Life’s a Cinch

Life's a Cinch

“[W]earing a corset certainly changes your state of mind.” ~ Radha Mitchell

Life's a Cinch

This post is ALL about the corset, this one from Jenica Penucca for Quarantine. I finally found my way over to the Zombie Popcorn thing. I had never gone because the name made me think it wouldn’t be my kind of event but Jenica’s corset changed my mind. Finally someone can make a truly authentic wasp waist corset in SL and it makes sense. In this case, she used mesh (good idea!) and styled it tied with a velvet bow, so it can go from sexy to elegant in a flash. (I actually threw a ball gown on with this as I had to go get something at the corner store and it looked terrific!) The only thing I didn’t get was—why did I have to wear two alphas? Makes it a pain for those of you in Phoenix.

Life's a Cinch

My flowing locks are one of Kavar Cleanslate’s head toppers from the Hair Fair. I have to say, I love love love mesh hair and Kavar is one of the best. I love how I can turn my head and the hair still hangs down! My skin is one of Tricky Boucher’s newest, unadorned with anything but darker brows. Thanks to feedback from my friend, JF, I could put the whole look together with a simple necklace and look sensational.

Life's a Cinch

“Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard.” ~ John Bytheway (Is that a real name? Yes, it is. It’s the name of a pious Mormon writer. What pleasure to include his quote with this look.)

Hair: ::Exile::Sea of Love:Marone by Kavar Cleanslate for Exile, available at Hair Fair 2012

Skin: -Belleza- Lily V2 Med 3 HB (cleavage) with -Belleza- Lily V2 Med Dark Hair/Brows Tattoo by Tricky Boucher for –Belleza- *

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Pale Gray-Blue (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Corset: – Quarantine – Temptress Mesh Corset – Daisy – Grey by Jenica Penucca for Quarantine, available at Zombie Popcorn

Lingerie: Cecile Black Ensemble by INSOLENCE Lingerie by Camille Yosuke for Insolence *

Necklace: JCNY – NY@NIGHT, Diamond Necklace by JD Hansen for JCNY

Ring: FuLo – “Tina” ring – Diamond by Dita Tran for FuLo *

Nails: Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_RosyManicure by Jin Elfan for Leverocci

Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boots by Gospel Voom for [Gos] *


Welcome Home, Soldier

Welcome Home, Soldier

Thousands of soldiers are coming home from Iraq still (while still others are still being deployed to Afghanistan). While we have been enjoying the comforts of our homes, these soldiers, both men and women, have been engaging in combat in the name of dubious reasons. I, for one, never wanted them to go, and I am glad they are finally coming home. I want the rest to get back safe and sound as quickly as possible from Afghanistan.

While they were gone, loved ones waited for them, connecting to them through phone calls, and Skype and emails and letters, but that couldn’t have been enough. I wish there was a program for returning veterans where they could run off with their partners, spouses, or sweeties for a week of rest and relaxation on a deserted island. They both need and deserve it—he or she for fighting, and the counterpart for keeping the home fires burning.

Welcome Home, Soldier

My lovely has definitely kept a fire burning for her soldier. With the most delicate of lace lingerie from Zaara Kohime (who ups the sensuality of this lingerie with bright ribbons of color), this soldier’s lover has adorned herself to be most inviting and welcoming. High platforms from Gospel Voom in a nude color, give her a boost.

Welcome Home, Soldier

My skin is Izzie Button’s newest, a fresh beautiful look for our soldier’s loved one. With a great selection of eyeliners and lipsticks, this skin, which Izzie tells me is a combination of template and photosource with a lot of hand drawing figured in, is a lovely look for our seductress. Wavy mesh locks from Truth Hawks give her soft and luxurious hair and her bedroom eyes are courtesy of Ikon.

Our vacation spot is Barnesworth Anubis’ new remake of an old classic. His Lamin Longhouse is a best seller and has been reconfigured and deprimmed to bring it down to a mere 56 prims for the building, and 220 total with all the wonderful furniture (including candles, cushy chairs, plants, pillows, bathtub, and the inviting bed). You simply can’t pass up on this gorgeous tropical paradise.

Welcome Home, Soldier

Welcome home, sweetest one, sorely missed, greatly loved. Thank you.

Hair: >TRUTH< Savina (Mesh) – chocolate by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: Izzie’s – Cassandra Skin sunkissed DB with Izzie’s – Cat Eyeliner 4 and Izzie’s – Lipgloss rose (p+sk) by Izzie Button for Izzie’s *

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Lingerie: Zaara : Chanchal Lingerie *nude* by Zaara Kohime for Zaara *

Shoes: [Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Point Platform FATPACK (nude) by Gospel Voom for Gos

Build: [ba] lamin longhouse 3.0 by Barnesworth Anubis for [ba] barnesworth anubis

Poses by Rogan Diesel for Diesel Works Animations

Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues

Wild Women Don't Get the Blues

“… And I can tell any man to go to Hell if that man don’t know how to act right
Wild women, we don’t never worry, wild women never, never get the blues.”
~ Francine Reed with Lyle Lovett’s Large Band

Wild Women Don't Get the Blues

Sachi Vixen has just come out with a set of dresses with a certain wild side to them. With this shiny snakeskin texture, eensy mini and well done shading and shadows, this sexy slinky dress is best for a wild woman out on the town. I decided to go all the way with snakeskin and accessoried with sexy python shoes from Monyka Benelli and a great serpentine necklace and earrings from AvaGardner Kungler.

Wild Women Don't Get the Blues

My skin is a glowing beauty from Diarmiud Miklos. I have shown it before but need to again because of its sexy sophisticated style. This is not a little girl’s skin with the well-shaped eyebrows, smoky eye make-up and sensuous lips. Languid gold eyes from Ikon Innovia complete my look. Just remember: the viper will always bite back.

Wild Women Don't Get the Blues

Wild women will be the first ones, Lord, to learn how to fly
Wild women never worry, wild women don’t get the blues….

Hair: **Dura-Boys&Girls**16(Dark Brown)resize by chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: ISPACHI Skin [ PORTIA ] Tanned ~ Hair/Bluebells by Diarmuid Miklos for ISPACHI *

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Gold (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Dress: Adam n Eve Clothes – Snakeskin – Natural by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve *

Necklace and Earrings: (Kunglers Extra) Serpente -old gold by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers Extra *

Shoes: *YS&YS* Cala Saona 2 SandPyton by Monyka Benellil for *YS&YS* *


Just remember to fall in love,
there’s nothing else,

there’s nothing else

~ ”Swoon” by the Chemical Brothers


Swoon at this look. First we have this gorgeous new lingerie from camille yosuke, who has been making women in SL sexy for years. Her look is always delicate, soft and alluring, and in this ensemble, a bit dressed up and classy. I love camille’s pastel choices for her lingerie—she reminds us that a lady likes to feel pretty as well as sexy. I dressed up the ensemble with a new set from accessories from Tiffy Vella—long gloves, tied at the top and a choker cinched with a gem.


The news is my skin, which is an exclusive for the Skin and Shape Expo, a makeup version Gala Phoenix made for her new May set. Gala mixes photosourced elements with skillful artistry to create this glowing skin, which shows a face that is young but more elegant than some of her previous work. I really like it.


“There’s nothing else….”

Hair: [e] Rhythm – Blonde 02 by Elikapeka Tiramisu for Elikatira

Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] May-Expo Exclusive 2 by Gala Phoenix for Curio, available at the Skin and Shape Expo

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Silver&Green 3 (ML) by Ikon Innovia for FASHISM *

Lingerie: May Cream Lingerie Set by INSOLENCE by camille Yosuke for Insolence *

Choker and gloves: Eclectica “Swoon” (ivory) by Tiffy Vella for Eclectica

Shoes: TIPTOESquare Toe Pump-Cream Roses by F4 Forzane for TipToes

Posing chair by Rogan Diesel for Diesel Works Animations.


Let us discuss “love.” I thought a lot about this. I consulted books, I read poetry, I considered philosophy and history and religion, and I thought about whom I love and who loves me.


I came to this conclusion: love, for me or from me, makes me a better person. I realize the people who love me, elevate me and make me elevate myself. It’s in the giving and receiving of love—romantic, motherly, friendship, brotherly–that I work towards being my best self. The positive reinforcement of love, the support it provides, the safety net, the acceptance I receive—it all nourishes me. In return, I can give back the same because I receive it and I can nourish others.


That being said, Valentine’s Day is really for amorous lovers, so I have a few things specifically for lovers here. First of all I show a bed from Froukje Hoorenbeek, who recently decided to spice up her offerings with a few love-making beds. I specifically say “love-making” as opposed to sex because it is evident from the features that Froukje includes, these beds are not for one-night stands. The beds include ample numbers of couple’s sex sets, all very nicely animated (from what I could tell with my one avatar) and all seemingly more geared towards a woman’s taste—lots of women’s pleasure as well as men’s in these poses, all I’m sayin’. The bed also includes lots and lots of cuddles and some solo poses, that you see above. Get one for your new home with your Valentine and make love all night long ;)


Another amorous item for Valentine’s is lingerie and I show one of camilla Yosuke’s newest releases here. With its innocent lace and flower styling, this set would be perfectly innocent except she makes the material sheer, allowing a sexy peekaboo that would race any woman’s lover’s heart. Camilla is all about the details—the lace around the edges, the garter holding a stocking that is pulled up (not straight across), a seam up the back of the stocking. Tell me your Valentine wouldn’t love this!


Finally, I wear Hart Larsson’s newest skin for this shoot, mostly because I didn’t get a chance to show off the beautifully drawn body and sensuous lips. I did not wear one of the eye shadows the sells with the skin this time. There was no need. Hart draws beautiful expressive eyes.

I shot this series of photos in a skybox made by Gin Galtier. Gin is an expert at making small, intimate spaces. This loft, with its high ceilings and ballet bars running down one wall, is a nod to the conversion of industrial spaces into work and living spaces for urban areas. What I don’t show (and should but there is only so much real estate on my blog here) is a beautifully made window looking out into an urban courtyard, giving the entire space the touch of authenticity it needs.


“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” ~ Morrie Schwartz

Hair: >TRUTH< Francesca – auburn by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [PXL] Linda G3 NAT RoseLips DEB by Hart Larsson for [PXL] *

Lingerie: Amy White and Purple Lingerie Outfit by INSOLENCE by camilla Yosuke for Insolence *

Bed: Dutchie adult bed green II by Froukje Hoorenbeek for Dutchie *

Skybox: elefantu – Converted Ballet Studio Skybox Apartment by Gin Galtier for elefantu *

Red Hot

Remember those little red candies, Red Hots? They were so spicy, so sweet and so pleasurably painful. One off a Christmas cookie or a handful in your mouth, you would breathe in their sweet memory lingering in your mouth even after the candy was gone, tickling your tongue, sparking a little heat.

Red Hot

Nicky Ree has recently made a dress with great lingerie underneath for the red hot woman in your life. With a dramatic skirt made in three parts (two prim sets to attach), this gown will take you from the dance floor to the bedroom in two simple clicks.

Red Hot

Once again we see Nicky’s beautiful texture work, her great prim building and her rich colors carried through this set. Add to that the versatility that Nicky always provides with her outfits (opaque and translucent system pieces included) and her exacting quality, and this ensemble is a great value.

Red Hot

To suit an outfit this hot, I needed to wear Queue Marlowe’s new susanna hair, long thick silky locks that curl behind the shoulders and fall down the back in luxurious waves. Queue has made a long hair style with face-framing bangs that works well in poses (I had almost no cutting into my body—it fell gracefully in almost every pose).

Nena Janus’ beautiful skin makes my red hot look complete with its gorgeously highlighted curves and sensuous makeup.

Red Hot

Blogging with a mouthful of candy:

Hair: AD – susanna copper by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog *

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -Apricot- Cleavage by Nena Janus for *League* *

Lingerie: *DNR* Mia Baroque Style Lingerie Red by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree *

Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Kurvy Ruby Slippers -Exclusive Gift- by Nardya Rousselot for Nardcotix *

If 6 Was 9

Now, if 6 turned up to be 9,
I don’t mind, I don’t mind…
White-collar conservatives flashing down the street
Pointing their plastic finger at me.
They’re hoping soon my kind will drop and die,
But I’m gonna wave my freak flag high . . . HIGH!

If 6 was 9

The one thing about being a resident of SL is that you’re kind of … different. Now we see lots of people coming to our side slowly, what with their little avatars and their gaming and their funky email names, but really, we’re a little on the edge here. That’s reflected in our avatar looks sometimes. We just don’t walk around SL looking ordinary.

This time I have put on a slinky sexy dress and given it some edge. This is new from Solange Cerveau, the original queen of silks in SL (the best, bar none). With its lacy texture, it still comes off as pretty but it’s also wickedly sexy with its short skirt and satin decolletage. The dress comes in a bazillion colors… ok, 20 but that seems like a lot to me.

My up-to-there boots are from Morphine Janick, which I recently got at her winter sale. I can’t say enough about the construction of these boots—the supple and sexy black suede, the laced up back, the silhouette of the boots on long long legs. I feel fierce in these boots in a very good way.

If 6 was 9

I have donned the skin offered by Monicuzza Babenco for the Dressing Room this week. I really love Monicuzza’s skins because they have an up-close realness that is attractive and sexy. The glittering shimmering colors of the makeup are absolutely fantastic and give my edginess a touch of ethereal beauty.

If 6 was 9

I’ve got my own life to live
I’m the one that’s gonna have to die
When it’s time for me to die
So let me live my life the way I want to.

~ If 6 Was 9 by Jimi Hendrix

Head: [LCKY] Chuuchi – Black by Olli Braveheart for [LCKY]

Skin: *YS & YS* – NewYear Tdr Skin by Monicuzza Babenco for *YS & YS*, available at the Dressing Room

Dress: *Solange!* Nightfall Cocktail Dress – BLUE by Solange Cerveau for *Solange!* *

Piercings: – .HoD. – Bitten v2 – Slide – Female by Aydan Darcy for Haus of Darcy

Earrings: TSS – Looped Multi Earring by SweetThing Baker for Sweetest Sin

Collar: <TheAbyss> Choker Combo v1_FEM [Spine] by Khai Sinister for <TheAbyss>

Boots: [SG*] Oh! – Boots/ Black by Morphine Janick for the Sweetest Goodbye

Sing Me to Sleep

Sing me to sleep tonight
(I wanna hold you but it’s just to late now)
Sing me to sleep tonight
(I wanna hear you say it’s gonna be alright)

~ Sing Me to Sleep by Fran Healy with Neko Case

Sing Me to Sleep

Pretty lingerie at bed is always in order, especially when the sky is gray. Camilla Yosuke has recently come out with another set of pretties, some of her best as she has conquered the seam quandary and provided an evocatively shaded satin material. Lingerie might seem an easy proposition in SL—after all it’s such little graphic area covered. But it’s because it’s such a small area that it has to be perfect, and camilla packs this full of special touches like lace on the top, lacing across the midriff, a flowered material in front with a smooth in back. Her lingerie is the stuff fantasies are made of.

Sing Me to Sleep

I show it with one of Gala Phoenix’s new skins that have been greeted with much fanfare. We still have the wide eyes and bee-stung mouth (in a different shape) but the skin tones are more even and freckles aren’t standard this time. The body is beautifully shaded (check the booty) though I would argue the breasts are a little overdone underneath, and I am curious about some stippling around the collarbone. The makeup colors of the Yum set are very versatile and sophisticated.

Sing Me to Sleep

Come be with me tonight.

Hair: >TRUTH< Paige – copper by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH<

Skin: :GP: Sundust [Light] Yum-Fatpack Bonus2 BR by Gala Phoenix for Curio

Lingerie: Ange Leaf Satin Lingerie Set by INSOLENCE Lingerie by camilla Yosuke for INSOLENCE*

Nails: Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French 3color change by peche Bury for *CaNDy NaiL*

A Little Secret

A very popular fantasy entails a trench coat and lingerie. It’s a very sexy one for both the wearer and the gazer. It is always a trench coat, always a trip to his office midday in a busy city, always a taxi ride over. There is something so piquantly delightful about the secret of what’s under the trench coat—and what isn’t.

A Little Secret

Imagine the satiny lining of a trench coat against your skin, its warmth as it slides against your body and the thrill of being the only cover between you and exposure as you ride over in the taxi on the way to his office through traffic. Thankfully, Emma Gilmour’s trench covers just enough and gets you from taxi into his office. Beautifully sculpted and rendered, it certainly makes this fantasy seem almost real, especially with stockings peeking underneath.

A Little Secret

And those stockings… well they are attached to the garter that is skillfully made by camilla Yosuke, the doyenne of lingerie in SL. As your coat is drawn open, the scent of your fragrance floats out, warm off your skin, and the sheer swiss dot of the garter and bra is enticingly revealed. Your coat slips off your shoulders and drops to the floor and his eyes follow the lines of the lingerie around to the back, seeing a little sweetheart cut out on the panties. Your intent becomes suddenly clear, as you can see the expression on his face.

A Little Secret

Tricky Boucher’s skin is the ideal for this look. Sensuous, glowing, freckled and shadowed in all the right places, it compliments camilla’s lingerie. A sexy updo from Truth Hawks with stray tendrils falling out means this hair will soon be taken down. Pretty pumps from Fallingwater Cellardoor get you past the receptionist with their proper and classy styling and right into his office.

A Little Secret

It’s not what you wear – it’s how you take it off.

Hair: >TRUTH< Leighton 2 – seaspray by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark SK 5 by Tricky Boucher for Belleza *

Jacket: [SC] Surf Couture – Corriedale Coat by Emma Gilmour for Surf Couture

Lingerie: Dee Cream Outfit  by INSOLENCE Lingerie by camilla Yosuke for Insolence *

Shoes: (Shiny Things) Delphine pumps – sand by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things *

Tutti Frutti

Awop-bop-a-loo-mop alop bam boom!

Tutti Frutti

It’s about time I show a little sex appeal. Gin Galtier passed over a new collection of lingerie she will be putting out for Stumblebum and once I saw the wild textures and ruffles, I had to put this on the blog. I show the ruffled bra and panties, but it also comes with dark stockings, a garter, and a simple corset.

Tutti Frutti

The whole reason I needed to do this sexy blog is because Queue Marlowe came out with this drop dead sexy hair for the Hair Fair. Queue, the goddess of curl, has made another stunner, one with a hairline that covers one eye and comes with a shoulder piece that allows the hair to seemingly drape over the shoulder but move with the avatar’s head movements. What makes me really love this hair is how Queue has the hair taper down to the ends. It’s so.. real.

The skin is from Kira Ahn, and it’s blessedly a sort of “clean slate.” She has included lip colors on the tattoo layer to enhance it, but I chose to wear one of Monica Outlander’s eyeshadow tattoos instead. This tutti frutti colorway is a perfect match to the lingerie. I love being able to do up my lips or nails with the tattoo layer to suit the outfit!

Tutti Frutti

Felicity Overlord offers sandals with prim toes at a reasonable price. I thought this style with the ruffles was darling and clever, hiding the attachment point with a very appealing bow-tied top. The toes are acceptable (I should have a rating system for prim toes—delicious, acceptable, and gnarly as ratings). The hud is easy to use.. moreso than many in some ways because it has you use the native building tools of SL to change the foot and nail colors. (And you, dear reader, know I stink at foot coloring).

Tutti Frutti

I got a girl, named Sue,
She knows just what to do
I bop to the east,
She bop to the west,
but she’s the girl
That I love the best.
~ Little Richard,
Tutti Frutti

Hair: BAM! brown sugar by Queue Marlowe for Analog Dog, being sold at Hair Fair *

Skin: [dekade.] Skins  -Claire- sunkissed/DB/No Make Up by Kira Ahn for [dekade.]

Makeup: Miamai_LesMakeups_Summertime 01 by Monica Outlander for Miamai *

Lingerie: Djinn & Tonic [Corset Belt] Leopard Floral Pink by Gin Galtier for Djinn & Tonic *

Shoes: *FO* Odetta – Black Ruffled Stilettos by Felicity Overlord for Felicity