Times are a little rough in SL and RL. I don’t need to enumerate the number of issues and complaints that could be listed here. Why rehash? At times like this, retail therapy is a good thing, and it’s especially good in SL where a completely new look costs me something along the lines of a nice big double latte frappe. (Ya think LL would use this for marketing ;))


Today’s retail therapy took me to Yaszi Mornington’s place for a darling jacket with morning-glory motif. My friend Erehwon beat me to it, so I got the pretty yellow flowers and slipped it on. Oh.. relief. Yaszi has cleverly constructed this jacket so the skirt hangs down with an open belt (and covers my ample back end) and has a lovely little sculpty collar and great cuffs. I wear cute little capris from Aree Lulibub and sweet little shoes from sakka Flow.


The skin is Tuli Asturias’ new offering for The Dressing Room, starting today. With its subtle shading, summery lip and gray eye shadow, it’s a different coloring than one can normally find. But it’s typical of Tuli—so pretty.


Win or lose, we go shopping after the election. ~ Imelda Marcos

Hair: Sophie – Autumn by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room LE :: Gina 02 by Tuli Asturias for Tuli, exclusively available at The Dressing Room *

Jacket: Meriken Co. “ANSWER” Green by Yaszi Mornington for Meriken Co.

Top: *GC* Plain Tank by Giana Paine for Gigi Couture

Capris: Petunia Rolled Cuff Chinos, Vanilla by Aree Lulibub for Petunia

Shoes: ~~Sakka’s Studio~~ Flat shoes /Sash [ Cream ] by sakka Flow for ~~Sakka’s Studio~~

In Just Spring

It’s just spring (when the world is mud luscious ;)) and I am so ready to greet the colors and warmth of spring leading up to.. summer. (What? I am already on that?) The bestest part is how spring is the harbinger of new life, new thoughts, new energies.

The Newness of Spring

Ergo it’s time for a new designer. Veronica Composer is just starting out and has opened a new little dress store outside an out-of-the-way club, but it’s promising, especially taking a look at this lovely dress (which was priced at a reasonable 100L). She uses photosourcing for her bodice and pulls it into the skirt, but she has done some really nice work layering a translucent over a solid to make the skirt more like chiffon. It’s sweet and lovely

The Newness of Spring

I styled it with this really cute necklace from Jon Ree that I picked up a couple months ago. He does some really great Western jewelry with turquoise and silver with carnelian or leather. If you’re a cowgirl, go check his stuff out. Heck, check his place out either way.

The Newness of Spring

When the world is puddle-wonderful:

Hair: >TRUTH< Melinda – auburn by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) 03a by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Dress: VIVID*Lezzal Green BabyDoll Tourquois Dress by Veronica Composer for VIVID

Necklace: Necklace — Two-step turquoise by Jon Ree for Mustang Trading Post

Earrings: ~~Sakka’s Studio~~Pierced earring /  Silver  wing by sakka Flow for Sakka’s Studio

Shoes: * Decoy Shoes: Francisco II Wedges – Aqua by Annette Voight for Decoy

P.S. Thank you, mr cummings, for the poem.

Day Off

I’m having one of those days when I just want to run away and take the day off. I don’t want to do my hair, dress up, sort my notecards, talk to anyone—I just want to be left alone to torture prims or something.

Day Off

I want to wear something comfy, so I put on this really cute tank top from Babyhoney Bailey. The former model is now a fashion maker herself, and wow, she really does some great work. I LOVE this tank—the subtle shadows, the print with the vintage ladies, the flirty skirt.

Day Off

I paired it up with jeans from Miseria Daines. They are really well done with rips and wrinkles and that sort of relaxed grungy feel that is so important on a day like today.

Day Off

My hair’s a mess, thanks to Kavar Cleanslate. This style is my wavy hair, loosely tied, needing a wash probably. But still looking cute!

Finally, slip on clogs from sakka Flow. Easy, comfy, ideal when I am flopping around the sim, trying to force a prim to my will and ignoring the blue screens in the corner.

Day Off

Well after realizing how cute I look, the day is looking up:

Hair: Exile Monica/coffee by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile *

Skin: Pulse Skin-Life/Tone 4 Warm m1by Lorac Farella for Pulse *

Top: Djinn & Tonic – Vintage Tank (Femme Faces) by Babyhoney Bailey for Djinn & Tonic

Jeans: [Miseria] Bitter Jeans – Dust by Miseria Daines for [Miseria]

Clogs: Sakka’s Studio ** Clog Shoes/ Caramel buckskin by sakka Flow for Sakka’s Studio

Feeling Suede

(nova) by NovaStar Shilova has been hovering below my radar for a little while. I got a cool kimono from RFL made by her, but I really didn’t think much more about it until my friend Valeries suggested I check out her stuff.

(nova) has a variety of cool clothes–swimsuits, kimonos, evening dresses, and some really cute pre-assembled ensembles (all styled from top to bottom for you). However, I went straight to the wall of suede, and I was hooked. I could *smell* the suede—you know that rich smell when you walk in a store that has fine leather and suede goods. (nova) has suede pants, suede jackets, suede vests, suede cinchers and hotpants, suede catsuits, suede corsets, suede bikinis, and she has this hotter’n heck suede minidress which comes with a hoodie and an optional skirt that can be worn over pants (like a little jacket).  They come in a variety of colors—cream, mocha, caramel, chocolate, espresso, and black.

Feeling Suede

The details are something else… check out the zipper down the back…

Feeling Suede

Then she has belts, bracelets, cowboy hats, driving gloves, mules, pumps, cowboy boots, ankle boots, and these killer riding boots—all suede.

Feeling Suede

I chose to style this outfit with two pieces of jewelry. The necklace I got after wandering around a great little sim looking for something from Beanie Canning’s blog, Beanie Loves Japan! The middle stone is color change, and it cost something paltry like 50L. The bracelet is from the incredible Fallingwater Cellardoor.

Feeling Suede

The suede facts:

Hair: Armidi Hair – The Angel I – Hazelberry by Lola Marquez for Armidi

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries T: Sienna/Citrus BRN by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: (nova) suede dress CHOCOLATE by NovaStar Shilova for (nova)

Boots: (nova) riding boots CHOCOLATE by NovaStar Shilova for (nova)

Necklace: ~~Sakka’s Studio~~ Leather strap necklace / Color ring by sakka Flow for ~~Sakka’s Studio~~

Bracelet: (Shiny Things) Brown strung leather bracelet, red beads by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things