Lick My Boots*

The post is all about the boots. That is really what I am going for here. Check it out.


First let me tell you about this cute outfit. Another offering from Aurora Vuissent, my latest low Linden find, this outfit has great highwaisted tweed pants with a cute halter top. Keep ‘em coming, Aurora. I’ll be back!


OK, the boots. Now, before you go clickclickclicking on that slurl, I have to tell you up front that the boots are located in a shop that would not be to everyone’s liking. If you are at all offended by sexual content on SL, then do not go to the shop. My intent is not to bring you into my secret fantasy life (of which there is none) or expose you to potentially offensive materials, of which there are plenty in the shop. However, if you can shield your eyes, hold your breath, and step past the uh.. other accoutrements, the boots are right inside the door on a vendor and you can get in and out in a minute.

That being said, Yhis Khorana provides boots with a multiplicity of charms. First of all, there is the beautiful shape to the boot, the great building, the terrific textures, AND a menu that allows you to custom color parts of the boot as you wish. I clicked around and was able to make my boots wholly black with red trim and black laces but you can combine sections of the boot (the toe, the heel, the shank) in different colors as well as the metal and laces. You can also do other things with these boots related to the above-mentioned uses (am I the Queen of Euphemism or what?) but really, who needs that? Yhis states in the explanation notecard that additional textues will be offered later. I encourage Yhis to get the boots out of ponyland and into the rest of SL—s/he’ll make a killing!


Finally I top it off with a very nice domme sort of hair from Morgan Kincess. I would encourage you to clickclickclick through on that slurl. Last time I was at Digital Eyes, Morgan had an amazing art gallery with a great exhibit of RL photographs from another artist and a perfect build for the show.


*Azia made me do it!

Hair: Digital Eyes * Fayandria Ponytail Black by Morgan Kincess for Digital Eyes

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (fair/br) F.Y.L.O. red by Tuli Asturias for Tuli *

Outfit: VUI. High Waist Pants (black) by Aurora Vuissent for Vui

Boots: MB – MMMBoots! by Yhis Khorana for Maison Broceliande


I was bumbling around the grid shopping (as I am wont to do), looking for new things, checking out my list of places to check out, when I stumbled across a shop that was chock full of goodies at a great price. (You have to love a great price.) So I bought up the store.


One of my goodies was this terrific catsuit. Clearly Aurora Vuissent has been working on her system pieces because the zipper runs straight through the top to the bottom with nary a seam or a wrinkle. The back is cut open (with clean edges.. I love clean edges) to a surprise peek-a-boo, making the whole silhouette ultra chic and stylish. Aurora has included a sculpty collar with a clever zipper tab and cuffs for the arms and legs. I can’t bear to tell the price because it looks a lot more expensive. (Let’s put it this way—nothing in her shop is over 300L and most are 25-50L. Every day is Friday there!)


I styled it with this very mysterious bob from Lamb Bellic. When you want something more fashionable, a little different and well made, !lamb is the place to go. She has been getting a lot of traction from the 50L Fridays, and it’s well deserved. Her place is one of the few that are a must-hit.

Finally this beautiful skin from Minnu Palen. I chose this particular one because the eye shadow was so evocative. I had seen it done this way in photos of real life catwalks and love it on this pale skin with the very muted pink lip.


Chic and cheap:

Hair: !lamb. Bang Bang – Ink by Lamb Bellic for !lamb

Skin: [LeLutka]-E/Estellelight-makeup9(D Brows) by Minnu Palen for LeLutka

Outfit: VUI. Catsuit by Aurora Vuissent for VUI

Belt: *::UM::* Chain_Belt on pelvis by Umeko Shan for *::Ume Mode::*

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Shanti Silver by Onyx LeShelle for Maitreya