Go Packers!

On Sundays where I live, there is so much green and gold on every living person, it’s enough to make one wonder if investing in gold and green dye plants would make one a millionaire. Packers fans are about as devoted as they get, and with this weekend’s battle against the Minnesota Vikings, there was a buzz in the air. We wanted to CREAM the Vikings. And we did! I am sorry to say, but there was something so satisfying seeing Brett Favre throw that last minute incomplete. (My international friends can pretend they are above all this but I have seen the World Cup. You don’t have to know the players or game to know the feeling ;))

Go Packers!

Well, the biggest fans know it requires more than just cheering—it requires a sort of psychic oneness with the team to get them through. And this psychic oneness necessitates dressing up in the team colors in the most outrageous ways in order to push that ball through the end posts. Rob1977 Moonites accommodated me in my efforts by making his very cute Jackson sweater in green and gold. (I don’t think he intended this at all—he’s Irish and probably has no idea who the Packers are but it’s a lucky coincidence, dontcha think?)  Skinny jeans from Gin Galtier with a yellow pocket make it all nice matchy matchy.

Go Packers!

I modified this hair from Kavar Cleanslate to make it greener. I hope the dye washes out tomorrow—eek! Tiff Aristocrat has made some darling facepaints for the 2.0 tattoo layer that bring out the spirit in all of us (though I would caution her against using trademarked team names for them). We know that’s why LL made that tattoo layer–so we can show our team spirit!

I love these high tops from Coke Dreadlow. They are beautifully sculpted, textured and scripted to let a person change the colors all over the shoe. A custom-made Packer Backer sneaker! (Say THAT three times fast!) And my beer helmet? Well ya know, it’s never a Packer game without some beer. (Found this in Blazed Undercity’s head shop—I don’t think I laughed quite so much as the night I visited that place.)

Go Packers!

Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn’t do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another. ~ Vince Lombardi

Hair: Exile Dori/aqua by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile (modified)

Skin: *YS & YS* Andrea 07 Passion by Monicuzza Babenco for *YS & YS*

Makeup: Facepaint Green Bay Colors ‘half’ – f by Tiff Aristocrat for ***Sports Teams Face Paint

Sweater: *FIR & MNA* The Jackson Sweater Green Womens by Rob1977 Moonites for *FIR & MNA* *

Jeans: Djinn & Tonic [Bootcut Denim, Dark & Belted] YELLOW  by Gin Galtier for Djinn and Tonic *

Scarf: >TRUTH<  Lygon Scarf [yellow stripe] by Pixel Chrome for >TRUTH<

Socks: *Sprawl* Scrunchy Sock (green) by Pushbutton Skolnick for Sprawl

Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 by Coke Dreadlow for Urban Bomb Unit

Hat: !Blazed.BeerHelmet by Blazed Undercity for OD Games & Scripts

Goodnight Moon

The other night we had a ‘jama party at Tiphares. I threw on my FAVORITE jammies and pulled out one of my many teddy bears. (How does this happen that I have so many teddy bears in inventory? And, no, they are not Linden bears.)

Goodnight Moon

The jammies, which I can’t find on the grid anymore, were a darling early offering from Pushbutton Skolnick. With their footed bottoms and the soft cloudy print, I thought they were a terrific change from the same old lingerie. I mean, who really WEARS lace to bed? The whole point of it is that it’s itchy and you take it OFF. With these jammies, they stay on all night while you snuggle your bear.

Goodnight Moon

The hair I chose is sweet girly pigtails from Hinano Runo. I got this one a while ago—before Hal*Hina started occupying their current large store. They are long enough to bypass the simply girly look into a more coquettish, fantasy look—something a sexy young woman would wear to *pretend* to be girly. I offset that sex appeal with a freckled skin from Pulse’s new Harmony line.

Goodnight Moon

And my sweet bear is from Sakuya Lane, who also carries other fascinating accessories, like exquisite little tea sets and pretty bonbons on trays and ice cream at her shop, Feather. She also has a line of clothes, mostly of the Lolita flavor with some kimonos and jewelry.

Goodnight Moon

“Goodnight cow jumping over the moon…”

Hair: = Hal*Hina = [brown] Hair -Josephine- by Hinano Runo

Skin: Pulse Skin-Harmony-Freckled by Lorac Farella by Pulse Skins*

Jammies: *PBI* Nighty-Night Footy PJs (Blue) (E.) by Pushbutton Skolnick for Pushbutton Industries, now Sprawl, and she also owns The Velvet, a brilliant club in SL

Bear: toy_bear12_chocolate by Sakuya Lane for Feather