Blizzard Warning!

We have been issued a blizzard warning today. It’s a little alarming because normally we don’t get those. We get snow—sometimes lots of it—but it doesn’t blow around like we are on some arctic substation (which is what I presume “blizzard” means). Of course, I am complete wimp and let someone else do all the shoveling and shopping while I whimper under an electric throw in front of the fire. (Yes, really, I have an electric throw.)

Blizzard Warning!

However, IF I were going out (and that’s a BIG if), I would be bundled up. This fur coat from Govindra Galatea does the trick with its piles and piles of lynx furs and cushy comfy hat. (And the skirt layer is kind of puffy, which will hide the 3 layers of long underwear I have on underneath.) My boots are cozy and comfy from Shibuki Aeon with great leather laces up the back.

Blizzard Warning

My glorious skin is the group gift from Tricky Boucher. I do realize this is a bit tan but I intend on maintaining this beautiful skin tone by teleporting to a beach sim as soon as is practical. I am looking forward to seeing Tricky’s new line. It’s been too long since he did a release.

Blizzard Warning!

They do say that SL is a place for fantasy. Well, seeing me shoveling is its own form of fantasy. Gaze on cuz it’s not happening… ;)

Blizzard Warning!

Now that the worst is over, they predict
Something messy and difficult, though not

The shift of the wind matters again,
And we are so simple, so happy to hear
The scrape of a shovel next door.

~”The Blizzard” by Phyllis Levin

Hair: >TRUTH< Chalice – almond by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: -Belleza- Erika Sk group gift by Tricky Boucher for -Belleza-

Outfit: Winter Cat Coat (kot zimy), flex prim coat and prim hat by Govindira Galatea for D3volution!

Tights: [MG fashion] knitted socks – red brown by Maria Gherardi for MG Fashion

Boots: * M’z winterboots brown * by Shibuki Aeon  for M’z

Shovel: -RC- Snow Shovel (snow)(black) by Redd Columbia for –RC Cluster-

Queen of the Ice

So many of my friends were caught on the East Coast in a snowstorm, I am not sure I should be featuring this outfit, but it’s a wonderful outfit to give as a gift for the holidays as it’s transferable. I am again breaking blog rules, but I just felt like it.

Queen of the Ice

What prompted showing this dress in particular was a question from a friend—where can I get the most extravagant, elegant dresses as Christmas presents. A short list was given to him and this ended up on it. Raven Pennyfeather’s dress is a wonder of airiness and beauty, especially this version, which includes an incredible silver bodice.

Queen of the Ice

I am showing a hair piece from Eshi Otawara, no longer available but I liked it for this look. The skin was done by Lorac for a winter look. It is one of my very favorites with its frosty lips and pale skin, the subtle yellow around the eyes to offset the coolness of the rest of the skin, the pretty stars around the eyes. It’s fantastic and ideal. (This photo WAS postprocessed, which is not usually my way. I am breaking all sorts of rules today. Don’t tell Santa!)

Queen of the Ice


Hair: Large bun(white) by Eshi Otawara (no longer available) *

Skin: Raven/Pulse Skin – Frost by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins *

Dress: SPECIAL EDITION – RFyre Snow Queen, Womens, Ice Silver by Raven Pennyfeather for House of RFyre *

Snow Girl

I am still on this kick about what to wear to keep warm. There are dozens of beautiful winter-themed sims all over the grid and it looks mighty silly if you show up in a bikini or a fairy costume. So here is some more winter goodness.

Snow Girl

The scenario is that I am out on the plains of the Midwest, fighting off the brisk wind rolling over the flatlands off the Rockies. This puffy parka from AIR Winx is a clever mix of sculpty prims, flexi furry prims, and system pieces with an ingenious satiny quilted texture. The thing looks real, folks.. all I can say. And it’s VERY warm. And it has that nice airy squishy feeling that is so delish. The jacket comes with a striped gray and black sweater underneath—but you don’t have to wear it.

Snow Girl

Casual jeans from Kaejo DaSilva (thanks, KK) work with this outfit. (KK is very scrupulous about her wardrobe—whatever doesn’t work gets trashed immediately. She has had these jeans a while and loves them. I can see why.) I plopped earmuffs from Antonia Marat on my head—she didn’t have purple but white matches all and since when do YOUR earmuffs always match your jacket?

A beautiful luscious skin from Hart Larsson makes me a winter beauty with its fresh glowing tan and well drawn eyebrows. (Really.. it’s about the eyebrows.. it really REALLY is.) A short cute hairstyle, pinned back, from Truth Hawks, tops this fresh air look.

Snow Girl

I once lived in this part of the fair Midwest, in a state where people spent an inordinate amount of time talking about their boots. “Like your boots… where’dya get ‘em… They sure look warm.” These boots from MariaElena Barbosa would do well in that wintery clime, mud-spattered and scuffed from good old-fashioned hard work. These are for girls who know how to pitch hay.

Snow Girl

Crunchin’ through the snow:

Hair: >TRUTH< Jess – cocoa by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH<

Skin: [PXL] July LT NE Nude DEB by Hart Larsson for [PXL]

Jacket: *ARGRACE* ” Joy ” -Purple-Lady`s by AIR Winx for *ARGRACE*

Jeans: [Renegade] North 55 Faded Jeans by Kaejo DaSilva for [Renegade]

Earmuffs: /artilleri/ Knit earmuffs! *white* by Antonia Marat for /artilleri/

Boots: MEB : Grunge boots by MariaElena Barbosa for MEB

Sending a shout out to my favorite college class in the real world, Pink’s and Dex’s students in the Midwest—not the first college class in that particular state I have been in front of ;)

Urban Winter

In a city, the winter is never romantic, except on a day when it has just snowed and nothing can move (which is almost never). Nevertheless, women have to look sleek, fashionable and sexy and still keep warm.

Urban Winter

So what does a stylish woman wear? Well if she is climbing in a cab and out to a doorway, she doesn’t need a quilted down jacket able to withstand temps at –30F. She just needs a faux fur collar cardigan and some kickin’ boots. I show here an outfit from Kotobuki Jewell that I purchased last year. It came out of the winter closet with nary a wrinkle—the great design still works this year.

Urban Winter

Check the clever use of the prims, the careful attention to carrying the sweater bottom to the system piece so when the prims move, you still seem like you are wearing a cardigan, the stylish line of the whole ensemble. It’s what a smart city lady wears so she looks dressed well but not uptight and overly tailored.

Urban Winter

My hair flies free (despite some sort of haloing glitch in the Emerald viewer, among other grievous problems with said client). Truth Hawks is making the hair women in SL love—stylish but not overly styled, contemporary but not cutting edge, sexy but not contrived.

Boots from B&G complete the look. These are clearly photosourced but still well built and a great alternative to all the old standards. One great feature is that there just doesn’t appear to be a huge invisiprim on the boots, creating that embarrassing disappearing act on everything else around it.

Urban Winter

Snow and slush and cold be damned…

Hair: >TRUTH< Sophia – burgundy by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: *YS&YS* Adriana Lust 08 GlitRed by Monicuzza Babenco for *YS & YS* *

Outfit: :bijou: Absinthe [Red set] by Kotobuki Jewell for :bijou:

Boots: B&G BOTA ETERNITY – NEGRO – T000 by BG Planer for B&G

Sparkling Snowflakes

I am kind of shivering writing this blog. I simply can’t wrap my head around the idea that snow is soon to come. I cling to the hope that somehow sunshine and warmth will persist in my very northern clime. Winter has already arrived at Never Never Land. PJ Trenton photographed me there in this dress for this stunning photo.

Sparkling Snowflakes

There are some, however, who can’t wait for snow to come. Clearly Nicky Ree is one of those folks, because she has entered the race for your holiday lindens with this absolutely stunning snowflake-embroidered dress. With it’s exquisite textures backless bodice, it crosses over from Ice Queen to a warm and sexy queen. The headpiece almost looks like an ushanka, made of snowflakes instead of fur. The glorious cape completes the look.

Sparkling Snowflakes

This can be worn as a traditional evening gown, however. Take off the cape and hat, and you have another of Nicky’s beautiful dresses. She echoes the snowflake motif through the skirt and train, giving them an icy and ethereal translucency in her characteristic train.

Sparkling Snowflakes

I styled this with a skin from Hart Larsson’s newest range—July. His skins are haute couture—very high fashion, very styled and traditionally beautiful. He offers a range with each purchase—3 skin tones, 8 colors lip colors, 5 different eye styles, and within your purchase, freckled or not, push up cleavage or not, and three eyebrown tints. I don’t want to think about how much uploading that cost! I would like to say his vendor is a little complicated to use at first but in the end, gives you all the goods quickly and efficiently.

I wear jewels from my favorite SL jeweler still, Random Calliope. Many have followed and mimicked Random, but he is truly the original.

Winter Wonder

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow:

Hair: LH_hair13_rabi _white_f_L by Falastar Aeon for Little Heaven

Skin: [PXL] July LT SpringRose DEB by Hart Larsson for [PXL Creations]

Dress: *DNR* Snow Dream Collection in Snow Blue by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree *

Jewelry: (WW by RC) Ice Queen by Random Calliope for Worthwhile

Written to “Oh What a World” by Rufus Wainwright as sung by Sonos