Internacional One

Who is the person behind the keyboard talking to you? You can never be totally certain. We used to assume the person was a middle-class European or American person, probably white. Now with internet access being global, the internet can be as diverse as the real world is. And SL should be just as diverse.


Your friend might be this beauty, sitting in a salwar kameez she purchased in Mumbai o her last trip home. This particular outfit, made by Annapurna Onomatopoeia, and offered for FREE, is a beautiful example of a nice salwar kameez. Annapurna has tackled the system layers and won, putting the lower part of the top on the skirt layer with the appropriate slit up the side and adjoining it to a beautifully rendered embroidered top.


My roommate in grad school, Ajantha, ran around the house in outfits like this all the time, and ALWAYS wearing a bazillion gold bangles around her wrists. I could always hear her coming from the pretty jangle of her bracelets. She also had a little nose piercing as I show here—nothing overt, just small and sexy, a glimmering twinkle in her animated face. And this face, made by sanalyildiz Yalin, is especially gorgeous with its kohl-lined eyes and luscious lips.


Photographed while listening to Internacional by the Brazilian Girls.

Hair: JF – Stephanie II (Black) by mcgeeb Gupte for Jolie Femme

Skin: *Sawode* Ada Umber Skin Makeup 6 (Hair Base) by sanalyildiz Yalin for Sawode

Outfit: Yak & Yeti * Salwar Kameez black by Annapurna Onomatopoeia for Yak & Yeti

Diamond: Aly – Diamond Nose Stud  01 by Alyssa Bijoux for Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry

Bangles: (nova) simplicity gold bangles by NovaStar Shilova for (nova)

Shoes: ::: MOON ::: 1001 Nights Harem Slippers PLUSHRED by moon Ling for ::: MOON :::

Heart of Gold

Number four in the series of gifts to give your loved one this Valentine’s to make her feel beautiful.

Heart of Gold

Nicky Ree has graced this blog before with her elegant and beautiful gowns. I would be remiss in forgetting to bring her into the picture. Nicky’s gowns are copy/no trans. If you would like to gift one of her pieces, you have several means: give your sweetie a gift certificate, which are for sale at Nicky’s, purchase on XStreetSL, or drop Nicky a notecard and ask her to send it.

That being said, this particular gown would be a glamorous addition to any woman’s wardrobe. With it’s glimmering, shimmering textures, beautiful shaped skirt, and Nicky’s characteristic sexy highlights and wrinkles (check that back end), this will please the most discriminating lady and her partner.

Heart of Gold

And Nicky doesn’t stop there (she never does). Included in this package is a mini skirt with flirty short prim skirt and a sexy swimsuit. Buying a Nicky Ree piece rarely means you just get the gown—you get a whole set of pieces that enhance your wardrobe and provide several scenarios for getting around the grid.

Heart of Gold

I show this gown with SinSister Charity’s spectacular ama garijus skin for Abyss. I am so pleased that a skin maker has made a skin from bottom up for a woman of color rather than tinting a caucasian skin brown or tan. This beautiful skin shows the features that make this particular lady gorgeous including a somewhat Eastern Asian eye, a fuller nose and wider nostrials and fuller lips. 

Heart of Gold

For your precious gem:

Hair: >TRUTH< Cyndi – crow by Truth Hawks for >TRUTH< *

Skin: [ ama garijus ][ sunset ][ vixen ] by SinSister Chastity for <TheAbyss>

Dress: *DNR* Mui Magic Gown, Dresses N Swimsuit Yellow by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree

Earrings: *kraftika jewelry No 130 Earrings by Anuitka Barthelmess for *kraftika

Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -gold- by Cerberus Noel for G Field

Sweet song of the day: “I Idolize You” by Lizz Wright


I have to say, our First Lady (we lucky Americans) has ushered in a new era of respect for us (I hope). Michelle Obama represents to the rest of the world, alongside her husband—that guy—whatever his name is—that American women can be graceful, chic, educated, strong-minded, and good. She truly represents many women in this country, of all races and backgrounds. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a worker.


What does the African-American woman (or any woman of color do) when she enters SL and wants to represent as well? It’s not an easy thing. Some skin makers have resorted to taking their Caucasian skins and darkening them, as if that’s all there is to it. Others have decided to make new skins, giving them an orange or an ashy tint.

Abyss has come out with a few new sets of skins, all built from the ground up, it seems. There is a skin for fairer ladies, a skin for brunettes, and this lovely skin for brown-skinned women. SinSister Chastity has managed to make skins in various darker tones for this line that follow a more “realistic” aesthetic, showing a woman who is beautiful, futuristic and elegant with creamy nougat or sienna or dark rich cocoa skin. They are NOT available as Caucasian skins.


I dressed my beautiful self up with a great cocktail dress from monica Outlander. Last time I had visited Miamai, monica had a small inventory (probably six or more months ago). She has been producing like mad—separates, hair, jewelry, and her finest pieces—evening wear. I especially like how she used a print to cover both sculpty and flexi prims with gems as a decorating motif both on the skirt and around the neck (which saves on finding jewelry to wear). I paired zebra-striped shoes from Cerberus Noel and a zebra-striped cuff from Anuitka Barthelmess just to push the striped theme a little farther.


Leadership in elegance:

Hair: :Liriope: HSN black by Ilze Erin for :Liriope:

Skin: [ ama garijus ][ sunset ][ scene ] by SinSister Chastity for Abyss

Dress: Miamai_Arika by monica Outlander for Miamai Fashion Creations

Cuff: Bracelet No 301 black&zebra by Anuitka Barthelmess for *kraftika

Shoes: *GF* Figure Pumps -zebra- by Cerberus Noel for G Field