocking Red by Aristas for La Baguette

Applier: [LNL] Omega Combo Bottom Applier by Chellynne Bailey for Love-N-Lust Designs

Necklace: **Feel**DoubleChainDiamondNecklace by Atuko Cliassi for ***Feel*** *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix La Nuza Stiletto Patent Red (Belleza) by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *

Poses by Olaenka Chesnokov for oOo *

The Firebird

When I assembled this ensemble, the first thing I thought of was the Firebird, the mythical bird in Igor Stravinsky’s ballet, a rare and beautiful creature who wants only her freedom.

The Firebird

This beautiful dress from Shea Paule, an initial offering in his new “SoftWear” line (as opposed to his “HardWear” line for men), is ideal for the Firebird. With its feathered hem and collar, backless shape and glittering touches (look closely at the chains he so finely built for the back), it’s a gorgeous ensemble for a special look. He includes prettily adorned shoes (which I don’t show here cuza my shoes from Nardya Rousselot were so perfect for this look) and a gorgeously-made necklace and earrings with the ensemble.

The Firebird

I thought this skin from Inka Mexicola would be perfect for the beautiful Firebird with its smokey eyes and bold blush. I like these heavy brows for this Firebird as they define her gorgeous eyes (as always from Ikon Innovia). My hair is from DJAngel Fallen, who has opened a new(ish) store with static hair styles. I love how this ponytail curls around to the front and the bangs are face-defining, again bringing focus on the eyes.

The Firebird

Words are only painted fire; a look is the fire itself. ~ Mark Twain

Hair: Angel – Jane  _Brick by DJAngel Fallen for Angel

Skin: ~Essences ~Alma 01 / nougat with :: Essences :: Hairbase – Red by Inka Mexicola for Essences

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Gold (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress (with Jewelry): [SoftWear] Spring Fugue – poppy by Shea Paule for [SoftWear] *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Rosa Maria Fire by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *

Flower of the Mountain

“…I was a Flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the Andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes. “

~ James Joyce, “Ulysses” (inspiration for Kate Bush)

Flower of the Mountain

What do Andalusian girls wear? Roses in their hair, at their waist, beautiful dresses. This dress from Mami Jewell would suit an Andalusian girl just fine with its bold red color and bright blowsy roses. Mami makes a sheer texture like no other in SL—there are no alpha clashes—it’s pure netting and light and airy in the flexi settings. The system pieces are rendered perfectly, as always. Mami is generously donating proceeds from this dress for Japanese relief—to help folks in her own country.

Flower of the Mountain

My skin is a new one from Diarmiud Miklos. I was struck by the beautiful rendering of the features and the gorgeous collarbone. (These things matter, people!) The hair base is not truly black hair—it’s more dark brown, so I wore a mixed color updo from DBS Heart rather than a straight black. I tucked a rose from Siyu Suen above my ear and donned extravagantly beautiful earrings from Dita Tron.

Flower of the Mountain

You can’t see my shoes in the first two shots but they are under there. (I took off the skirt to show them). A new offering from Nardya Rousselot, they are being featured at the Shoe Fair. Nardya is back in action in SL again, and thank goodness for that. Her toes are the some of the loveliest tootsies in SL and her styling is influenced by her South American life. Check out the great metallic accents on the straps that Nardya so skillfully renders. These are pretty darn hot for any girl, even an Andalusian girl ;)

Flower of the Mountain

Written while listening to Kate Bush’s “Flower of the Mountain” and struggling with shadows in Firestorm.

Hair: ::DBS::Mireya-ebonytan by DBS Heart for Bishwear

Skin: ISPACHI Skin [ PORTIA ] Tanned ~ Hair/Bluebells by Diarmuid Miklos for ISPACHI, available at the Skin and Shape Expo *

Makeup: M.O.C.K Cosmetics Red Hot Lipstain  (Lipcolor only) by Mocksoup Graves for M.O.C.K Cosmetics

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: -AZUL- Esperanca/Egretta(Red)/Japan Relief Fundraiser by Mami Jewell for –AZUL- *

Earrings: NEW – FuLo – “Lacie” earring – Ruby by Dita Tran for FuLo *

Rose: *~*Hair Rose: Red/Copy by Siyu Suen for *~*Illusions*~*

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Rosa Maria Fire by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *


What I am is what I am
Are you what you are or what?

~ “What I Am” by Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians


A casual look is what is needed this spring—something good for the change in seasons. I always loved girls who could wear their hair down and casually pull on a pair of jeans and look all put together. This wrap top from Lalu Bonetto is ideal for a casual look like this with its pretty retro floral print. Skinny jeans from Onyx LeShelle also make this look—chic and casual with a snug sexy fit. Nardya Rousselot’s sandals with their cute little toes makes this look complete.


Sachi Vixen has been making more new skins. This fresh lovely look is a new one from her with eyeshadows and lipsticks as she always provides. I opted for a fresh springy eyeshadow. My hair is from Helyanwe Vindaloo, who gives tossed locks a fresh update with this full style and bobby pins.


Don’t let me get too deep
Don’t let me get too deep

Hair: [ploom] Christy – Sienna by Helyanwe Vindaloo for [ploom]

Skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Paige Natural – Bare with Adam n Eve Tattoo Paige Eyeshadow Apple Natural by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Top: Puffed-Eye Shirt #2 by Lalu Bonetto for GATO

Pants: Maitreya Skinny Jeans (no prims version)  – #06 by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Bracelet: *JDD* Turquoise Moon Bracelet (Rt) by Dana Kingsford (no longer available)

Belt: MTP Ladies Los Ojos Concho belt by Jon Ree for Mustang Trading Post

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Vixie Nutmeg by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *

Too Beautiful to Work

I have a lot of stuff to do—blogs to write, hair to demo, KittyCatS to feed, chickens to knit. But I have to pause and just enjoy Harper for a second.

Too Beautiful to Work

It’s because of LeeZu Baxter’s newest dress offered in the Noir line. It seems LeeZu has been enjoying a burst of creative energy lately. She has been sending out beautiful content for a few weeks now and she has also posted free wallpapers she has made. (As if she doesn’t have enough to do!) This dress is an assemblage of beauty with its combination of netting, feathers, ribbons, and sculpted stamen with an A-line silhouette, sleek gloves and a sweet little hair piece.

Too Beautiful to Work

My skin is from Gianni Broda (renamed Harlen Christy in-world but for search purposes, Gianna Broda). This skin, while a little flat, is a great alternative if you like a more anime look. My hair is from the lovely Chiaki Xue, who is cranking out new content at an amazing rate. Her textures are sublime, especially when it comes to wavy hair, and she has a real knack for shorter styles. I love wearing her boy hair but this time I have one of her girl hairs on with its lovely light blonde coloring. I wore Ikon’s eyes in a larger size here to further push that anime look, dark eyes which are especially beguiling with this light skin and hair.

Too Beautiful to Work

Written while listening to The Luyas “Too Beautiful to Work.”

Hair: **Dura-Girl**18(Blonde)resize by Chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: *CASHMERE*Godiva(Latte)GLARE by Gianni Broda for *CASHMERE*

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Brown (L) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: [LeeZu!] NOiR Papillon De Nuit Dress by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Eva Black by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix

Spring Forward

We have already had the time change where I live and it’s been a great boon to my spirits. It’s great to have daylight last into the dinner hour again.

Spring Forward

SarahTheRed Aurbierre is selling this fresh and lovely dress as a Fashion for Life exclusive in her store. Click on the vendor, buy it, and all proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society. I can’t help but gush over this dress, which is light in its texture and movement and provides a simple canvas for dressing up in many different ways.

Spring Forward

That’s why accessorizing is so important. AvaGardner Kungler’s beautiful jewelry set with its exquisite beads and textures pops on a simple background. Lara Hurley’s beautiful skin provides a richness to this look with its deep tone, smooth texture and nuanced highlights. Lara doesn’t overdo it, which makes this skin elegant and understated. Elikapeka Tiramisu’s ponytail with the face-framing short bangs, is a pretty top to this look.

Spring Forward

The ultimate accessory are the shoes, of course, which can make or break you. Nardya Rousselot’s lovely new sandals (in gold!), complete this look stylishly. With a delicate little ankle buckle and some of the prettiest toes on the grid, these can go from a more casual look like this to something really dressy in a snap.

Spring Forward

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

Hair: [e] Glory – Black 07 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira

Skin: Lara Hurley-Ava green hairbase/Dark by Lara Hurley for Lara Hurley Skin

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Clover Green (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: ***FFL Exclusive*** Vanitas Vesture – Languid Party Dress – Spring by SarahTheRed Aurbierre for Vanitas Vesture *

Jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Marajoara – nature by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers Extra *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Edith Gold by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *