Go Go Kanomi!

As I said in my One Year blog, I will be inviting guest bloggers to weigh in on THEIR fashion choices. My first guest is the beautiful and much-loved Kanomi Pikajuna.

I met Kanomi at a party given by Lillie Yifu over two years ago. Kanomi peeked at me shyly from under her blonde bangs and smiled a sweet hello, taking my friendship and then honoring it by inviting me to see her dance at her favorite shemale club. She later honored me by meeting me when I was in San Francisco. She is now across the ocean, enjoying the charms of her new Nordic home.

Her style has always been distinctive, based on a mix of lolita/harajuku/shemale sensibilities. I invited her to guest post to tell us about her style (and to take advantage of having such a great writer on my blog). Read more of her charged, tongue-in-cheek writing at her now defunct blog, Tiny Dancing.


The Bride: Go-Go, right?
Go Go Yubari: Bingo. And you’re Black Mamba.
The Bride: Our reputations precede us.
Go Go Yubari: Don’t they?
~ Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Quentin Tarantino is a stellar director, with a distinctive over-the-top, comic book style that jives with our more juvenile sensibilities yet at the same time is clever, punchy, and layered with passion and complexity.

Now it would be pompous to compare a legendary Hollywood auteur to one’s own clothing, but sometimes if the metaphor fits, you have to wear it!

Go Go Kanomi!

Kanomi’s style is also a bit over the top; with her, I try to walk a fine line between trashy and classy; something that’s evolved over time from a mash-up of schoolgirls, strippers, harajuka, gothilolita, sugar pie kawaii and London-town latex.

So when on the same day Harper invited me to write this piece, I serendipitously stumbled upon Danika’s Gogo Badgirl! ensemble — a no-frills, fun get-up based on Kill Bill‘s Go-Go and which fit Kanomi to a tee. The rest, as we say in the highly profitable world of Second Life blogging, is history.

Go Go Kanomi!

Danika’s designs are on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum from those who dress their models up in light bulbs and burlap sacks; she works within the clay of the common dream: schoolgirls, cheerleaders, nurses, teacher’s pets.

Yet these same eros-tinged eidolons are buried much more deeply in the collective zeitgeist than most runway recherché.

Go Go Kanomi!

Finding these kinds of clothes done right is a happiness. To be indulged in her eye for detail and practicality is to be pampered. To be able to afford her sensible takes on genre tropes is a victory; clothes like these belong in everyone’s come-hither arsenal.

Sure, the collar details could be clearer, the color options broader, but at these prices, her work is an oasis of fun in a desert of schoolgirl schlock.

Go Go Kanomi!

The prim skirt in particular has a unique cut that lifts the whole look beyond the usual cookie-cutter “lampshade around your waist, jutting out at peculiar angles” look so prevalent in schoolgirl sets

Besides the pigsticker, this ensemble also comes with white tennies and some of those oddly thick J-school socks, but we swapped those out for some Sweet Goodbye walking boots and some Axienne nylons to take us up-market a bit.

Go Go Kanomi!

Today’s skin is a new paint job for an old shape, a bit of freckled Eurasian pastel from Tuli to help us stand out on dance floors thronged with six foot six tan-amazons “whispering” in Gorean silks.

Now let’s top off our ice cream cone with Zero Style braids, light enough to make those Caribbean blue eyes pop, and voila, it’s konichiwa, bitches!

Kanomi Pikajuna

Go Go Kanomi!

‘Cause I’ll hammer your toe
Like a pediatrician
Saw you in half
Like I’m a magician
— Robyn, “Konichiwa Bitches”

Hair: Octavia Golden Wheat by Rei Gully for Zero Style Japanese Hair

Skin: Sayuri 1:002 freckle by Tuli Asturias for T U L I skins

Blouse, jacket & skirt: GOGO BADGIRL by Danika Knelstrom for Danika Designs

Stockings: Shiny Tan by Axienne DeVaux for Nylons by Axienne

Boots: SG Get on! Boots Black by Morphine Janick for Sweetest Goodbye

Pantyhose: Light Basic by Toshy Mohr for SHOP Toshy

Heels: CourtX black by Adrina Welders for AW Design


It’s funny how some things in SL remind you of other things. Weird neural connections.


This outfit by Kru Flan reminds me of the movie 200 Cigarettes, which takes place on New Year’s Eve in NYC in the 80s. The reason is the guitar case and the punk look—the plaid and the dark stockings, the collar, the piercings up the ear. Kru Flan really hit on a great punk look.


Kru includes some awesome accessories with this outfit: a guitar case with pose, a clove cigarette (yes, clove!) with appropriate “ashing” animation and a pack of cigarettes. You get the collar, the bracelets, the belt—all in one outfit. You also get some boots which are not so fabulous, but replace them as I have, and you have a complete punk look, quick.

I show it with spiky hair from Zero Style and skin from Lorac Farella. Plus my ever favorite boots from Fallingwater Cellardoor.



Hair: * 0 Style * Euphoria *(Black Cherry) by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: Pulse Skin-Life/Tone 5 Warm m1 Black brows by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins *

Outfit: *Black Stones Outfit by Kru Flan for Kru’s Boutique

Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Boots – black by Fallingwater Cellardoor for Shiny Things

Rock n Roll

I am finally out of this winter thing. Actually what pushed me out of it was a visit to a store.

Rock n Roll

The neon busy graphics, bold name, and sort of grunge kitty “feel” of Ivey Deschanel’s store always made me think perhaps it wasn’t a place for me. I  just don’t do that sort of grunge neko thing very well. However, I went in the other day and found that Ivey does a little more than sassy kitty clothing, and I liked what I saw.

Rock n Roll

This outfit from Ivey is glam and sexy and elegant all at once. The elaborate textures in the pants, as if burnt into a velvet, accentuate my long legs and curves with the sculpties that bottom out the legs in a flare. The jacket has a great bolero cut with a tied front—very modern and urban. But the sleeves, made of sculpties, have that decadent featheriness (without the cliched PS fur that everyone else uses) that makes this outfit truly glam. The rich depth of the top with its hand-drawn wrinkles and sexy low-cut back (shown here without the jacket) create a slinky and sensuous camisole. The look is complete and whole and ideal. Ivey’s system piece work is clean and well-done with great seams and edges. Her textures in this outfit are delicious.

Rock n Roll

Sachi Vixen has long been making skins, but her Portia line is a recent addition that once again displays her fine talents as an artist. I especially like the eye makeup on this skin with its subtle rainbow hues, entirely appropriate for an elegant glam girl—not over the top but pushing the edge. And her sexy décolletage is not over the top. I just don’t need to look like I am “enhanced.”

Rock n Roll

‘Never Say Never”:

Hair: * 0 Style *Angie *(Raven)_M by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: Adam n Eve Skin – Portia – Tone 2 Dark – Rouge by Sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve

Outfit: :::Sn@tch Rocker (Clothing Layers Only)::: by Ivey Deschanel for Sn@tch

Boots: ~*ZHAO*~ “ASTA” Vendor (BLACK LEATHER) Silver by Melanie Zhao for Zhao Shoes

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

I was thinking about gadgets and scripts today. No, I am not a geek. I just realized there are a handful of scripted gadgets in my life that I use daily. There’s my wonderful facelamp from Cognitive Gears, my teleporter, my Photosphere from Saeya Nyanda, my pose stand, my inventory boxes, my texture organizers, my AO, my Bax Coen boots. There are a LOT of things that make my world a whole lot better.

Well, I got a new gadget from an old friend that is going to be added to that list. Avimote Dreamscape’s new PoseMaker is a revolution for anyone interested in working on their avatar’s poses in world–either adjusting existing poses or creating new ones, using one’s own avatar!

It’s a complex but highly usable system that allows you to adjust 19 different areas of the avatar three ways for each part. That’s uh.. 57 and then uh, each one has many iterations which means… yeah.. uh YOU do the math.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

You can pose your avatar using this gadget or you can tweak existing poses.

Consider this tweak I tried today. I started with the above pose, which always puts my hand in my skirt. I wore the hud, click clicked, and I was no longer looking impossible in RL. Moving the skirt prim would have ruined the outfit—moving my hand was so much easier.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Well and then I click click click click clicked and clicked some more….

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

(BTW, you can’t see the settings in the photos, but they are there. Not sure what SL did with them when I took the photo.)

Here’s another example. I always had a little problem with how the head tilted in this one pose.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Click click, my head is fixed. (Hm.. why does that sound wrong?)

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Finally, you can create poses from scratch. Rez a pose ball using the hud and adjust yourself into place.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Sit on it and zero all. You start in typical appearance mode pose.

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

Then start clicking. You will find out it’s not as easy as it might seem. (How do I tell the darn thing I just want to put my hand on my hip?!) However, this is after a half hour of messing around—imagine what you could do with a little more time in!

My Newest Favoritist Gadget

He has also included an emoter with the package and a brilliant web interface that launches and logs you in right from SL. I kept clicking and saying, “Cool! Awesome! Smart!”

The downfall of this gadget right now? You can’t save poses. But Avimote is working on a way to save out poses to a website. And as I understand it, he will be working on making a couples poser in the future and allow you to work on other’s poses.

This is only the beginning….

My Newest Favoritist Gadget


Hair: * 0 Style * Mike *Black_M by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: Adam n Eve Skin – Mei Li 2 – Aki – Tone 1 by sachi Vixen for Adam n Eve

Shape: Custom made by moi

Dress: Vitamin Ci-Nali Sage by Ciera Bergman for Vitamin Ci

Boots: z  [mm] Manolo Boot special by Magnifico Miggins for Magnifico Exclusive Shoes

Coolest gadget: Avimote PoseMaker PE 1.02 by Avimote Dreamscape for Avimote (overview here and offered on XStreetSL here)


I have always liked this outfit. I bought it a while back on a Japanese sim and always loved putting it on


It’s short and flirty. Piah Noel has done a great job of making a “schoolgirl” outfit that is not so blatantly schoolgirl. With its cute floral skirt and three-quarter length sleeved knit sweater, it’s perfect for running around town.


I imagined it would look perfect with bangs (these from Zero Style)…


… and knee high boots (these from Enkythings).


How I like to flirt:

Hair: * 0 Style *Angie *(Auburn) by Rei Gully for Zero Style

Skin: Pulse Skin – Essence/Live by Lorac Farella for Pulse Skins

Sweater and Skirt: ***Blanc***Black knit sweater & flower printed skirt by Piah Noel for ***Blanc***

Boots: * – enkythings – Cypa Black Alligator by Enktan Gully for Enkythings