Alien Chic

What do you call something that is chic and bright with latex and cobbled leather but is not anything you think you could ever wear anywhere and be entirely appropriate? Perhaps on another planet this outfit will work. It’s clearly chic, well-designed, bright and funky.

Alien Chic

I figure anything designed by Eshi Otawara will translate to other planets and other worlds—we just need to get there. When I go, I will be sure to wear this outfit with its bright pink plumage, pagoda shaped shoulder pads, cowl neck and zipper running along and around the body, attaching vinyl to leather.

Alien Chic

The “hair,” an interesting headpiece which covers the eyes (because I really don’t need to see—I need to be seen) echoes the feathers in the shoulders, fantastic jeweled belt and cute little purse.

Alien Chic

Hello, Avatar!

Skin: La Sylphide – Liliana – Black and White – Noir by Stephanie Misfit for La Sylphide

Outfit (with hair): Pink Zip It Attitude by Eshi Otawara by Eshi Otawara

Shoes: SKGShoes – Alina Slingback Pumps – Hot Pink by Saki Galiazzo (no longer available)

More Spring Flowers

I can see more people have the same idea I do. We’re screaming for spring! (Apologies to all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Spring Flowers

Today’s visit to a springtime flower garden comes courtesy Nicky Ree. I think she’s in the same state of mind. I show here two sets actually, both using the same pattern from Nicky’s Autumn Dance collection (I bought both—I couldn’t decide.) First the shorter dance dress (which also comes in another version). With the ruffled neckline and flouncy ruffled skirt, this is at once sexy and girlish. The brilliant addition is the solid wide belt around the waistline—it makes the dress go from purely flowery to stylish.

This is the difference between a new designer and an expert—Nicky is able to wrangle her textures and prims into making the look she wants. Flowers go from proportionally small in the top to larger on the prims, the waistline shows as a solid piece even though it extends from the top to the skirt prim, prims are all perfectly placed and textured. Nicky controls what she does—she turns the “bugs” of designing in SL into “features.”

Spring Flowers

Then I show the Dance Gown. With its elegant line, full trained skirt, and detailed wrist it is a breath of fresh air—the first window open after a long winter indoors.

I found what I needed to gently compliment the dress at Maeve Mortlock’s store, Ear Candy. With every piece going for 59L, Maeve makes stocking my jewelry box inexpensive and delightful. Her earrings look like no one else’s—clearly Maeve has a great stash of beads and textures to work with and she uses them with joy. My biggest complaint? The jewelry is copy/no trans. I can’t give gifts. Otherwise Maeve would be making a lot more linden as I pass these baubles out to all my friends.

Spring Flowers

It’s spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!  ~Mark Twain

Hair: JE*REPUBLIC-Fran-Wine by Jungeun Vella for JE*REPUBLIC

Skin: -Belleza- Alyson PALE 10 by Tricky Boucher for Belleza *

Long Dress: *DNR* Autumn Dance Gown & Pants – Lavender by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree

Short Dress: *DNR* Autumn Dance Dresses – Lavender by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree

Nails: [ Love Soul ] Posing nail*Oval-Natural* by BlueStarRUI Villota for Love Soul

Necklace: Ear Candy ~ Purple Briolette Necklace by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy

Earrings: Ear Candy ~ Purple Briolette Earrings by Maeve Mortlock for Ear Candy

Shoes: SKGShoes – Alina Slingback Pumps – Pecan by Saki Galliazo for SKG Shoes (no longer available)

Black Heart in Love

I promised I would be bringing in some new stuff for Valentine’s Day gifts and I am getting there… but first one more evening gown.

Black Hearts in Love

Mariska Simons is known for her sexy lingerie but she has expanded out to evening wear as well. In simple black, this gown is elegant and simple. A halter top leads to a low cut open back and opera-length gloves dress the outfit up. I would say this dress is on par with most nicely done evening dresses in SL—nothing overly spectacular about the textures or shape. However, it comes with a bonus….

Black Hearts in Love

Underneath the gown is a set of sexy lingerie. You didn’t really think I would get out of there with a simple long gown, right? I mean.. come on! The best part of this gown is the pretty underthings, which include the bodice you see with the gown but also a garter belt, stockings, and panties. So after a long night of dancing and romancing, you can go home and get busy.

Black Hearts in Love

I show a beautiful skin from Nicole Button, ideal for certain women of color. With its glossy dark red lips and kohl-lined eyes and sweet little beauty mark on the chin, it’s a delicious sultry skin.

Black Hearts in Love

Black hearted but not cold hearted:

Hair: fri. – Tatum – Cynical Black by Parvarti Monday for *

Skin: .:ICONIC:. Tamya ::Delicious:: by Nicole Button for .:ICONIC:.

Dress with Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Wistful: Black Satin Gown by Mariska Simons for Blacklace Lingerie

Necklace and Earrings: JCNY – NY@NIGHT Collection, Jewelry by JD Hansen for JCNY

Shoes: Black Stiletto Slingback Pumps by Saki Galliazo for SKG Shoes (no longer available :( )

In theme: “Black Hearts in Love” by JET