The Golden Hour

You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.  ~James Matthew Barrie

The Golden Hour

One of the best parts of SL is that we can dress to the nines in the most elaborate gowns, embroidered with the most opulent materials and sewn by the most skilled couturiers and dance til dawn (especially if we mess with the Environment Settings). Nicky Ree is one of the designers in SL who make this dream more real with her beautiful gowns. I am wearing her newest, which includes exquisite textures with a decidedly Asian influence. As always, we see Nicky’s inventive and beautiful prim work and close attention to the smallest details.

The Golden Hour

My skin is a beautiful African-American skin from Azlyn Vaher. She has a number of skins for alternative looks, including one that is a very muscular woman (presumably for her clientele, which is mostly Gorean, including Panther). Nevertheless these skins are a great alternative for those looking for a darker tone. I especially like the freckles, which some African-American women do have.

My hair is boy hair, and that’s quite all right. Chiaki Xue makes hair that boys can wear but girls will love too, and I loved making a sort of Halle Berry look for my avatar. My delicate earrings are from the incredibly patient jewelry-maker yoona Mayo.

The Golden Hour

Dance ‘til dawn:

Hair: Dura-Boy15(Black resize) by chiaki Xue for Dura *

Skin: Elfenground*Carol* lachs *smoked* by Azlyn Vaher for Yasum Designs

Dress: *DNR* Peony Flower Gown Gold by Nicky Ree for Designing Nicky Ree *

Earrings: ::Cocoon::Earring(IndianSummerBL) by yoona Mayo for ::Cocoon:: *

Painting the Town Red

For the next week, I will be preparing the romantic half of my readership (that is all of you who need to find gifts for your ladies) to shop smartly. I will specifically be focusing on evening gowns and elegance as ladies like to be given them something to look pretty. (Next week I will show another kind of pretty ;))

Painting the Town Red

In your first shopping foray, make sure you hit Moxie Polano’s Haute Couture. She offers most if not all her dresses transferable. And Moxie makes beautiful evening wear. Here I show a piece she made for her 12 Days of Christmas series, but it could be worn any time because the motif is red roses. In fact, this would be an IDEAL Valentine’s Day gift (*bangs you over the head with the hint*). The skirt can be worn without the prims for a sexy sheath.

Painting the Town Red

Now let me explain why Moxie is the real deal. First, the seams. Her seams are absolutely utterly perfect. Her textures have a beautiful sheen. She makes pieces that women want to wear because they cling in all the right places. And she offers a great value. This dress was very inexpensively priced for what it offers and included great prim shoes.

Painting the Town Red

I am wearing very exquisitely built jewelry from yoona Mayo. Her pieces combine imagination with just amazing tiny prim work and great textures. They are incredibly inexpensive (we are talking 45-65L per piece or set). However they are not transferable, whcih seems counterintuitive for jewelry. What you do is take your honey to her shop, drop 500L on her and she fills up her jewelry box with a LOT.

Finally the hair Kavar Cleanslate has offered for the sale at the Greenies’ Sim. The great thing is he offered all the braids and glowsticks as add-ons, so without them you just have a sexy tousled updo.

Painting the Town Red

Number one Valentine:

Hair: Exile Laya/ reds by Kevar Cleanslate for Exile

Skin: -Belleza- Alyson SK 5 by Tricky Boucher for Belleza *

Dress with Shoes: MP 9 Ladies Dancing Gown *** by Moxie Polano for Haute Couture

Earrings: ::Cocoon::Earring(JellyfishRE) by yoona Mayo for ::Cocoon:: *

First love song for your listening pleasure: “If the Stars Were Mine” by Melody Gardot