For the War Effort

World War II (which took place in the 40s, despite our featured designer’s mixed-up history) was a watershed for American women (and probably women all over the world to different degrees). Women found new freedoms, new responsibilities, new identities while the economy worked hard for the war effort and people were displaced by circumstances and needs.

Now I could go into this long lecture about the change in women’s lives because of World War II, changes that took, particularly regarding their sexuality and sexual freedoms. However, I am just gonna say, it didn’t START in the 40s, but something sure happened then.

For the War Effort

I show this cute pin-up outfit from Tatiana Starsider. Strangely, I found it at the Menswear Fair.  For a mere 100L, I got it all—the hair, the hat, the shoes. It’s a terrific little set for what it is, especially the hair.

For the War Effort

I pair it with this pretty skin from Tuli Asturias that I have shown before. A freckled girl doesn’t look so bad giving the boys (and maybe some girls out there) a little peek and some pleasant fantasies.

For the War Effort

Outfit (includes hat with hair and shoes): 1950s Series – Pinup Girl “army bombshell” by Tatiana Starsider for Starchild Designs

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Bella (fair/br) F.Y.L.O. red by Tuli Asturias for Tuli Asturias  for Tuli *

Nails: Candy nail #P000 Basic Prim nails : Red nails by peche Bury for Candy Nail


We Can Do It!

We can do it!

One of the fun things about being in this second life is that you can be a pin-up whenever you choose. I decided to do a modern twist on the “We Can Do It!” poster. I think the soldiers would have liked to come home to this or pin it up on their wall. (And it’s a nod to my buddy, Chrome.)

We can do it!

I found this sexy number at Coco. cocoro Lemon has done some interesting and marvelous things with sculpties, making the overalls zip open to reveal the top underneath. Her textures are well rendered, subtle and flow well over the sculpties and the avatar. She is a very skilled artist.

We can do it!

I paired this with this darling hair from Antonia Marat. Antonia has a limited collection of hair at her shop, all designed to suit her clothing. If someone asks, “Rockabilly?” I say, “Artilleri.” This red lipped skin from Pulse completes the look.

We can do it!

Finally, a pair of beautiful stiletto pumps from Storm Schmooz completes me. Storm has taken the standard pump and made it new with design lines and a wicked heel.

We can do it!

Welcome home, Soldier! (I can do your job too ;))

Hair: /artilleri/ Trixie hair *chilli* by Antonia Marat for /artilleri/

Skin: Pulse Skin – Climax/Valeries T2 Venetian Red by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skin

Outfit: *COCO*_Combinaison_Black by cocoro Lemon for *COCO*

Shoes: Storm Schmooz Supreme by Storm Schmooz for L’Atelier Storm Schmooz