To Tell the Truth

To Tell the Truth

I remember when Truth Hawks was some back alley guy who would plop a wad of prims on your head for a couple hundred linden. Then he got to be a kind of underground sensation—people in the know shopped Truth. His store got overrun with hair—hair hair hair. He made it so quickly he grew out of the store. Forget the clothes and accessories—everyone wanted that hair. Now he’s a Big Deal with a store built by Barnesworth Anubis, massive traffic (more than Franks), and a huge rep. When people ask, “Where can I get hair?” the answer is always “Truth.” This is the thing: he’s still a nice guy. If I contact him (which I do seldom as I figure he’s busy), he always answers cheerfully and with <3s. Which just goes to show—nice guys CAN finish first.

The reason I share this is because Truth is opening a NEW sim on July 1 at 9 am slt, sharing space with several designer friends. With stores like Nardcotix, Curio, Mudhoney, League, Earthstones, Miel and Miamai, Truth is packing the sim with heavy hitters, and he could do this because HE IS A NICE GUY. How else could someone gather this caliber of designers?

To Tell the Truth

Today’s look was made entirely from purchases on the new Truth District, which was built by the very charming Cory Edo. (She’s REALLY NICE too.) Big kudos to Sophia Harlow, who is doing all the grunt work for this. (Yes, she’s REALLY NICE.)

My dress is a fashionable and sexy piece from Milla Michinaga, who was the original daily look blogger (and my idol). From her blogging, she learned what needed to go into the best garments and she transferred that knowledge to her products. Exacting and fashionable, Milla always provides top notch stuff. (And she is SUPER NICE.)

My belt and sexy boots are courtesy of Gospel Voom, who makes high-quality shoes and accessories. Gos’ textures are unsurpassed and the versatility of his fat pack pieces are amazing (many color options on each piece of the item). Gos is .. UBER NICE. (And he is always up for a little randy repartee.)

To Tell the Truth

My skin is one of Gala Phoenix’s newest releases. One of MANY. I saw all her new work and felt that sickness from eating too much candy—it’s all so delightful. I wore this particular skin because it’s cute but the name really appealed—Grouch. (I want no comments from you, Callie.) Gala’s skins have become.. luminous is the best word I can think of. I am so glad she has moved in this direction. And Gala? WICKEDLY NICE.

My eyes are from Hart Larsson, who is also selling skins on Truth’s sim. I love their brightness and opacity. Hart is a TRULY NICE man (and a great artist). My poses are from Katey Coppola, who is SASSILY NICE. My hair is Truth’s GIFT to us all. In fact, many of the designers are going to be offering gifts in celebration of the opening. You HAVE to join the Truth Update Group to click on the special vendors and they will only be out til July 5.

To Tell the Truth

Below TPs go directly to stores in Truth District.

Hair: >TRUTH< Becky – quince by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH<, gift at the Truth District

Skin:  :GP: Petal [Dark] Pout-Grouch 1 by Gala Phoenix for Curio, available at the Truth District  *

Eyes: [PXL] SOUL  Eyes – Blue (M) by Hart Larsson for PXL Creations, available at the Truth District

Dress: MichaMi: Leather Dress in Black by Milla Michinaga for MichiMi, available at the Truth District

Belt: [Gos] Cinch-Belt – FATPACK by Gospel Voom for Gos, available at the Truth District *

Cuff and earrings: erratic / cuff / silver (L) and erratic / hoop earrings / silver by Erratic Rain for erratic, available at the Truth District

Boots: [Gos] Curvaceous Boot – FATPACK by Gospel Voom for Gos, available at the Truth District *

Poses by Katey Coppola for glitterati, available at the Truth District