Ever meet a woman with magnificence? It’s the only word I can think of—magnificence. She’s a queen. She’s strong, quiet, commanding.


I found the outfit for such a queen at Isaura Simon’s store. With her beautifully drawn textures (especially the gems wrapping around the torso and the motif gem piece), Isaura knows how to dress a powerful woman. Her garments say she owns this place. This ensemble comes complete with the staff which has a mini AO built in that includes poses such as the one you see above.


Isaura carefully constructs her skirts with tiered prims and a close-up look will show gems falling off the shoulder pads—an incredible touch. Her system pieces are clean—no ghosting and a very gently rendered drop shadow to give more depth to the piece. The bra and panties underneath include a brilliant sparkling texture. It all works.


I wear hair from Sky Everett. Sky has been quiet as of late—producing but not spending a lot of time in SL, it seems. We miss you Sky :( Isn’t this hair magnificent?

I forewent the shoes sold with the outfit to go with some wonderfully detailed shoes from Rosie Lavochkin. Not only did Rosie include the signs of the zodiac across the main strap, but she imprints the big toenail with a gem and builds a shoe that is sexily strappy. (Check out the swirly on the heel.) These shoes are for women who mean business.


“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Lady Saelanar (CAHH 2010) by Sky Everett for Sky Everett Designs (It was for the Crazy Arse Hair Hunt, and I thought it would be gone, but guess what? It’s still up there!)

Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark SK 7 by Tricky Boucher for Belleza *

Outfit: Dream Walker Outfit by Isaura Simons for Designs by Isaura

Shoes: *Deviant Designs* Astrology (Taurus) by Rosie Lavochkin for Deviant Designs

Dia Bonita

I have been a fan of Brazilian music for a while. I am not a heavy-duty fan—just an admirer. From the first time I heard Brazilian music and heard the glint of sun off the water in my mind (don’t ask me how that worked), I have loved the shimmer and tap of the samba and the cooling salve of the music.

Dia Bonito

This dress from Nicky Ree isn’t exactly Brazilian per se but it reminds me of the inherent happiness in so much of the music. The flowers and lightness of this outfit remind me of the feminine beauty of women’s voices singing in Portugese, that fluid motion of the notes combined with a depth and emotional buoyancy. Nicky wows us again with her facility with textures and color gradients, this time going from sunset into a pretty pinky purple, accompanying it all with a lovely flowy scarf.

Dia Bonito

I show it with this glowing skin from Tricky Boucher. The dewiness of the face, the gentle light touching the skin, is perfectly revealed in Nicky’s dress. Tricky opted for a younger look with this freckled skin, beautifully framed with gorgeous eyebrows and full lips.

Dia Bonito

Finally, I show shoes from a new boutique. Made by Chopine Aura, these shoes represent the most mainline of the shoes she offers, many of them historically accurate. I complimented Chopine on the pretty toes and she mentioned that the toenail polishes were based on photos of her own pedicured feet. She then began to cite her sources—Wet n Wild, Revlon, and Cover Girl—and she sent me a photo of her own RL pretty toes to prove it. I had to laugh.

I will say that I struggled with these shoes a bit at first. The HUD is based on choosing a texture and then tinting it, and that always causes me trouble, especially as the retinting is very lagged—it takes a moment to get the whole foot. (I have to say I much prefer the HUDS from Maitreya and Kalnins.) I also had to do a fair amount of resizing of the ankle to make things work together, but once it was done, I was very pleased with the result. I especially like the cork heel (based on a photo of real cork she took because she got frustrated trying to make it in Blender and Poser), and the pretty ribbons around the shoe (with flexi).

Dia Bonito

Muito linda:

Hair: Gertrude – Copper by Rita Groshomme for Curio

Skin: -Belleza- Alyson SK 6 by Tricky Boucher for Belleza *

Dress: *DNR* Anita Floral Set in Pink by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree *

Shoes: Chopine’s Dotted Ribbons – Pink – High by Chopine Aura for Chopine’s

Written while listening to Balancê by Sara Tavares (who reminds us that all women in Brazil are gorgeous). Thank you to Carter Denja for the recommendation. And don’t miss Carter’s brilliant set on Monday nights at Madhu’s Cafe.

Hi, Lum!

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I just got back from SLCC in San Francisco. Whew! What a great city San Francisco is, with its hills and beautiful vistas, open streets, friendly people, and casually cosmopolitan attitude.

The women are beautiful in San Francisco, but not in the self-conscious way I have found in other cities. Their beauty comes from their confidence—they are happy, healthy and free, open and friendly.There is a diversity of women—different sizes, races, classes, and orientations. There is home to all of them.

It’s also a home to great nightclubs and restaurants. Eshi and I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying dinner with DB Bailey and his wife Judith in North Beach. I had also been invited out by my friend Henri but left before I could see him. Henri’s well-versed in the ins and outs of night life in San Francisco. He’s got the city in the palm of his hand.

So when I saw the new sandals that Maitreya Gold just put out, I knew they would have been perfect for going out with Henri. With their broad strappy leather ties and wood soles (and look on the bottom—even the shoe size), these shoes would catch the eye of any man (or woman). And oh, the textures… the leather is so well textured I can feel its suppleness around my ankles. Purr…

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

This dress from Baiastice is a perfect accompaniment. Women in San Francisco are not ostentatious but they do like their fashion. Dresses there are hand made, well done, and high priced because they demand craftsmanship. Constricted tailoring (except in the notable BDSM clubs), fussiness and heaviness are not fashionable. This dress fills the bill with its casual but stylish neckline and skirt. Sissy’s work has improved dramatically over the year, from her choppy photosourced fashions to this well-envisioned and well-constructed couture.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Lamb Bellic is doing some great hair for .lamb. I really like the look of this ponytail—not too messy, not too sleek. And Abraxxa Anatine has raised the bar for jewelry in SL. I desperately want this gorgeous necklace, which would be easily found in any fashionable boutique in San Fran.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Cable car darling:

Hair: !lamb. Babys On Fire – Resturant Ketchup by Lamb Bellic for .lamb.

Skin: Pulse Skin – Blissed lll Freckled/5 by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Dress: (Baiastice) Winding dress by Sissy Pessoa for Baiastice

Jewelry: EarthStones Karuka – Silver/Turquoise by Abraxxa Anatine for EarthStones

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti Eggplant by Onyx LeShelle and Beauvoir Rousselot for Maitreya