What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Barely swears to me this look gets the chicks. I can kinda see why. There’s the studied insouciance, the combination of patterns and a sort of funky warm masculinity that shows a touch of boyishness and vulnerability, which is so Barely.

What Barely's Wearing Today


What Barely's Wearing Today

Hair – Tableau Vivant – M4rilyn Magic – Victor Hair in Browns

Skin – Hermony – Hermanni Laville – Symon in ST2 @TMD

Eyes – IKON – Ikon Innovia – Eternal Eyes in Pewter

Jacket/Shirt – V-Spot – VerTig0 Sands – Vintage & Cool  Jacket in Green

Pants – Gabriel – Takuya Jinn – Plaid pants in Red

Glasses – Yummy – Polyester Partridge – Diane Frames

Socks – Adjunct – myVeganCookbook Bolissima – Sock Tops in Nautical Set #3

Boots – Adjunct – myVeganCookbook Bolissima – Le Grimpeur Boots in Monazite

What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Barely walked in yesterday in this ensemble, looking all cool and hip without being aggravatingly hipster. (Well, maybe a little aggravating.) What Barely has going for him is a cool ease, a fine sense of himself, and some freakin’ awesome socks!

What Barely's Wearing Today

He’s kind of a mix between Brad Pitt and Zach Galifianakis and Louis CK.

What Barely's Wearing Today

Hair – Dura – chiaki Xue – *Dura-Boy*52 in Dark Brown

Skin – Nivaro – ReishiProphet – Rupert Skin in Light Tone

Eyes – IKON – Ikon Innovia – Hope Eyes in Moor

Jacket/Tee – Lapointe & Bastchild – Paul Lapointe – Mens “BLAZER” Jacket

Pants – Wonton – explicitfame – Nikolai Biker Trousers in Khaki

Necklace – KOSH – Lynaja Bade – Thorn Necklace in Copper

Glasses – Sorgo – Arscene Dubrovna – FLINT in Gold

Socks – Pig – Apatia Hammerer – Argyle Sock M. Suspender in Bertram S.

Shoes – Deadwool – Masa Plympton – Dippold Shoes in Black

Photos by Harper

Barely wants you to watch this:


He’s Ba-ack!

He’s Ba-ack!

He’s back like a bad penny, like a persistent cold sore, like my property tax bill, like dandelions in spring, like tiny little seeds in my raspberry jam that jam themselves in between my teeth and I can’t get them out… well you get the point. Barely Texan has wheedled his way back into my blog.

He's Ba-ack!

Barely’s not about the accolades; he doesn’t care if he glitters or glares or struts. He just cares that he looks cool and reflects a unique sartorial presence—when there aren’t barbecue stains on his sweater.

He's Ba-ack!

Barely graces us with this great ensemble including a cardigan/shirt combo from etham, tweed slacks from Leri Miles, boots from Theosophy and hair from Dura. No droopy pants or ‘tude with Barely. Just head-on casual chic.

He's Ba-ack!

Hair – Dura – Chiaki Xue – Boy*52 in Dark Brown

Skin – Skin – Swallow – Luciayes Magic – Daniel Peach in Brown eyebrows

Hairbase – Exile – Kavar Cleanslate – Hairbase 2: Brownie

Eyes – IKON – Ikon Innovia – Eternal Eyes in Pewter

Necklace – KOSH – Lynaja Bade – Thorn Necklace

Cardigan/Shirt – etham – stephenweiss – James Cardigan in All Colors

Slacks – Leri Miles Designs – Leri Miles – LMDforMen max
Mesh Slacks in Mocha

Shoes – theosophy – Trace Osterham – Lewiston Boots in Moss/Desert

Poses by Dove Swanson for Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)

Done up while listening to the Pimps of Joytime doing “Keep That Music Playin’”

Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride

Mr. and Mrs. George Beckman

request the pleasure of your company

at the marriage of their daughter

Veronica Nicole


Mr. Gregory Richard Lubinski

on Saturday, the sixteenth of March,

Two thousand thirteen

at three o’clock in the afternoon

Wedding Isle

Father of the Bride

And with this, George realized the money he had been socking away for a little boat, nothing fancy, something he could take out on the protected waters fishing on the weekends, maybe take his pal Steiner along, was gone. There was the dress, the flowers, the photographer, the limo, the invitations and custom napkins, the wedding venue, the reception with catering, band, cake, and the lace-trimmed wishing well thing Ronnie got for envelopes at some crazy bridal fair. After a while, he just signed his name to the checks and handed them to his wife, sighing, watching his boat slowly sink out of sight.

“Daddy,” Ronnie came flying in one Saturday morning. “You have to go with Greg and his dad to get fitted for tuxes.” He grumbled about wearing a “monkey suit,” but dutifully went, bearing with the humiliations of being measured for something he would wear only one night. He watched the groom, standing awkwardly as the tailor inserted pins around his cuffs and zipped a tape measure up his inner leg to his crotch, and he realized this boy—this young man—was willing to go through all this bullshit for the same reason as he was—the boy loved his little girl.

Father of the Bride

The day of the wedding, he put his favorite cap on his head and stood still while his wife pinned a peach flower to his lapel. (All the bridesmaids wore peach dresses—his daughter’s idea. It looked like a tissue box had exploded in the back of the limousine.) “George, take your hat off. Ronnie will not like it. Don’t spoil this day for her.”

“I will when we get there but I just don’t feel right without it,” he grumbled.

When he went to peek in on his daughter, trusty hat still on his head, he felt his heart stop for a moment. Seeing her there, dressed in a most beautiful white dress, her face glowing, her smile radiant, blowing happiness around her like a supernova, he felt the visceral assault of the moment. She looked like his wife when they had first gotten married, graceful and fresh. And she looked like the little girl who had once told him, “Daddy, I lub boo,” with popsicle dribbling out of her mouth. He saw the teenager who had once shouted, “Daddy, you don’t get it! If you loved me you would let me go!” And he saw the young woman, holding a mortarboard to her head at her college graduation, who said, “Thank you for this, Daddy. I hope I grow up to be just like you.”

Father of the Bride

At the end of the night, a beautiful wedding, a great dinner, happy people dancing, two young people clearly in love and happy, he realized he could start saving for a new boat tomorrow. It was a small cost for this kind of happiness for so many. It was a good night.

Skin and shape: RUBYEzraSkin(shadow) with RUBYEzraShape by Carmella Ruby for Ruby Skins, available at the Skin Fair *

Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Hazel (ML) by Ikon Innovia for IKON *

Tuxedo: L&B Mesh (MED) “Modern White Open Tuxedo” by Paul Lapointe for Lapointe & Bastchild *

Hat: JfL flat cap grey tweed by Johnfrancis Laville for JfL Men’s Store *

Boutonniere: [EvF] “Sakura” Deluxe Boutonniere – Peach v2 by Bastchild Lotus for Lapointe & Bastchild *

Shoes: Colbert Black by Eponymous Trenchmouth for Jeepers

Poses by Scarlet Chandrayaan for Magnifique Poses

Photographed at Wedding Isle

What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Barely “Emo” Texan has shown up again on the blog, this time in a more punk/new wave look. Start with this awesome military jacket from Kauna (which I shot in this funky pose to prove that mesh moves with a lot of craziness. Barely chose some pretty awesome striped pants from Redrum to go with the jacket and boots from Gos. This time, he chose his own hair, this awesome newer one from Dura and heavy guyliner on a skin from Tricky Boucher. Barely makes it work.

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Skin – Belleza – Tricky Boucher – Ethan Best Buys in Pale

Hair – Dura – chiaki Xue – Dura Boy 41 in black

Eyes – Ikon – Ikon Innovia – Eternal Eyes in black

Tunic – Kauna – Ross Myhre – Military Retro Jacket

Pants – Redrum – Mzzy Wytchwood – Carnivale Jeans in Red & White

Boots – GOS – Gospel Voom – Triumph Boots in Old

What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Barely and I had a little discussion about his photos. He just got that LUMIPro and he’s be going to town with it (literally—he won’t let it go—he sleeps with it). I said, “That’s fine. The photos are artsy and emo, but people want to see the clothes.” He then sent me photos labeled “Barely Emo.” I think that should be his new display name.

I like this look because it’s eclectic and rock n roll. I especially like the pattern on the shirt from Voodoo Gear and the skin from Fruk. He looks like your little brother, grown up to go out clubbing or play in his alternative band.

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Skin – Fruk – Chucky Hollak – Bennet skin Rock of Ages- Limited Edition

Hair – Redgrave – Emilia Redgrave – Jacob in black

Eyes – Ikon – Ikon Innovia – Eternal Eyes in Heath

Necklace – Trinket – Stephberry Delling – Guitar Pick Necklace

Shirt – Voodoo Gear – Voodoo Shilton – Men’s Mesh Dress Shirt in Arabia #1

Jeans – breathing|time – Kevin Titian – Lazy Jeans in Print

Boots – Shelly Laufer – Shelly Laufer – Mesh Boots DT in black

What Barely’s Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Barely got a new gadget and went to town. He got his little pixel hands on a LUMIPro system, made by Stefan Buscaylet, and now he thinks he is a photographic auteur. He has used the LUMIPro to make this darkly rendered version of himself as a moody, cigarette-smoking artiste who wears his sunglasses—these from Izzie Button—at night. His outfit helps a lot with a mesh red shirt from Hoorenbeek, checkerboard skinny jeans from Juiced and the ubiquitous artist’s scarf from Sey. Perfectly rendered Doc Martins from Gospel Voom finish the look.

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

What Barely's Wearing Today

Photos taken by Barely Texan using the LUMIPro Virtual Lighting System by Stefan Buscaylet for LUMIPro

Skin – KOOQLA – Rocketta Haven – GRAY in tone 05 (dark brows)

Hair – Dura – chiaki Zue – Boy*35 in Dark brown

Eyes – Ikon – Ikon Innovia – Eternal Eyes in Storm

Sunglasses – Izzie’s – Izzie Button – 70s Sunglasses in gold

Cigarette – Hermanni – Hermanni Laville – Ultimate Cigarette

Shirt – Hoorenbeek – LimerDesigner Flux – Mesh Basic Shirt in Red

Scarf – Sey – risey Arai – VH-stole

Pants – Juiced – AskParis Resident – Checkerboard Skinny Jeans

Boots- GOS – Gospel Voom – DocsV2