I Love Emerald!

I want to see how many hits I get off that title in a lame grab for traffic. Ha! What I really mean is I love the COLOR emerald. The viewer debate—I am kind of over it. I really REALLY hope they get the alpha layer in Snowstorm. And fwiw, I like Snowglobe :p

I love Green!

The good news is (and there is some) that I am seeing lots of old friends showing back up on the grid. Today I show you a creation from Vindi Vindaloo. Lots of you “newbies” won’t know who this lady is, but she was probably one of the first who made fashion creation a viable consideration in SL. At one time, Vindi Vindaloo was what you aspired to. Her business models for advertising, driving traffic, and creating content were all smart and lucrative. Then Vindi dropped off the grid for a while (to welcome her gorgeous son into the world). But she’s back now and better than ever, creating her own graphics and sculpties.

I show this terrific outfit from Vindi, showing her European fashion sensibilities. I love the longer skirt with the leggings underneath and the green stockings. The texture is rich and sophisticated in its color palette and glistens with emerald and amethyst.

I love Green!

I wear a pretty skin from Twilythula Sorbet that has the same color ways as the outfit. I really like how this looks with the outfit and the tone of skin against the emerald. My boots are from Cerberus Noel’s terrific collection.

I love Green!

“The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick.” ~ L. Frank Baum

Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*031-B*Mocha by BlueStarRUI Villota for [ Love Soul ]

Skin: .:Twilythula:. PaNina Berry/Tan by Twilythula Sorbet for .:Twilythula:.

Outfit: (Vindi) Scent of Autumn Green/Pink by Vindi Vindaloo for Vindi Vindaloo

Ring: *KUROTSUBAKI* flower ring by sato Yifu for *KUROTSUBAKI*

Boots: *GF* Short Lace-Up Boots –Moss by Cerberus Noel for G Field

April Fools!

Isn’t SL really about trying on new shapes and identities? I mean, sometimes you just want to have fun and not worry about being perfect or being the best or being anything but funny. Sometimes you just want to ham it up!

April Fools

This beautifully rendered pig head (and its tail and shape) are from nyagos Kidd. I first saw them on chocolate Arashi’s flickr and rushed over to see get one, and there were nyagos and chocolate, giggling in person. It’s provided hours of entertainment—when I go dancing, when I need a costume for dress up, when I need to make a point.

April Fools

I like to dress up my piggy with this dress from Dolce Blackflag. This is a compliment to the maker because the dress is versatile across many shapes. All I had to do was increase the size of the skirt, and I was good to go.

April Fools

The cute little hair bow is from Truth Hawks. Even a little porker needs a hair bow decoration. My hooves are prettily clad in shoes from Fallingwater Cellardoor.

April Fools

What you can’t see in these photos but is very essential to my look is the completely campy Drag Queen AO from MrSigmund Fride. Mr. Fride specializes in making celebrity avatars as well as AOs and poses that are fun, sexy and sometimes ridiculous. The AO makes the look. Miss Piggy prances and vamps, vogues and flirts. And she walks like she has it goin’ on. (There is, in particular, a sit that is so funny I laugh every time I see it. As she faces her sitting spot, she waggles her derriere suggestively in the air before settling down as any good drag queen or porker would—in an sexy but also ungainly open-legged sprawl. It’s a must-see.)

April Fools

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.” ~ Miss Piggy

Head and tail and shape: ++NODe++Pig Avatar01 by nyagos Kidd for NODe+

Skin: .:Twilythula:. PaNina Petal/Tan by Twilythula Sorbet for :::TwilyThula:::

Dress: (PixelDolls) Claire by Dolce Blackflag for Pixel Dolls

Bow: >TRUTH< Kylei Bow [nose] – grape by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Nails: I&K Glamour Nails Pink (female) Gloves by LisaAnne Jumper for InKs and Kinks

Shoes: (Shiny Things) Romance Flats – silver by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things

AO: MRS – DRAG QUEEN  & TRANSgender AO (just wear) by MrSigmund Fride for Mr.S Animations and Poses


Sometimes we are masked when we love. We cover up parts of ourselves to intrigue our partners. Sometimes our partners are masked. The mystery is intoxicating.


Your Valentine might be such a lady—a mystery girl. If she is, this great little set from Kimmera Madison might get her going. With its lacy bra and reribboned corset (pulled tightly), it makes mystery so seductive. Release for Valentine’s, this is one of several different pieces Kimmera is offering. There is bound to be one for your Valentine (pun intended).


Just in time for Valentine’s, Bax Coen offers these sumptuous red suede boots as part of her Prestige series. With offerings from bright red to wine, all in one boot, the boots can be resized identically to your previously custom-fitted boots by simply making the old ones “speak” and pasting that chat for the new ones to “hear.” Bax offers such a ingenious set of scripts in these boots with gorgeous textures and to-do-for shape, it’s a wonder we ever take them off.


I show this with a devastating skin from Twilythula Sorbet. I went poking around on a sim looking at others and stumbled into her store. She doesn’t have a large collection and it’s not as developed as other skin makers, but what I see in this set is pretty nice. I look forward to seeing more from her.


A man gives many question marks, however, a woman is a whole mystery.
~Diana Stürm

Hair: Cricri-gShort02-B by Aska Watler for CriCri

Skin: .:Twilythula:. PaNina City/Tan by Twilythula Sorbet for .:Twilythula:.

Lace and Mask: Tres Beau “Drama” Black by Kimmera Madison for Tres Beau *

Boots: Bax Prestige Boots/Red Suede by Bax Coen for Bax Boots *

Analysis Sofa: Diesel Works – The Debutante Chaise – Cream by Rogan Diesel for Diesel Works Animations *