Goodwill to All

Goodwill to All

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~ Charles Dickens


One of my favorite fantasies about Christmas comes from long romantic novels I read like Cecilia by Fanny Burney (yes, I read the whole thing.. ack) or Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen or even Downton Abbey. The ladies dress in their finest, attend a winter ball in which they are whisked into an exceedingly warm room of dancers and high intrigue and waltzed around the room by handsome gentlemen of means, all jockeying for their favor. And they do this through the “season” of parties and balls. Everyone speaks in charming, euphemistic language, fans are fluttered, and hearts are joined and broken.

So when I see an old fashioned tree like this from Tobias Convair (and yes, I know it has electric lights on it from Tya Fallingbridge—don’t be pedantic about my fantasy here), I want to put on a ball gown and ready myself for the ball. In this case I wear Mami Jewell’s newest gown, which she made for Anjelica Carling, the 2014 Miss Virtual World. With a sparkling texture across the  bodice and in the flexi prims, the dress is a picture of sparkling holiday beauty, especially paired with Maxi Gossamer’s sparkling jewelry from Fameshed.


The beauty of this look comes from Rocketta Haven’s newest skin. With a unique beauty that is Rocketta’s own, espeically the full pouty lips that go beyond the usual beestung look ad the lined eyes, the skin harkens back to an old-fashioned beauty. Paired with Silverr Andel’s eyes and Mirja Mill’s latest hair, a vintage wavy ‘do, our heroine has a touch of tragedy and romance to her look.


“I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MAE * with .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 18 – vintage darkred by Mirja Mills for .:EMO-tions:. *

Skin: [KOOQLA] Bisquit . Nude 01 (db) by Rocketta Haven for Kooqla *

Eyes: sa Serenity Eyes ROOT by Silverr Andel for Sterling Artistry, one of the Peace on Earth hunt items

Dress: -AZUL- Anjelica /Morganite by Mami Jewell for –AZUL- *

Jewelry: MG – Necklace and Earrings- Mayfair Bell Diamonds by Maxi Gossamer for Maxi Gossamer, available at FaMESHed *

Tree with ornaments: +CONVAIR+ Xmas Tree 2013 and +CONVAIR+ Tree Stand with [PM]Pixel Mode – Tree Lights –Multi, [PM]Pixel Mode – Star Ornament, [PM]Pixel Mode – Tree Ball – Gold, [PM]Pixel Mode – Tree Skirt – Antique by Tobias Convair for +CONVAIR+ and Tya Fallingbridge for Pixel Mode *koo

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations *

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you. ~ Isadora Duncan

Where the Wild Things Are

Today I can’t be tamed. Start with a top from LeeZu Baxter, a system top done in Leezu’s magnificent artistry with ruffles at the bottom, little buttons, clipped straps. The old fashioned system piece, when done well, is still a wonderful avatar look and Leezu is one of the few that has the skill to pull it off. I pair it with Ivey Deschanel’s gift from the KittyCats Advent Calendar—a set of wild mesh pants with animal skin on the cuff. She includes four pairs in the gift—this is one of them. It’s a perfect gift for wild cats.

Where the Wild Things Are

Aida Ewing recently released the Kaelyn skin, which I have enjoyed wearing in the India tone. Some of the makeups are bold and some are subtle. This one is in between. AvaGardner Kungler offers this chic necklace based on organic shapes and probably real life jewelry. I love how Ava experiments with her jewelry, shapes and colors. Finally, Mina Nakamura put out this great side swept tousled look. I love how it wraps around the neck with pieces going down in back and a lock escaping in the front. It’s so natural and wild.

Where the Wild Things Are

This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top. ~ David Lynch

Hair: MINA Hair – Noor BB by Mina Nakamura for MINA *

Skin: -Glam Affair – Kaelyn skin – India 03 D by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: sa Serenity Eyes ROOT by Silverr Andel for Sterling Artistry, one of the Peace on Earth hunt items

Top: Vera Top /black by LeeZu Baxter for LeeZu! *

Pants: :::Sn@tch Fiasco Leather Pants (Zebra)::: by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch, available at the KittyCats 2013 Advent Calendar at KittyCats Winterland

Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Tamarindo – Necklace – Silver by AvaGardner Kungler for Kunglers Extra

Boots: BM Carrie Exotic Boot by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey *

Poses by Valencia Southard for Marukin

The Residents

The Residents

“Most people are other people.” ~ Oscar Wilde

My friend, Tutsy Navarathna, recently released a new machinima that posed a really interesting question. What happens when someone from “outside” comes to our world? What do they see?

In this case, two aliens end up in our world, trying to understand the humans they see. But the machinima has a brilliant SL twist. I won’t say much more except I will encourage you to watch the whole thing. (At just over 10 minutes long, it’s a lot of content, very beautifully assembled, and it has an actual story of interest, which beats most machinima I have seen. Besides the beautiful imagery, showing some of the best sims of SL, the story is interesting and humorous.)

The Residents

I was inspired by the many “humans” Tutsy’s aliens encountered to make a human of my own in the same spirit. She is casual and otherworldly. First I start with a cute knit top from Sanura Snowpaw in a chic black and white stripe, off the shoulder mesh. Then I add Paul Lapointe and Bastchild Lotus’ boot flared jeans with their brilliant texture change HUD. (The jeans come in a bazillion colors but I chose black to make this look.) Finally I end up with Pixieplumb Flanagan’s funky boots that also include a texture-change HUD—and I chose zebra print.

The Residents

Of course, Aida Ewing’s recent release of fairy skins inspired me in this blakc and white look. With beautifully rendered grays, the skin makes my “human” aetherial. A pair of intense gift eyes from Silverr Andel (part of a very generous set put out for the Peace on Earth hunt) creates her spark of life. And Kavar Cleanslate’s wild ponytails, using one of his crazier texture sets, makes my girl a combination of casual and unusual—a perfect “resident” for our aliens to observe.

The Residents

Finally, I share a tableau of residents, some of whom the aliens might encounter, in a typical scene in front of a holiday fireplace, generously provided by Misa for the KittyCats Advent Calendar for yesterday. She includes sitting rugs for “humanoids,” “dinkies” and “tinies.” I got Maxxi Toxx in his tiny avatar to come over and lie in front of the fire on the tiny rug to demonstrate. (You have to see the machinima to “get” the photo—it will all make sense.)

The Residents

[7:40] Roller Ball: I must go. My mistress is calling. *poof*

Hair: Exile::Stray Wishes by Kavar Cleanslate for ::Exile:: *

Skin: -Glam Affair – Elvi – Fairy 01 A by Aida Ewing for Glam Affair *

Eyes: sa Serenity Eyes BANDIT by Silverr Andel for Sterling Artistry, one of the Peace on Earth hunt items

Top: .: Somnia :. Jailbird {White/Black} by Sanura Snowpaw for .: Somnia :. *

Jeans: L&B Jeans Flare Candy – Color FatPack by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus for Lapointe and Bastchild *

Boots: BM Carrie Exotic Boot All Colours by Pixieplumb Flanagan for Baby Monkey *

Poses by Mavi Beck of Ma Vie *

Fireplace with stockings and pose rugs: Delightful Gift Box – Holiday Fireplace by Misa Delight for Delight Tiny and Humanoid Items, available at the KittyCats 2013 Advent Calendar at KittyCats Winterland

Tiny friend: Maxxi Toxx (thank you!)

Loving Donna Flora

Loving Donna Flora

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ~  Anne Frank

Loving Donna Flora

The Love Donna Flora event is opening on July 25 and going to August 11 on one sim with over 130 designers. They are each donating at least one item with 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the item going to Squinternet Larnia. Many are donating much more. Squinternet has had cancer that has metastisized to her bones and because of her current treatments, her income in SL—which is her personal living income–has decreased while her expenses have increased. Cajsa Lilliehook, concerned for Squinternet’s well being, organized this event.

I first ran across Squinternet Larnia’s work in a small shop in what I am guessing was late 2008. I remember I was impressed by the variety of fashion and the creativity of the creator. She seemed to build each outfit as its own creation—no separate colorations—and she employed broad use of vibrant textures in varying proportions and shapes. She clearly wanted to push SL to match her vision rather than developing a vision from what SL had in its toolbox. She was mostly successful in her work. Her clothing was unique and exciting.

I remember thinking that it must be an Italian creator, and I can’t figure out why I knew that. I suspect it was the daring use of print and the playful approach to design. I remember gleefully buying an outfit that was proportionally tweaked—there were big puffy sleeves and a slim silhouette with a bright crazy print, but it all worked. In SL in 2008, that was exciting—trust me. Not a lot of people were toying with “fashion” as much as just making avatar clothes.

The first time I showed Squinternet’s work in this blog, I photo’ed a beautiful dress of simply system pieces in 2009 (top, glitch, skirt). It was excellent work. The piece holds to this day. (I wore it as I show here and got a few compliments when I went out.) There are no seams, there is proportion in the texture with an elegant color palette and shape. The texture doesn’t deform terribly on wearing (the shoulder straps are STRAIGHT!) and the whole thing makes sense. It takes a whole lot of talent to make system pieces sexy. Squinternet did it.

Loving Donna Flora

Squinternet learned that she had a cancer that had metastasized sometime around the time I was organizing Fashion for Life in 2012. When she signed on for FFL, I had no idea she had cancer. I was contacted by a friend of hers and then her to explain the diagnosis, and of course, I was concerned. I had placed a store for her and, receiving an offer from Cajsa Lilliehook to set it up in Squinternet’s absence, let it become a gallery for photos of Squinternet’s work in SL.

I had two creators that year out due to cancer. One would call me tearfully on Skype, in pain and on heavy medication, to cry about missing out on Fashion for Life. The other, Squinternet, rallied, and ended up setting up her store (and donating funds from her creations), despite the great uncertainty in her life at the time and the medication-induced fatigue and confusion she was experiencing. Leaving both stores there, empty or not, was a tangible reminder to people why they were donating to the American Cancer Society. Squinternet could have kept the news to herself and just ducked out. She decided instead to throw her support behind the effort when she herself was suffering. (Let me note I have many pieces in my inventory that were donated by Squinternet to various charities including Fashion for Life and Hair Fair. This wasn’t the first time she had done this.)

The core truth behind all this, folks, is that Squinternet has been dealing with this a long time. She has been looking down the long dark tunnel of not knowing what is next for quite a while. This is not a sudden diagnosis. I am guessing anyone who has had cancer will tell you it’s not the pain–it’s the uncertainty and the dependence on others that really wears them down, including the financial uncertainty. I doubt that the Love Donna Flora event will cover Squinternet’s expenses from her cancer; chances are, however, it will put a dent in them and give her some peace of mind so she can put her energies to fighting the disease.

You may feel uncomfortable giving a donation to an individual you don’t know. And certainly there are many other creators in SL who have faced difficulties without the same sort of assistance. Both arguments can be made quite truthfully. However, consider that you are simply tipping Squinternet for her fine work on the grid, giving her a bonus for all these years of sticking with SL. Or maybe it’s just kick back for all the things she so generously donated herself.

Or look at it another way: the creators selling you their items are the ones deciding where their income is going. In this case, it’s being donated to Squinternet Larnia. That’s their choice. Enjoy the lovely things they are offering. Dig in and go shopping!

I would like to give kudos to Cajsa Lilliehook who personally organized Love Donna Flora. She has undertaken a Herculean task—I would know as well as anyone. It’s a tireless, thankless job with no compensation. Lots of people have a list of “shoulds”  and “great ideas” that turn out to be ridiculously time-consuming and ineffective. Many have unsolicited advice and criticisms to offer. And some just like to create drama or pull attention to themselves. It’s not fun. A big thanks goes to Cajsa for doing all this.

Loving Donna Flora

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Mina – LightBrowns04 by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: -Belleza- Ava Med TLC 3 by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza- *

Eyes: sa_SpringtimeEyes_Olivegold by Silverr Andel for Sterling Artistry

Dress: * Donna Flora * CELINE by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora

Necklace: ADELE necklace by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora

Ring: SQUARE ring onix by Squinternet Larnia for Donna Flora

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Left and Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual Right by Siddean Munro for Slink

Skin Applier: -Belleza- Slink Hands – Medium by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-

Nail Applier: Nailed It – Metals Set by Giela Delpaso for Nailed It *

Shoes: [Gos] Eva Slingback – Colour Collection by Gospel Voom for Gos Boutique *

Poses by Rogan Diesel for DieselWorks Animations *