Horse Sense

Sometimes you come into SL and think, what else is there to do for fun? Go dancing? Nah. Shop? Nah. Hanging out at Ahern? Nah. So once you have fed the breedable pets and chatted a bit in Hey Girlfriends and rezzed 21 cubes and deleted them in frustration, you now have something else to do.

You can go horseback riding in SL in a way you have never experienced. Finally in SL, you can meet horse avatars who would love to take you out for a spin around a beautiful snow-covered sim. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Horse avatars? Is this some weird Zindra thing? Not at all. It’s simply people who enjoy being in the place an equestrian community would offer. They like dressing up their horse avatars, adorning them, and interacting with people as them. If you take a ride with a horse avatar, both avatars are engaged in something pastorally enjoyable. If you would like to participate in that kind of role play, even for an evening, you are welcome to join them at Carriage Trade.

Horse Sense

I went to Carriage Trade on the invitation of one of its owners, Shenlei Flasheart, and there I got the opportunity to meet Moon (moonsorrow.magic) and Rum Royale, who both allowed me to take a ride and learn more about the Carriage Trade sim.

First things first, however. When you rez in, first make sure you hit the store, “In the Habit,” because they really want folks to dress in style for being on an equestrian sim (and as you know, I am not averse to engaging fashionably). I was able to outfit myself for riding in this beautiful jacket by Shenlei Flasheart over a lovely blouse (that can be worn alone and includes cap sleeves). The breeches give a perfect touch to the ensemble and the boots are de rigueur. These clothes would be perfect for horse breeders as well or just mixing and matching with other fashions. (Chances are you will see the jacket or breeches on me again.) Shenlei has been in SL for a long time, doing many fabulous things, and you will see her experience show in these pieces–well textured, well built and stylish.

Horse Sense

I swapped out several hats and helmets during my time with Moon (who is featured in these photos). I think my hats were my favorite thing because they were the most “decorative.” I could see wearing the riding hats with dresses. Shenlei also made a great helmet with hair so it seemed my long red hair from Truth Hawks was now bundled for riding. I popped in some lucky horseshoe earrings and wore a scarf from the store. The scarves are textured with prints from actual fabric you can purchase online for your own designing and sewing. (Shenlei is a RL fashion designer and instructor, so she has a corner on what’s going on in the RL fashion industry.)

Horse Sense

Groom the horses, feed them treats, pet them—they are very accommodating and sweet. (Remember, however, they have human drivers. They are not toys nor are they servants. Anything they do with or for others is by mutual agreement and in the spirit of fun.)

Horse Sense

A ride around the sim is a relaxing and beautiful experience. Georgianna Blackburn and Shenlei Flasheart have both built the sim with snow-covered hills and Victorian houses, cobblestone paths and grazing cows–it’s a pastoral fantasy.

Horse Sense

Romantic carriage rides are also available if you can hook up with the horses or Shenlei. Plan ahead for a magical date with your special someone by making arrangements with some of the horses at the sim. I also met a woman who is planning her wedding with a beautiful carriage drawn by several of the horses, all adorned to the nines for the ceremony.

Horse Sense

I find it nearly impossible to sum up this experience. From meeting the sweet horses (who can be so accommodating and gentle and who really enjoy the whole experience of being groomed and enjoyed) to the beautiful surroundings to the absolutely amazing fashions (because you know, I really can’t enjoy doing something unless I have to dress up to do it), this is another new experience in SL you shouldn’t miss.

Horse Sense

A lovely horse is always an experience….. It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words. ~ Beryl Markham

Hair: >TRUTH< Abbey – cherry by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: *League* Amber Br Sunkiss -CafeAuLait- by Nena Janus for *League* *

Jacket: Oxblood Jacket by Shenlei Flasheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Blouse: Stock Cream Thorobred by Shenlei Flasheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Hats: @CT@ Michele Riding Hat Maroon and @CT@ Michele Riding Hat Black and @CT@ Riding Helmet With Cherry Hair Black by Shenlei Flasheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Helmet: @CT@ Riding Helmet With Cherry Hair Black by Shenlei Flasheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Earrings: Horse Shoe Earrigns Gold/Ruby by Shenlei Flasheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Scarf: @CT@ Fashion Scarf Dressage/Natural White by Shenlei Flesheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Gloves: Bow Tie Oxblood and Bow Tie Black by Shenlei Flasheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Boots: Riding Boot  Oxblood by Shenlei Flasheart for In the Habit at Carriage Trade Livery *

Take a ride at Carriage Trade Livery

Check out horse avatars at The Texture Barn & Tack Shed

Thank you to Moon, the beautiful and gentle horse in these photos.

The Menswear Look

One of the best tips I EVER got was early on in my SL when Heather Rau said, “Buy boy hair. Doesn’t matter if you’re a boy.” I was photographed on the pages of the Second Life Herald wearing the Poynter from Armidi (bought when they were still doing business out of a trailer and had only three hairs) and showed I wasn’t afraid of making the boy look work for me.

The Menswear Look

So it was not a surprise when I helped coordinate a fashion show this weekend for Shenlei Flasheart featuring men’s clothes, and I saw a lot of ladies buying the clothes. (It really didn’t hurt that the 12 men modeling flirted like mad and sold those clothes, almost off their own backs.) I am featuring one of the suits Shen sold—the most discreet of the batch without the plaid pants and vest (which she made to show that you CAN do straight lines with good seams on system pieces in SL—I swear.)

The Menswear Look

And here are the vest and plaid pants, worn as a separate sort of outfit. Kind of sexy, I think (though I still have the glasses and hat on).

The Menswear Look

The suit is not the only surprise here. I donned hair from Maddox DuPont, changed up the hat color a bit (darkening it for my needs), and slipped on some glasses from Solar Flare (what a name).

The Menswear Look

It’s not menswear well worn by a woman without womanly touches. That’s why I wore this delicate skin from Lorac Farella and super sexy heels from Onyx LeShelle. I might work in a man’s world and even wear his trousers (and vest), but I will always be a woman.

The Menswear Look

Hear me roar:

Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ CHRIS TARTAN F2 by Maddox DuPont for MADesigns HAIR

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries T Cream/Blueberry by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins*

Suitcoat: *Deb*  ‘Blue’ Single Breasted  Jacket Charcoal by Shenlei Flasheart for Deb*

Trousers: *Deb* “Blue” Belted Trousers Charcoal by Shenlei Flasheart for Deb*

*Deb* “Cobalt” Belted Trousers Ocean by Shenlei Flasheart for Deb*

Vest: *Deb* ‘Cobalt’  Vest Ocean by Shenlei Flasheart for Deb*

Shirt: *Deb* Banker Buttondown Grey Blue Tie by Shenlei Flasheart for Deb*

Glasses: Solar Eyewear ~ Nash by Solar Flare for Solar Designer Eyewear

Shoes: Maitreya Verve Pumps – Black by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya

Set: Detectives Office by comPOSEure by Flix Saiman for CLICK