In Bloom

I was poking around SL (as I am wont to do) and found a great store for fuller figured female avatars. Just as in the “real world,” fuller figured women in SL are given short shrift. Prims need adjustment, shoes fit weirdly on the ankles, textures stretch. And no, those eensy little minis don’t look right on a larger woman. You would think it would be easier!

In Bloom

Roxy Daguerre has tried to solve that problem with her store Fluffygirl. She offers a wide variety of avatar content, all aimed at the larger avatar, including full avatars with shapes, skins, eyes, and hair, clothing with all accessories (including shoes and hair sometimes), and even larger male avatars. And it’s very inexpensive!

In Bloom

Roxy has designed this dress to make a girl feel sexy with it’s off-the-shoulder flexi arm puffs and the full silky bow. The skirt accompanying it is full and flirty and very wonderful for spring. Roxy has made simple jewelry to accompany the dress and I replaced the shoes with a sexy pair from Storm Schmooz.

In Bloom

As long as we are persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time. ~ Denis Waitley

Hair: >TRUTH< Anya – copper by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Shape: MAGGIE by Xme Xue for Ample Avi *

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (fair/red) F.Y.L.O. copper by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Dress with Jewelry: FluffyWear BBW Fashion – bronze floral bow tied dress by Roxy Daguerre for FLUFFYGIRL

Shoes: Storm Schmooz Suomi Cognac by Storm Schmooz for L’Atelier Storm Schmooz *

Fall Wanderings

I wandered around shopping on the grid the other day, looking for an outfit that would warm me up as the days get chillier (at least on the top half of the globe) during fall.

Fall Wanderings

I found myself at LeLutka. The designers at LeLutka are well-known for their stylish and current fashion and certainly their new releases a few months ago splashed across the blogosphere with a flurry of activity and excitement. So I wandered over and poked around their sim. (I will say that the recent incarnation of the LeLutka sims is very confusing and not very shopping-friendly. While it looks urban and “real,” in SL it looks cluttered and unintuitive. I hope they reconsider their build.)

I found a really awesome poncho from Thora Charron on the first floor of the women’s clothing store. The sculpty itself was well-made and textured beautifully, with a nicely cuffed sweater. It has all the comfiness and beauty of my real life favorite poncho.

Fall Wanderings

I relied on Thora for this beautiful hair as well. The textures are beautifully done with a great shape and an additional spine add-on which provides length to the hair hanging off the front of the avatar so when the head turns, the hair doesn’t all cut into the shoulders.

Fall Wanderings

I wore it with these terrific jeans from Zaara Kohime. With her well drawn textures and sense of style, her jeans are as real as it gets without crass photosourcing.

Finally, I completed the look with plush warm boots from Storm Schmooz. Storm was one of the first in SL doing sculpty shoes, and he lends his European design sensibilities to everything he makes. Between the lush suede and the strip of contrasting leather down the back and with the buckle, these boots are the epitome of luxury.

Fall Wanderings

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

~ William Cullen Bryant

Hair: [LeLutka]-SAMARA Hair – Caramel Brown by Thora Charron for LeLutka

Skin: *YS&YS* Adriana Lust 07 Gold EB Dark Freckles by Monicuzza Babenco for YS&YS*

Poncho: [LeLutka]-CORINTH poncho/olive by Thora Charron for LeLutka

Jeans: Zaara : Jeans *blue* (Classic) by Zaara Kohime for Zaara

Boots: Storm Schmooz Tundra Leather Brown by Storm Schmooz for L’Atelier Storm Schmooz*

The Finest Jewelry

Tiny prims are a challenge. If you have never worked with them—tortured a prim down to its eensiest size, you don’t know what it means to work with them. The original master of tiny prim engineering was Random Calliope. Consider this sculpture he did, all 81 prims of it, next to the smallest cube I can make at .010 X .010 X .010.

The Finest Jewelry

No, that’s not a trick of your eyes. Actually, it’s a trick in my inventory—if I am not totally careful when I rez it, the darn thing ends up taking 81 prims somewhere on my sim, and I can’t find it without thorough searching. (And on this Primcess’ land, that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!)

The Finest Jewelry

This blog is all about the tiny prims. Specifically, Di Yifu’s tiny prims. Di is in the next generation of exquisite jewelry makers after Random, as far as I am concerned. Following in the footsteps of such artisans as Caliah Lyon, Skinkie Winkler, and , Di Yifu brings new art to tiny prims. I am showing here her exquisite Laoris choker and earrings, which she is selling at this year’s Jewelry Fair.

The Finest Jewelry

Unlike Random, who worked exclusively with SL-made prims, no scripts, and SL-made textures, Di has opted to use sculpties and she has made a beautiful texture that rotates in the middle of each one of those little diamonds.

I chose a lovely and simple dress from Nicky Ree—the Kathy gown. It’s the elegance this necklace deserves without overpowering its beauty.

The Finest Jewelry

The hair is from, a terrific new store on the grid. If I wasn’t open-minded, I would think these were old designers rebranding, since the products, store, and business are so good, especially the hair.

The Finest Jewelry

Bedecked in jewels:

Hair: fri. – Allison – Dramatic Red by Parvarti Monday for

Skin: Pulse Skin-Valeries-T:Chamois/Summer by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: *NR* Kathy Gown – Green by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree

Earrings: “Laoris” elven/fairy earrings by Di Yifu for Inca Temple

Necklace: “Laoris” fairy/elven choker by Di Yifu for Inca Temple

Shoes: Storm Schmooz Opinelle by Storm Schmooz for L’Atelier Storm Schmooz

We Can Do It!

We can do it!

One of the fun things about being in this second life is that you can be a pin-up whenever you choose. I decided to do a modern twist on the “We Can Do It!” poster. I think the soldiers would have liked to come home to this or pin it up on their wall. (And it’s a nod to my buddy, Chrome.)

We can do it!

I found this sexy number at Coco. cocoro Lemon has done some interesting and marvelous things with sculpties, making the overalls zip open to reveal the top underneath. Her textures are well rendered, subtle and flow well over the sculpties and the avatar. She is a very skilled artist.

We can do it!

I paired this with this darling hair from Antonia Marat. Antonia has a limited collection of hair at her shop, all designed to suit her clothing. If someone asks, “Rockabilly?” I say, “Artilleri.” This red lipped skin from Pulse completes the look.

We can do it!

Finally, a pair of beautiful stiletto pumps from Storm Schmooz completes me. Storm has taken the standard pump and made it new with design lines and a wicked heel.

We can do it!

Welcome home, Soldier! (I can do your job too ;))

Hair: /artilleri/ Trixie hair *chilli* by Antonia Marat for /artilleri/

Skin: Pulse Skin – Climax/Valeries T2 Venetian Red by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skin

Outfit: *COCO*_Combinaison_Black by cocoro Lemon for *COCO*

Shoes: Storm Schmooz Supreme by Storm Schmooz for L’Atelier Storm Schmooz

Nightlife with DJ Jamie

I am at SLCC! Woot! It’s as fun as I could hope it would be. I am looking forward to being on a few panels for the Fashion track and looking forward to hearing others speak.

The Ciel sims, though I rarely visit them, are near and dear to my heart. Owned by Christo Larsen, the sims are a home to a group of gentlemen that have created their own family across the many miles and oceans that separate them by living together on Ciel.

Last year I had the pleasure of spending time with three of them—Xavier, Blaze, and Gellan—at SLCC. This year I am so excited to know that Blaze, Gellan, and now Jamie will be there. I have met up with them and Bri and his partner Pookie, and it’s like we never parted company last year. It’s so easy and so fun to be with these friends. If you, dear reader, ever get the chance to meet SL friends, do it!

And with this, I announce that DJ Jamie Ondeko will be spinning LIVE at the Odd Ball, Friday, August 14—8 pm PDT, Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA, USA. And I am gonna be there!!!!!

In anticipation of seeing Jamie, I visited him at Ciel while he was spinning a few days ago.

Nightlife with DJ Jamie

Christo let me rez a ball on Jamie’s booth. Jamie ignored me (not unusual :P). Jamie plays some excellent music. Check him out on the Ciel sims.

Nightlife with DJ Jamie

I have always loved this dress from *Punch Drunk*. Iris Seale tackled sequins—not the easiest thing to do. I always feel dressed up and glam, but not over the top.

Nightlife with DJ Jamie

I decided to continue the purple theme with hair from Deviant Kitties (with pixie dust ON), fabulous boots from my old pal, Storm Schmooz, and stockings from ‘nother pal, Grue Ling. (You guys never call anymore :( )

Nightlife with DJ Jamie

What I would be wearing that night if I could:

Hair: ::DK:: [UnNaturals I] Petite-Dark Purple with pixie dust ON by Helyanwe Vindaloo for Deviant Kitties

Skin: Pulse Skin – Timeless ll/Makeup 16 by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: *Punch Drunk*Glam Rock Dress (Purple) by Iris Seale for *Punch Drunk*

Stockings: GrueLing Designs – Risque Stockings – Fishnet by Grue Ling for GrueLing Designs

Boots: Storm Schmooz Bot’s Purple by Storm Schmooz for Storm Schmooz

Bangles: ::eLDee:: Line bangles (plum) by Lilyana Dryke for ::eLDee::

Music: DJ Jamie Ondeko for The Outdoor Lounge at Ciel