This is Not a Love Song

A cute dress, sexy hair, ribbon sandals, a knowing smile… it’s a pop song in the making.

This is Not a Love Song

This dress is one of Marie Lauridsen’s offerings at Designers United 4. In the past I have been a little skeptical of Marie’s supposed greatness as a designer. Her ubiquitous presence in so many special sales seemed overkill. This dress has made me feel differently, however. Her use of this print texture over the sculpty prims makes a darling little dress that passes my dance test (it doesn’t fall apart when I dance when I remove the optional straps) and uses sculpties ingeniously. The skirt, while static in a sense, suggests movement with the shadows in the pleats. The top, with the optional strap slipping down the shoulder, is also made of a sculpty. I was disappointed it had a resize script simply because it rendered it no mod and when I resized it to not bleed through, the shape was a little bulky on me. However it’s a small issue in the bigger scheme of things.

This is Not a Love Song

My glowing skin from Mallory Cowen (the Julie line made for redheads) compliments this hair from Asuka Martin. Her ingenious hud, which allows you to color the hair a select number of shades makes this hair easy on my inventory (I only need one) and easy on the sim load (the scripts are very low). I love the sexy coyness of the style and how she has managed to put fine wisps of hair at the crown of the head and all over, as real hair would have it.

This is Not a Love Song

These little prim toe shoes deserve special mention. Goran Osterham has made a cute sandal with ribbon straps. The ribbons, metal, and toenails can all be set to a color off his list, which drills down past shades to qualities of those shades. There are hundreds of potential colors and combinations available. While the toes are not as pretty and the design as sophisticated as those of creators like Maitreya or Nardcotix, they are good enough if you aren’t looking very closely (which most aren’t).

This is Not a Love Song

Written while listening to “This is Not a Love Song” by Nouvelle Vague:

Hair: (Dernier Cri) Saddie – Red Shades by Asuka Martin for Dernier Cri, available at the Hair Fair

Skin: LAQ ~ Julie – 02 [Peach] Glow skin (red hairbase) by Mallory Cowen for Laqroki

Dress: (Milk Motion) Narcissus collection – my vintage flower dress by Marie Lauridsen for Milk Motion, available at Designers United 4

Shoes: -SKIFIJA- Wedge Platform Sandal – SEA BREEZE -(Walnut Tree) by goran Osterham for SKIFIJA