It wasn’t the blackness of your hair
nor the brown beneath your eyes,
it was the passion of your
kisses that enchained me.

~ Traditional Solea


Saya Littlething has made a beautiful line of mesh flamenco gowns, so of course I need to wear one because flamenco is one of my favorite things. With a beautiful lace texture and ruffles going up the legs and across the decolletage, the gown is a lovely piece of work and moves well. (I was dancing with it to test—for the sake of my lovely readers, of course.) I wore gorgeous strappy shoes from Eku Zhong that were made for Slink feet but with minimal moving, fit the Belleza body just fine.


I am wearing one of Sawsan Secretspy’s newest skins, this one made for the Black Dot Event. I love the elegance of this one with its classic makeups and beautiful brows. I have matched it to the Belleza mesh body and it looks pretty seamless. Truth Hawks made this tumbled curly ‘do for the Uber event, a very good choice for the event as it’s sexy and classic all at once. Sometimes long hair is not necessary for sexy.


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Vixen by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH<, available at Uber *

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Aisha Darktan 02 by sawsan Secretspy for .::WoW skins::., available at the Black Dot Event *

Eyes: #adored – dream eyes – black coffee by Constance Daehlie for #adored

Body: -Belleza- Venus by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza– *

Dress: [Scarlet] Lilire / Fitted Mesh Gown by Saya Littlething for *::Schoen::* *

Shoes: KoiKoi Mambo by eku Zhong for KoiKoi *

Poses by Annemarit Jarvinen for KaTink and Tutys for Tutys

Haiku Found

Found Haiku

Holding on to the
mistake continues to be
a bigger mistake.

~ Serendipitous Haiku from the New York Times, taken from Shining Examples for Marlins Team Seeking Its Way Back by Tyler Kepner

Found Haiku

April is National Poetry Month and my regular readers know that this will be greeted with happiness in my corner because I love poetry. Poetry, to many, seems inaccessible, obtuse, emotional or rigid, which is a shame because it’s anything but. It’s a fool’s game for sure—being a poet is no way to make a living for most people but then being a ballet dancer is a rare occupation as is being a rocket scientist.

The truth is poetry can be found everywhere, as the New York Times proves with their Serendipitous Haiku. Ostensibly it’s a computer program that scans the articles published on their website and finds 17 syllable sentences that can be broken into the traditional 5/7/5 syllable line with an emphasis on the potential of a deliverable moment of enlightenment. Some of the haiku the computer finds certainly do this as show by my examples.

I bring up the haiku form to illustrate, of course, the Japan Fair 2014, which is its own found poem. The build is lovely, the content sold at the fair is gorgeous, and the intentions are good—to gather Japanese creators in SL to donate a portion of their proceeds to Shelter Box, a charity in the UK which delivers boxes with tents and other aid to displaced families who need temporary shelter. The build was peaceful and lovely to walk around, a testament to the kind gesture of the fair.

Found Haiku

Take, for example, this gorgeous dress from my friend Saya Littlething. Saya has made a number of items for Japan Fair, all of them donating 100% to Shelter Box in their sales. This kimono-print dress, made from a mesh sheath joined with a flexi skirt and tied with a large kimono-influenced bow, can take you from Japan to a formal ballroom in seconds. I found my sexy geta-inspired heels from Rei2 Aya, made for the Slink high feet, at the Fair as well, with a portion of their sales donated to Shelter Box.

My windblown hair is offered by Rika Oyen, who has several hair styles at the fair, and my gorgeous headpiece, embellished with flowers, painted porcelain, ribbons and a tassle, is Gin Fhang’s generous donation for Shelter Box. My collar, which I tinted, is a gift to visitors at Hays Uriza’s store, which features gorgeous jewelry.

I wanted to show this look with Inka Mexicola’s porcelain skin, which she is selling at Kustom9. I find the the heavy defined brows and deep expressive eyes absolutely beautiful and the perfect deep red bow lips and blush to add the sort of beautiful color and bloom this found haiku of a look needs.

Found Haiku

My love for him poured
over me, a thick honey
of adoration.

~ Serendipitous Haiku from the New York Times, taken from “His Promise Would Not Be Denied” by Jessica Rassette

Hair: *ARGRACE* HARUKA – Black by rika Oyen for Argrace, available at Japan Fair 2014

Skin: Essences – Olyvia k902*light rose* brunette by Inka Mexicola for Essences, available at Kustom9

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Pixi~ Abyss Eye by Funeral Plutonian for {S0NG}

Dress: *::Schoen::* Kimono gown typeIII for Japan Fair by Saya Littlething for *::Schoen::*, available at Japan Fair 2014 *

Hairpiece: *:..Silvery K..:*Head Dress(Sakura japon) by gin Fhang for *:..Silvery K..:*, available at Japan Fair 2014

Neck Ribbon: HAYSURIZA_Neck_ribbon_(Stainless steel) by Hays Uriza for HAYSURIZA, available at Japan Fair 2014 (modified)

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant Right and Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture Left by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail appliers: Nailed It – Slink – Baiastice’s Yara Set I by Giela Delpaso for Nailed It *

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet High by Siddean Munro for Slink

Shoes: r2 A/D/E jf wedge {purple} by rei2 Aya for r2 Fashion, available at Japan Fair 2014

Poses by Valencia Southard for Marukin

Photographed at Japan Fair 2014

Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~ Marcel Proust

Spring Blossom

Today it was 60 degrees out and yes, you bet I was out on my bike! My cuffs got sprayed with water but I got a new fender thing in back so no stripe up the back! And it was puddle wonderful outside! I am waiting for the blossoms to bloom and Saya Littlething’s kimono for the Fashion Pride event, which is a fundraiser for the AIDS Committee of Toronto, sponsored by RGF Estates, is the closest I could find today. Giela Delpaso’s nails (which I wear here but you can barely see—sorry) are also being sold at this event. I picked up geta half price from Yuri Trice at the Slink West opening. It’s fun to peek in all the different places and see all the items that have been made to go with Slink!

Spring Blossom

The big news is, of course, that Skin Fair is opening in a few days (March 14). I have seen some amazing skins at the preview I attended, and I will be dedicating myself to sharing my favorites with my readers. The first is Sawsan Secretspy’s Yuki skin, which is one of two she is offering as an exclusive at Skin Fair. Sawsan includes 5 beautiful makeups and a natural skin with appliers and a butt applier and offers the skin in Tan, Bronze and Dark Tan. I think you can see how beautifully delicate the skin is, perfect for spring. You will find Sawsan’s store on Sim 1 of the Skin Fair (see below).

Mr. M4ri1yn Magic has made this darling unisexy ponytail for Collabor88. With wisps of hair that curl away from the face, it’s great for RP or just pretty looks like this one. I couldn’t resist using the Monsoon hud with bright color combos to match Saya’s kimono.

Spring Blossom

Merrily, merrily shall I live now,
Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.”

~ William Shakespeare

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~Low hair – (Ladies) with ~Tableau Vivant~ Low Hair HUD – Monsoon by M4ri1yn Magic for Tableau Vivant, available at Collabor88 *

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Yuki Tan 04 by Sawsan Secretspy for .::WoWSkins::., available at Skin Fair (Sim 1) (opens March 14) *

Eyes: .ID. Bright Eyes / Reg / EarthSpriung Blossom by Audrey Lamede for Insufferable Dastard

Kimono: *::Schoen::* Kimono gown typeII for Fashion Pride by Saya Littlething for Schoen, available at Fashion Pride, opens today! *

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Left and Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant Right by Siddean Munro for Slink

Nail Appliers: Nailed It – Slink – The Fashion Pride Set by Giela Delpaso for Nailed It, available at Fashion Pride, opens today! *

Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat by Siddean Munro for Slink

Geta: :::LP::: Geta Sandals L [Female] – Cherry by yani Tryce for Le Primitif, available at Slink West

Poses from the Geisha set by Tutys for Tutys


The Skin Fair 2014 - Map - Sim 1 wow

I Think Pink

“The very pink of perfection.” ~ Oliver Goldsmith

I Think Pink

Saya Littlething, the creator of Schoen, decided to contribute to Fashion for Life because her father is being treated for cancer of the large intestine. Recently, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan affected her family as well as they live near the epicenter.

Saya continued to support Fashion for Life because cancer was her main concern and the main thing touching her life, earthquake and tsunami notwithstanding. Despite the trouble in her country, she persisted with Fashion for Life, and she has continued to do so by offering this cute jacket as a donation item in her store with all proceeds going directly to the American Cancer Society. Her shop is full of cute items, many of them considerably well crafted and great for casual wear for men and women.

I Think Pink

I wear with shoes from Renee Harvy, another FFL offering at her store and skin from Monicuzza Babenco, recently offered at The Dressing Room. My pants are from Anessa Stine, model and now designer, who has taken the DCNY label under her wing and is filling the store with new creations weekly.

Finally, my hair is from the always friendly chiaki Xue, who partnered up with mappy Handrick of ARAI to make this cute style. I saw it on a man the other day and it wasn’t bad, but I sure like it for a girl, especially with its color change hat.


I Think Pink

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude! ~ Miley Cyrus

Hair (with hat): Dura x ARAI Curl(Black) by Chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: *YS & YS* Amber – Rainbow for Tdr by Monicuzza Babenco for *YS & YS*

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Eggplant Deep (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Jacket: ***FFL Exclusive*** ::Schoen:: Froh (Pink) by Saya Littlething for ::Schoen:: *

Pants: DCNY_Zip Pocket Pants_Black by Anessa Stine for DCNY *

Shoes: ***FFL Exclusive*** ::Duh!:: Floral Linen Flats Silver by Renee Harvy for ::Duh!:: *

Why we are in Fashion for Life

Dear Readers–

As many of you might know, I have been leading the organization of Fashion for Life for the past three months, and honestly, it’s been a lot of work and stress. Nevertheless, I think it will be worth it.

I decided to take this on for a few reasons: First, I personally know Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin, and I know they were straining under the weight of the RFL Clothing Fair. They truly needed to take care of things for themselves in their “real lives” and when they dropped out, I didn’t want to see all their hard work and the momentum that the RFL Clothing Fair had gained go to waste.

Second, I knew Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society had a top-notch reputation in SL, and I knew that my personal standards for how charitable donations would be collected were in place. I feel very strongly about this. I know SL can be a great place to raise funds, but I think oftentimes it is done poorly. The RFL in SL has the structures in place and a professional representative in world to make sure it’s done right.

Most important, however, was that I knew the cause was a truly worthy one and one that people across the grid from around the world could engage with, regardless of politics or religion, regardless of class or gender. Cancer touches many lives and is something, we have discovered, can truly be combated with research and knowledge, technology and development.

The funds raised during the Fashion for Life will be contributed directly to the American Cancer Society to go towards prevention, support, lobbying and research. And these funds’ positive effect can be seen: When my grandmother had a cancerous tumor in the 80s, her diagnosis was bleak and her treatment painful. I see how much tings have improved now when my dear friend Raven’s father beats breast cancer after chemotherapy without substantial nausea, when my friend Nadya gets effective lung cancer treatment from radiation, when my neighbor Lynne goes into remission from a rare and generally deadly form of blood cancer after treatment–and all of them retain a quality of life much better than my grandmother had.

This is much more than a virtual fashion event–it’s a fund raiser that has makes a tiny little dent in a very big problem. It was worth it to me. I hope it’s worth it to you to join us and enjoy the beautiful and hard-made creations of over 190 designers and 8 builders.



One of our missions for Fashion for Life is to have fun, but underneath all the fun is a very serious thing. We are making money for the American Cancer Society because so many people are touched by the effects of cancer around the world. Turn to anyone you know and they will tell you of someone they loved or knew that was lost to cancer.

Many of the designers participating in Fashion for Life are doing so for very personal reasons. A few have been gracious enough to share their stories…

Why we are in Fashion for Life

Five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, ten years after my first battle with the disease. Thanks to breakthrough cancer research, the biotherapy drug Herceptin had just been approved for general use after successful clinical trials, and my cancer was treatable with Herceptin. I am still in remission, thanks to this drug. My sister-in-law and a dear friend are both cancer free after Herceptin therapy also. We are the “miracle sisters.” In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma which was treated successfully with surgery. Sarcoma strikes especially hard at children, and most are not as lucky as I was. Cancer research saves lives. I want to help. That is why it is so important to me to be part of Fashion for Life.

~ Kerryth Tarantal

Why we do Fashion for Life

My father is treating cancer now. He became large intestine cancer the year before last. The cancer is serious. And, he underwent a difficult operation lasting for several hours. Afterwards, he was treating anti-cancer drug. Cancer seemed to have cured last year. However, cancer relapsed several months later. He came to have to fight against cancer again. I want to help my father. Therefore, I wanted always to participate in this “”Fashion of the life”.

~ Saya Littlething

Why we do Fashion for Life

Cancer has touched a lot of lives in my family…from my Grandfather who died of pancreatic cancer to my Father’s colon cancer and my Mother’s recurring bouts with skin and corneal cancer, we’ve experienced the devastation from every angle. Several years ago I had a lump in my breast and I was terrified. Only in my early 30s, I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about anything like this for a very long time. I was so wrong. I did my research and found out how many women AND men get cancer at a very young age. The numbers were mind blowing. I was so fortunate and it turned out to be a small treatable issue, but it’s affected me so much. It’s so important to spread the word about early detection and help to raise funds to combat and finally some day cure this incredibly devastating disease. It’s important for me to do my small part. If everybody does we can change things.

~ Ivey Deschanel

Why we do Fashion for Life

I lost four family members to cancer including my father and my maternal grandmother.  I am grateful for the opportunity  to be a part of Fashion for Life so that I can help to support those working on a cure for cancer to help keep other families from facing the losses my own family has faced.

Adrianna Marquez

Fashion for Life, March 12-22 is SL’s biggest fashion fair on 9 sims hosted by the American Cancer Society and SL’s Relay for Life. Proceeds from all donated items and sponsorships go 100% to the American Cancer Society.

Photo 1:

  • Hair: [e] Mood – Blonde 03 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira, Sim Sponsor for the Bourke White sim at Fashion for Life
  • Skin: -Glam Affair- Mary Light – E/Bl/A 05 by aida Ewing for Glam Affair, FFL Store Sponsor on the Stieglitz sim
  • Dress: *FFL EXCLUSIVE* Spyralle Enruffled – Hope by Kerryth Tarantal for Spyralle, FFL Store Sponsor on the Irving Penn sim

Photo 2:

  • Hair: ::DBS::Mona-black by DBS Heart for Bishwear, FFL Store Sponsor on the Irving Penn sim
  • Skin: I ALEIDA I Inga SUNKISS – make up 3 by Aleida Rhode for Aleida, VIP Sponsor and FFL Store Sponsor on the Helmut Newton sim
  • Dress: *FFL EXCLUSIVE* ::Schoen:: IbizaMoon (LoversNight) ladies by Saya Littlething for ::Schoen::, FFL Store Sponsor on the Mapplethorpe sim
  • Shoes: N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel II Black by Claire Messenger for N-Core, FFL Store Sponsor on the Helmut Newton sim

Photo 3:

  • Hair: .:EMO-tions:.  * CANDY * / black-blue by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:., VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor on the Stieglitz sim
  • Skin: :::Sn@tch Plush Skin (Tone 3-Hope)::: by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch, FFL Store Sponsor on the Shulman sim
  • Top::::Sn@tch Fling Cropped Top (Purple)::: by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch, FFL Store Sponsor on the Shulman sim
  • Pants: :::Sn@tch Tapestry Pants (Purple)::: by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch, FFL Store Sponsor on the Shulman sim
  • Gloves: :::Sn@tch Wrist Warmer (Eggplant Leather)::: by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch, FFL Store Sponsor on the Shulman sim

Photo 4:

  • Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * AGNES * /brown by Mirja Mills by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:., VIP Sponsor for Fashion for Life and FFL Store Sponsor on the Stieglitz sim
  • Skin: Adam n Eve Skin – Jasmine t3 Natural by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve, FFL Store Sponsoron the Ansel Adams sim
  • Outfit: [A&k] Dahlia by Adrianna Marquez for A&k Designs, FFL Store Sponsor on the Bourke White sim
  • Jewelry: Ear Candy ~ Bottlecap Set in Burnished Copper by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy, FFL Store Sponsor on the Arbus sim
  • Boots: Ear Candy ~ Brown Belted Sweater Boot by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy, FFL Store Sponsoron the Arbus sim