The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper

I must govern the clock, not be governed by it. ~ Golda Meir

The Timekeeper

For this “character,” I imagined a woman who keeps time, who controls time for a universe. To control the time would be the most powerful person and so she is stately and almost otherworldly. I start with a dress from Juno Mantel that she offered as a gacha in the Fantasy Gacha Fair (which is closed now—sorry). I hit the rare on both the gown and the ruff and just had to show it because I am so impressed with her work. Juno does fantasy with lush fabrics—satins and velvets—on mesh, presumably her own because I have not see anything quite like this anywhere else.

Graizioso Alekseev’s eyepiece is unique and defines this Timekeeper. Included in the eyepiece are separate scripts for the large eyepiece and the dangling watch which allow you to track the time in two different time zones (in this case, CST where I am and Japan, where Grazioso is). The tiny detail is amazing.

The Timekeeper

I chose Circe Ishtari’s close-cut bob in a red tone. Circe has been making a lot of hair as of late and she includes a color change script in the hair (without a HUD) to allow for texture changes. From “natural” to “fantastic,” she has a variety of colors. Rocketta Haven offers this gorgeous skin, very clearly her style with the full lips, the artistic eyes with a smudged, time-stamped eye and the winged brows. Audrey Lamede offered these eyes as a sampler to her group members. With eensy irises, they make this Timekeeper’s glow with premonition.

The Timekeeper

Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them. ~ Dion Boucicault

Hair: Tokyo.Girl Hair Cait [all color] by Circe Ishtari for Tokyo Girl *

Skin: [KOOQLA] Mango Last Night LB by Rocketta Haven for Kooqla, available at the Euphoria Final Sale

Eyes: .ID. Piercing Eyes – Aqua by Audrey Lamede for Insufferable Dastard

Dress: *{Junbug}* The Queen Gown in Sea Blue (RARE) by Juno Mantel for Junbug

Ruff: *{Junbug}* The Queen’s Ruff Collar Sea Blue by Juno Mantel for Junbug

Eyepiece: *+Crie Style+* Caerus by Grazioso Alekseev for *+Crie Style+* *

Nails: Nailed It – Prim Nails – Autumn Nights Set by Giela Delpaso for Nailed It *

Poses by Valencia Southard for Marukin



Komorebi (Japanese): The sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees. ~ “11 Untranslatable Words from Other Cultures


I got a link to a great blog entry about some words that exist in languages that are not directly translatable. Whenever I think of untranslatable words, I think of things like schadenfreude and ennui, but this blog had quite a few others that I found lovely and fascinating. Take, for example, iktsuarpok, which is Inuit for “the feeling of anticipation that leads you to keep looking outside to see if anyone is coming.” Or what I have in my house—pochemuchka, Russian for “a person who asks a lot of questions.”

If I think about SL, there is so much that is not quite translatable to people I know in other parts of my life: teleporting, inventory, prim. Then among us in the SL world, there is a lot that might not quite translate but somehow we made SL coming from many different cultures. Mind blowing when you think about it.

So it’s kind of cool to think about the Bitacora Travel Fair, which is opening October 17. Ariadna Garrigus, whose brand is one of the sponsors, is offering two African dresses and an Asian ensemble. The dress I am wearing, with a bold African pattern, is a chic look when you want to get in touch with your African roots. I am not sure this would survive safari but it will manage a walk along a catwalk, sans lion.

JohnFrancis Laville sent over this new Kufi hat he is working on. It has not been released but will be soon in a set of several colors. I couldn’t resist showing it with this dress (sorry JF). Please note Johnfrancis is using materials in his mesh—the light reflects off the shiny surface of this hat.


Circe Ishtari was out of the loop for a bit but has come back with this lovely new skin, which I have made more intense with lipstick from Mocksoup Graves. Tabata Jewell has released this wild and wooly hair with her color changing hud.

Finally my necklace from Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus, which is their offering at the Body Modification Expo, includes their ingenious HUD imaginations. This time the necklace can color change in the beads, have resizing and metal changing but even more importantly, you can change the sentiment on the tab from anything to “Forever” or “Always” to “Friends Forever.” Even better, you can include your loved one’s or friend’s initials on one of the rings with yours via the HUD. Callie Cline, of course, gets place of prominence as she is always willing to tolerate my jayus, which is Indonesian for “a joke told so poorly and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh.”


Panapo’o (Hawaiian): The act of scratching your head in order to help you remember something you have forgotten. (Often used by me.)

Hair: Vanity Hair: Say my Name by Tabata Jewell for Vanity Hair *

Skin: Tokyo.Girl Skin Anna X Natural by Circe Ishtari for Tokyo Girl *

Lipstick: [mock] Cosmetics Strawberry Taffy Lipstain (1) (Lip only) by Mocksoup Graves for [mock cosmetics] *

Eyes: [theSkinery] Maple eye – Indian Summer by Umazuma Metaluna for the Skinnery, available at Cosmetic Fair Fall *

Dress: ***ArisAris Igs97 Zambeze dress by Ariadna Garrigus for ArisAris, available at Bitacora Travel Fair *

Hat: JfL Kufi hat V.3 camel by Johnfrancis Laville for JfL Men’s Store, to be available soon *

Necklace: L&B S’wear “Lover’s” (W) Necklace by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus for Lapointe and Bastchild, available at the Body Modification Expo *

Shoes: CGG Beaded Mesh Sandal by Gisele Grizot for MIA

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)